Volvo Sensus Connected Touch screenGet your Volvo Connected and Online! The Volvo Sensus Connected Touch system enjoys a pleasant and easy to use interface, especially on those models equipped with a 5” or 7” touch screen. A high-end vehicle like the Volvo S80 or V60 demanded a system of this kind. Keep in mind that Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz, among others, already have very advanced entertainment and navigation systems and today is essential to offer a product with these features to your customers.

The in-car touch screen makes accessing the Internet easy. You can now turn your Volvo into a dedicated Wi-Fi Hot Spot allowing everyone in the car to access the net. Its easy to connect when you use your Smart Phone and the existing internet connection. The Volvo Sensus Connected Touch system comes with an integrated browser. The multitude of Applications makes life easier. The iGo app is a connected navigation system that provides real-time updates allowing you to react to traffic situations. The Roadtrip app makes history and culture come to life, you can listen to Wikipedia facts about the surroundings. The Volvo Service App allows you to easily find the closest service station based on current GPS position. The Volvo Sensus Connected Touch comes with a Weather app too. The Spotify integration allows you to create a playlist at home then play that list in your Volvo vehicle. The voice control system is a hands-free way of using the Sensus system.

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A few days ago we were testing the updated Volvo V60 , a well equipped unit which also gave us the opportunity to use the new entertainment system and connectivity Connect Sensus. This is Volvo’s answer to the need for a permanent system connected to the internet enjoying a scalable system, and many applications that allow us to access motley services such as music and radio on demand, sailing or even warning radars and incidents on the road.

The internet connection can be made ​​easily and customer choice. exists in the glove card slot SIM , which will require us to have a duplicate of our mobile or a specific card with a data contract. It is the most expensive solution, but also ideal if you use everyday applications Sensus Connect.

The alternative, which we use in our test, we use the internet for our own smartphone . It can be configured quickly and wirelessly using the Hotspot feature WIFI our device, but also keep in mind that the power consumption of the battery may become very high. For occasional use, like our test, it seems ideal to dispense solution wired USB , but there is always that possibility.
A long and rates as they appear increasingly economic data, the solution to devote SIM specific entertainment team seems more appropriate.

Among other applications, Volvo Sensus Connect provides navigation (no internet connection) and satellite mapping. One of the most interesting applications we tested is the Coyote . This is a user community that relies on the collaboration of these incidents to report on the road, whether mobile radars and cuts or accidents that may conllevarnos delays and jams. It also functions as safety camera warning being completely legal, since these are pinpointed through a database.

Volvo Sensus Connect also provides very useful and interesting applications of music on demand and Internet radio stations worldwide. TuneIn and Spotify are two of the references in its class and has been integrated seamlessly into the interface Sensus Connect.

It is true that the audio playback via Bluetooth is more than enough for us to use Spotify and TuneIn in a car without applications built to use. The advantage of having a built-in car, plus the convenience implementation, we have security . Sensus Connect allows you to access playlists, artists or browse thousands of radio TuneIn without removing hands from the wheel or touch the mobile, which could cost us a fine or something much worse.

Besides Sensus Connect, l range to Volvo S60 , V60 and XC60 has been renewed with the new dashboard, driving assists and, basically, all the technology in the Volvo V40 , of which I already talked about in our test of the new V40 .

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