Volkswagen CC lease

2015 Volkswagen CC Lease

$2999 Due at Signing

(Excludes tax, title, license and registration fees.) Miles: 30,000

MSRP $34,460

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In the upper class, Volkswagen has always struggled. This CC lease is a very luxurious, economical, and attractive 4-door sedan that looks sexy as hell. A bit of Phaeton and much Passat: The Volkswagen CC tries to combine the best of both worlds: high end feel and affordable price tag.

VW CC European Report
But with the core Volkswagen brand it have the Wolfsburg far failed to land a hit. The Phaeton was the 2002 set, and in particular the U.S. market. But the sedan dropped from the purchasers through smoothly. And even in Europe only brought a six-cylinder diesel some momentum in the sales figures.
The Phaeton nevertheless remained a marginal phenomenon, although the model is technically and qualitatively impeccable. Quality fanatic and VW CEO Martin Winterkorn had crawled through every crevice, they say
And who sits in a VW Phaeton, which is like to think so. But something more than 1400 registrations in the past year can not make you happy the seller at Volkswagen. The premium manufacturers Audi, BMW and Mercedes sell from their respective models, the two-to three-fold.
So stalking since 2008 from the bottom of the VW Passat CC to the upper class approach. With the revision after three years, he has lost the trade on behalf of what the ambitions of Higher underlines again. VW throbs with the name change even vigorously to the higher position of the model. Just not more Passat. Too conservative is the marketing strategists the name of the bestseller. Naturally raises the question of whether he has what it takes to compete with the German noble competition? We have the Volkswagen CC take a close look with a two-liter TDI.
Two years ago, the elegant Niedersachse was reissued. The external changes are limited. Especially at the front of the vehicle, the designers have created hand. The grille now shines in chrome and is connected via two beads in the hood with the windshield. On the sides there are two new chrome strips. In addition, there are now LED daytime running lamps. LED lights can now be found in the rear. There, the Volkswagen CC has also got a spoiler-like tear-off edge and the transition from the rear window to trunk lid has become more elegant. Although many details have been changed, the optical occurs more evolution than revolution. Our test car drives with the proven two-liter diesel in the gradation with 140 hp. That is the reason variant for the model. At the peak power is a V6 gasoline engine with 300 hp. On paper, the engine is connected to a combined fuel consumption of 4.7 liters. Such low values we could not measure in testing. However, the Volkswagen CC 2.0 TDI contented himself with at least 6.4 liters.
The center console is presented tidy pleasant. The TFT display in the center comes with the RNS 510. The somewhat outdated navigation system is no longer appropriate when the VW CC would like to compete with BMW and Mercedes. Two variants are available for purchase for the rear: Either there are three seats, but a variety of customer needs only two individual seats. Despite the steeply sloping roofline is also the headroom in order. Although there are smears against the VW Passat, with 532 liters of boot capacity is considerable. Compared to the Passat sedan missing only 33 liters. The bumper is not as convenient, the rest of the luggage compartment, are. At least 35 750 euros must lie down 2.0 TDI a customer for the Volkswagen CC. The premium over a Passat with the same engine is 4450 euros. This is a reasonable surcharge. Especially since the VW CC can boast a better standard equipment. So alone, the standard in the CC adaptive chassis would cost 1150 euros for the Passat. But the Volkswagen CC 2.0 TDI is impressive not only because of the price in the upper middle class entirely. Technically, the car is up to date, apart from the navigation system times. Who makes the economical diesel not enough, you can choose powerful gasoline engines. Photo:Thus, the Volkswagen CC has the potential to absolutely annoy the established competitors from Ingolstadt, Munich and Stuttgart. Also, because he priced in relation to which is also quite good there. In the end, it is actually less Passat and more premium.
Well, a revolution is different. Volkswagen has kept relatively cloudy with external changes. Visually, the CC stands for Comfort Coupe, moved closer to the Phaeton. The grille gleams us silver at the headlights have become flatter and the hood accented with their long edges which converge on the grill, the dynamic aspects of the front side of cream. A nice car, no doubt. Unexcited in the presence of the CC nevertheless radiates from the desired value. Nevertheless, he remains somehow stuffy. From the side, the coupe roof line emphasizes this impression on a piece of wide and the rear is the CC with its LED taillights an elegant finish. It all fits quite well, but does not necessarily lead to gasping for design enthusiasts.
In the interior, the impression of a good but not spectacular automobile continues. The two-tone leather on the seats in beige and dark brown looks good. Quilted fine are not only the front but also the two individual rear seats. In the dashboard, the relationship with the Passat is unmistakable. Not only is the clock on the center console and the round instruments prove this. The materials foamed plastic and aluminum imitation dominate the dashboard of. The solid as usual, as we know it from VW. But for more demanding but is rather average. In sum, one would let it go but certainly also on a BMW or Mercedes so.
Since the new version of the Passat, the center console is clean pleasant. Three rotary controls for the air conditioning, about the display of the navigation system, and finally said clock. The rest is controlled by the central display. So beautiful and refreshing is this simplicity of the things that one would wish such purism to other cars. From terms of operation, however, the VW CC offers no surprises. Behind the steering wheel VW customers feel immediately at home. Only the touchscreen display annoyed, but more on that later.
Who settles into their seats with their good fit that will feel at home immediately. Although the front chairs offer less lateral support than they promise. But that’s still okay. Also in the space in front there is nothing to complain about. Above all, the side which is very comfortable, so what the CC offers. Especially since it also is next to the seat heaters for the front stalls seat ventilation, which makes driving in the summer very pleasant.
Exciting it is naturally in a coupe on the rear seats. Since the entry for taller passengers is in order. Caution should be used for the head, but will have to duck this is not. Even when sitting it goes up to a size of 1.90 meters without contact with the roof lining. Since the seats are mounted quite low and towards the rear of inclined position, the headroom is not objectionable. At the knees because it is already close, depending on the size of the front seat people. But even here there is no reason for larger complaints. In the trunk is what the Volkswagen CC 2.0 TDI course close to as the brother, the Passat. A look at the numbers surprised after all. Among the 535 liters, the Passat may lack the CC only whole 33 liters. Since he otherwise in the tail also shows a very practical and also optionally offers the opening by Fußgeste, which is a negligible disadvantage.
Under the hood is the well-known two-liter diesel engine from the Volkswagen shelf with 140 hp. The engine copes well with the 1582 kg of the car. Thanks to a torque of 320 Newton meters, the VW CC comes nimble on tours and pulls from low revs out well. Between 1750 and 2500 rpm, the maximum torque is at disposal. The peak power is reached at 4200 rpm. That this power presents itself as a harmonious overall package, but of course also ensures the well-tuned six-speed direct shift gearbox.
The result is a harmonious driving. Who goes full throttle in the middle speed range, which is likely to expect something more. But otherwise the engine is balanced matched to the demands on him. The adaptive chassis of the CC, the way of standard equipment, also has no negative surprises. In fast corners a certain stern-heaviness is felt, but the sovereign wegregelt the ESP without reacting bitchy. For sportier suspension tuning, it is comfortably firm, the comfort vote could possibly be a little softer for some of his contemporaries. Only with transverse grooves, the chassis is the road condition in the interior a perceptibly again.
The common-rail diesel engine with exhaust gas charging is also the Volkswagen CC 2.0 TDI with a low fuel consumption according to EU standard in the books. 4.7 liters are there given as a combination of urban and rural consumption value and in practice is the aggregate in terms of the economy, rather efficient. In the tests we have a value of 6.4 liters measured. Since the proportion of trips in town was relatively high, this value goes through as appropriate.
A car upscale from a major corporation should have, at least optionally, to provide numerous assistants. This claim meets the VW CC blameless. The emergency braking system that Volkswagen is to have only the distance control is certainly an investment worth (1240 euros). Lane assistance are always a matter of taste and there was usually disabled in our test drives, we let the time aside. Otherwise, the CC offers everything that is announced today in modern vehicles so.
This can be so easily over the dusty navigation system RNS510 not say. The Volkswagen CC 2.0 TDI has to be VII came here the bad luck before the VW Golf on the market. A look at the new Navi from Volkswagen shows how far the old one is removed from the current state of the art. The touch screen of the seven-inch display responds slowly, the resolution is not very intoxicating and the additional functions are manageable. That would cope if VW would put tight 2060 euro bill for not. There are better solutions, which are also well to have even more favorable in others.
We have already complained about the radio navigation system, the sound of the Dynaudio speakers contrast, there is little to complain about. In addition to these still comes with its own amplifier with 600 watts in the package. All in all, a very attractive system. Of course Bluetooth connection are USB and an audio input available. Entertainment has the CC at a good level to offer so.
Nor was an honorable mention of the beam assistant at the place. Although the is not new, but working so clean that he will soon forget. And that is ultimately the best thing that can be said about such an assistant. Even complex situations, such as in hilly terrain on the highway, the system copes without flashers capture from the opposite lane.
The combination of the Volkswagen CC and the 2.0 TDI under the hood will cost at least 35 750 euros. Thereby beauty surcharge to any similarly equipped sedan version of the Passat is still manageable. 4425 euros arising from the comparison with a Passat Trendline. However, this would, for example, the standard and the CC adaptive suspension for 1115 Euros to be ordered separately. In practice, the charge shrinks to an amount depending on the wish list, 1000-2500 Euro. For such a beauty treatment can be proud of.
In the rear, there are standard LED lamps, front, there is only the daytime running lights as an LED, but standard. Because the form closes the tailgate of the VW CC closer than for the Passat. Click to enlarge
In the rear, there are standard LED lamps, front, there is only the daytime running lights as an LED, but standard. Because the form closes the tailgate of the VW CC is narrower
But the CC Volkswagen arrived to at the special equipment and so most vehicles will come to a factory price of 40 000 euros. Volkswagen itself offers a very useful Professional Package with Navi, rear view camera, panoramic roof and Park Pilot on for 5310 euros. That is probably about the threshold at which the charge moves between sensible and luxury. But compared to the competition is also in order. Neither a similarly equipped BMW 3 Series or an Audi A4 with comparable content there beyond the threshold of EUR 40 000.
All in all, the CC quite a Volkswagen. The emotional type, the Comfort Coupe Passat – Oh sorry, of course it is not a Passat – certainly not. Rather, he provides solid technology as part of a shapely automobile without being eccentric. This is precisely the strength of the Wolfsburg: Whoever brings a Volkswagen CC 2.0 TDI, which will basically make only once no error.
Coming at the question asked whether the CC is really top class, it can be said that it can compete with BMW and Co. the car thoroughly. Both price and the quality of her he does not need to hide. At most, the choice of material on the instrument panel could earn him a small minus. But that he brings with his better utility then quickly back inside. There’s also this very Passat CC, oh sorry, of course, is meant Volkswagen.
What speaks for the Volkswagen CC 2.0 TDI, is then in the end the stand-alone design. Because the model does not encounter a flat but at every turn, while you already have to take a lot of money in hand at Audi, BMW or Mercedes for a bit of individuality. And so the CC finally drags at most the stigma around with them, that Volkswagen is not just a premium brand. But then this is at most an argument for professional informer. The rational part of the customers will be pleased with a good combination of performance and value. Beyond the difficult upper class Volkswagen can still show the auto elite, what the brand can.