volvo triple turbo 4-cylinder engineFuture the most successful Volvo can be driven by a 4-cylinder 2-liter to 450 hp thanks to a unique system of triple turbocharging. Volvo is preparing a 4-cylinder 450 hp triple boost Engaged in the way of “downsizing” extreme, the Swedish manufacturer is working on 2 liter engine the most powerful ever produced in series. Volvo wants to reassure its customers. The decision of the Swedish manufacturer not to use in the future as 4-cylinder engines will not involve a reduction in the level of performance of future models in the range. It would even be the opposite. More compact and lightweight than the 5 and 6-cylinder it replaces, the drive concept Drive-E High Performance should far exceed even this plan with an announced power of 450 hp against 306 for the 6-cylinder 3 liter turbo umbrella Today the Volvo range.

225 hp per liter of displacement
volvo electric charger

volvo electric charger

To achieve this new record of specific power – 225 hp / liter, against 181 in 4-cylinder Mercedes A45 AMG – for mechanical standard, Swedish engine manufacturers have equipped their new 4-cylinder of a unique triple turbocharging system consisting of an electric compressor – like soon used by Audi – blowing through two conventional turbochargers operating in parallel (one per pair of cylinders). The idea is to produce a high boost pressure, but no noticeable response time by the driver. The act of blowing upstream of compressor wheels conventional turbos allows initiating rotation of the latter and thus reduce the life of the electric compressor, energy intensive.
Very special injection
This is the Japanese automotive supplier Denso – with which Volvo in a privileged partnership for the design and development of this new family of engines – which provides the direct injection system of double feed pump gasoline. Besides a maximum injection pressure of 250 bar, it should also provide a huge flow of fuel to ensure the achievement of 450 hp announced. The first application that prefigures the concept of high-efficiency propulsion is not announced at this stage, but we can imagine that it will soon find its place under the hood of a Polestar Volvo model range.