2016 volvo xc90 lease

2016 Volvo XC90 T6 AWD Momentum Plus Lease

$4,599 Due at Signing

(Excludes tax, title, license and registration fees.) Miles: 36,000

MSRP $48,900

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Volvo XC90 Details
The Volvo XC90 is an elegant luxury SUV with a lot of comfort and a lot of technology on board. Sporty handling is not his thing and the renunciation of large-volume engines takes the Sweden some of the sovereignty, the offer of other representatives of the segment.
Volvo has courage: The Swedes throw everything out of her thick Prestige SUV XC 90, which is more than four cylinders has. Instead, there are highly bred Turbos and a hybrid drive. And that should be enough? In 2002, the first Volvo XC 90 came on the market. He was until recently built – with a facelift, but still for 13 years. The dare not many automakers, the normal model change cycle but is six to seven years. 636,000 buyers that did not matter, she liked the beefy Sweden-tank as it was. 42,000 buyers came from Germany.
Now Volvo has a view and is de second generation of the BMW X5 – and Audi Q7. With a completely new vehicle architecture called “Spa” (“Scalable Product Architecture”). And a spa on wheels to the car be: air suspension, chic interior with wood and Maxi display in Tesla style, high-tech systems and safety features en masse.
Under the hood, however, the Swede bakes only small buns – all four cylinders is past. Instead, there is a plug-in Hybrydantrieb as technical spearhead. But is that enough to keep up with the BMW X5, Mercedes GL or Audi Q7 compete?
Just sit down, feel good: The long Volvo XC 90 met in the interior the premium standard with fine materials up to the natural wood decor. The hybrid version T8 even has an automatic transmission selector lever in hand-worked glass. The stylish seats are comparatively thin, but very comfortable and can be multi-way electrically adjustable. Unfortunately, the steering wheel can not be electric, but adjusted only by the handle and thus not integrated into the memory function of the seats.
To boot: In a five-seater seating as the Volvo XC90 offers a large luggage compartment volume. When folded second-row seats are 1886 liters available (1868 liters in seven-seater). When fully folded seats in Volvo creates a flat load floor. The tailgate opens and closes from “Momentum” equipment electrically.
By the way: An integral rear axle with leaf springs (instead of struts) saves space and ensures that there is more space on the sides of the trunk. Unfortunately, one could go so far only the top version with air suspension and not try, how proposes simpler axle.
Enough space also have the occupant of slightly elevated second row of seats.
Classic watches instruments have now become obsolete even at Volvo, there is plenty of virtual (depending on the equipment of course): The instruments in front of the driver are completely digital The XC 90 has a screen on the dashboard, with gloss black frame all in iPad style is retained and through the vertical format orientation to the screen in the Tesla Model S is reminiscent (but is the Tesla Monitor again significantly larger), In addition, a head-up display.
Result: The Volvo has a lot fewer buttons in the cockpit than in the past. Whether Navigation, Radio / Multimedia or air conditioning: The operation of most functions is done via the touch screen, which with its three-defined themes (navigation, telephone and media) as well as a free definable mode largely explains itself. The variety of menus and options as well as working at different levels but requires quite familiarization time. After all, there is similar to a smartphone a menu button, with which you can switch at any time in the three main functional areas.
The XC 90 has been completely developed in Sweden and also in future models should it be so – even though Volvo is now one of China’s Geely Group. However, there will be a common platform in several years in the compact segment. Even with the engines, a lot will change in the future: Volvo dispenses entirely with five-, six- or eight-cylinder units. For many customers used to, most sale BMW X5, Mercedes ML, Audi Q7, VW Touareg, Range Rover or Porsche Cayenne world but with supercharged eight or at least six cylinders. At Volvo, there are only four-cylinder engines with turbocharging. The emergency brake assist is intended to prevent collisions with other vehicles and even people and animals
With appropriate comfort and safety features such as LED headlights, head-up display, dimmable mirrors or panoramic roof the newcomer crack quickly the $60,000 mark and is therefore at the level of preferred German competition. The hybrid T8 costs (at least very extensive standard equipment) 76 705 Euro. Among others on board cruise control, rain sensor, City Emergency Braking System, audio system, climate control 4-zones, Infotainment System with navigation and Bluetooth, heated seats, fog lamps with cornering lights LED, Leather steering wheel and comfortable seats. The entry-level model available later D4 is the first time but then push the price of the car just below the $49,000 mark.
Residual value forecast
The residual value predict the XC90 after all, a small loss of value: “a SUV, which especially in the classic SUV markets China to be sold and the USA to equip only with four-cylinder engines, worthy of respect, the Volvo is. So in any case, “the China-Sweden well advised definitely looking for is” politically correct and on top of that again a classic of the future. Who the ‘face-in-the-mass, say the experts at Bähr & Fess. residual value forecast for the Volvo XC 90