Toyota RAV4 lease

2015 Toyota RAV4 Lease

$999 Due at Signing

(Excludes tax, title, license and registration fees.) Includes $500 Loyalty Cash Miles: 36,000

MSRP $24,881

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The Toyota RAV4 lease gets you into a great little crossover SUV that has been totally redesigned. The RAV4 comes with a fuel efficient engine, lots of standard features, and features plenty of interior space.

RAV4 Test Report
Enough expected, taken place. Differences are not obvious at first glance, only the tachometer informs that the test RAV4 is equipped with the Automatic Valve petrol engine. Especially inside you can clearly see how much the new Toyota RAV4 has grown. Plenty of space on all sides and especially on the rear seat of an almost lavish legroom make the new Toyota RAV4 into a veritable family car. About 20 centimeters of length growth are compared with the predecessor model.
The new, modern design reaps praise, the idea to relocate inexpensive plastic in carbon fiber-optics, turn acts a little getting used to. Like the switch assembly, which does not always seem logical with their many distributed control clusters. A real step forward compared to the previous RAV4 are the comfort seats (standard from Life-equipment). The offer not only in curves better lateral support, they are also generous sized and real long-range furniture.
After the start of the four-cylinder petrol engine in the Toyota RAV4 falls in a very quiet, low-vibration idle – the comfort chapter in the System comparison clearly goes to the Valvematic aggregate. Valve Automatic referred Toyota technology of variable valve timing and variable adjustment of the inlet suction tube, which can optimize engine performance at different engine speeds and load conditions. At a fashionable downsizing Mini engine with turbo-or supercharging the Japanese refrain deliberately, the gasoline engine in the RAV4 generates its power still on the engine capacity as a classic naturally aspirated engine.
This works quite useful, because even at low engine speeds, the gasoline-powered RAV4 lays remarkably courageous to the wheel. While the rich kick of a supercharged engine remains off, but the two-liter engine is anything but narrow-chested feels. So it can be thereof leisurely stroll without turning shop-tube, supported by consistent translated and crisp, short shifting six-speed transmission.
This must be particularly true effort more often if you want to move the new RAV4 slightly faster. Overtaking on the highway or a jaunty round on the show home track but then the torque limits of the Valve Automatic four-cylinder engine and can create the pilot hand more often than would be the case with diesel. This becomes even during long motorway inclines noticeable where the Toyota RAV4 2.0 depending on the pace and increase out of steam early as the fifth of six courses. If you are used to flatten with a large-volume diesel torque giants in high gear throughout the Middle Mountains, will find this a unusual, but in truth makes the somewhat increased work done thanks to the precise six-speed manual box even mood.
The gasoline engine in the new Toyota RAV4 comes up with virtually identical performance as the diesel engine. Clear that the performance because not differ significantly. At the factory specification for the acceleration we arrived at the test not zoom, class usual perk of the Toyota RAV4 2.0L is but anyway. The top speed of 185 km / h is reached relatively fast and seems the RAV4 2.0L not really be strict. In light tailwind or downhill occurs, however, the engine brake in action at speedometer 200 (real 190 km / h), the Toyota RAV4 2.0L is regulated relatively rough.
At high speeds, the consumption of the Toyota RAV4 2.0L naturally rises, but it is not unlike the modern downsizing turbos for rampant drinkers. Even long highway stages with permanently high speed allow the thirst hardly rise above 12 liters, fuel-efficient drivers can the Toyota RAV4 2.0L (7.2 l/100 km) move easily in the factory specification. For ordinary consumption also contributes that the Toyota RAV4 2.0L around 100 pounds less weight than the diesel model. well done on the new Toyota RAV4: the tuning of steering and suspension for comfortable and plain sailing. Who emphasized the new Toyota RAV4 on the other hand wants to move athletic, will soon come to its limits. In spite of the active all-wheel drive, the new Toyota RAV4 in curves behave more like a klassisscher front-wheel drive and slides over the front axle understeer towards the horizon. The bold sports car of yesteryear finally arrived in the Family League. Not even the activated sport mode changes only slightly, the slightly sharper drive introduces the distribution and integrates the rear axle before the action.