toyota prius v lease

2015 Toyota Prius v Lease

$1990 Due at Signing

(Excludes tax, title, license and registration fees.) $Miles: 36,000

MSRP $26,675

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Prius V Foreign Test Report
The Toyota Prius V lease offer is perfect for those looking to drive a fuel efficient hybrid car but need plenty of room for their family and gear. The Prius v is really a station wagon version of the regular Prius hybrid with a taller roof line that really increases interior volume.
Toyota will expand the Prius series to a whole family. In addition to the soon coming to market plug-in hybrid Prius since October already the Toyota Prius V available. The “V” stands for ” Versility “what to German as much as” diversity “means. Versatile Prius V is because the internal volume much more resembles a mini-van as the normal Prius. He is so therefore also suitable for larger families or for sporty drivers also like to convey that their equipment.

The Prius V is a kind of combination of wagon and van and enjoys obvious in the US an extremely high demand. Here in Europe, the Prius V is then expected in spring 2012 with power. The power is 136 hp with the same as the normla large Prius.
Blue coloring on the headlamps and the sun of the egocentric eco-hero shining chrome trim on the nose of the plug-in hybrids. The optical changes are limited – most notably is there still the second gas cap. A left. A right. A liquid for the fuel and one for the fuel in the form of electrically charged particles.

Electricity comes from a can

The idea behind the mix of electric car and hybrid sounds tempting. So many studies, the average driver would not exceed 30 miles per day. Since it would be too tempting, you could put this route without local emissions back. In addition, power – even as in my case, the green electricity at home – cheaper than a trip to the fuel from the pump. But how often does it happen that you want to continue? Electric cars currently come to the limits of feasible – as soon as a distance of more than 130 kilometers (cut) is planned. Just in this case, make the half-breeds of electricity and gasoline really useful. A Prius plug-in hybrid replaces the complicated solution from the electric car as a second car. That is the theory.
Atkinson Cycle: Based on the development of James Atkinson from 1882, the gasoline engine is operating in the Prius on the eponymous “Atkinson cycle”. The goal is a higher thermal efficiency and lower exhaust gas temperatures. Such an engine, the ” Miller Cycle “is the Atkinson same, but promises greater efficiency only at partial load and also the torque decreases in the low speed range.

Battery technology: The plugin Prius relies on lithium-ion batteries with a capacity of 4.4 kWh. The normal Prius has significantly more favorable Ni-Mh and also significantly less cargo capacity. Despite the larger battery plug-in Prius was just 60 kilograms heavier and the trunk volume lost only 2 liters compared to the normal Prius.

CVT: In the hybrid models of Toyota is not a normal, continuously variable transmission is used, but an e-CVT system called, which is also known under the abbreviation HSD. To make it short: The gasoline engine, the electric motor and a generator work together on a planetary one, split Power Drive called. A detailed explanation with a simulation model can be found at this link:

The form is known – the technology well hidden

A Prius now recognize schoolyard generations just as unerringly as before only the shape of the classic Porsche 911. Since 1997, the Prius and he always well hidden from the user’s equipment. And there are good reasons. The collaboration between the electric motor and petrol engine with a “HSD” called planetary gear is not easy to explain. Anyone interested in the details – who clicks the link noted in the side box.
Up to 25 KM purely electric. Sounds tempting. But even slight twitching of the nervous Gasfuss can start the 1.8-liter petrol engine. Also cool temperatures. But whoever it emphasizes gentle terms, which make it gladly to 20 kilometers exclusively in electric driving distances. And I want to limit it here: Once you sometimes deliberately trying to drive some twenty kilometers already fast together.

But the Prius educates one way or another, to a different driving style. Sliding. Roll Out. Slowly and with foresight. This also fits the whole setup of the Prius. Rob curves? Not with him.

His driving behavior is determined by less precision in feeling between the steering wheel and the road than I am normally used yet. You get used to the amazingly fast “Prius-style”.
Eco-pathos: Despite the extremely flat solid A-pillar of the Prius in the interior is not cramped. the body with the visible desire to minimize air resistance can, however, on warm days, sweat the air conditioning system of eco-Strebers powerful.

The dashboard displays with its centrally arranged acts only at the beginning a little goofy, later used to it, the Prius everything is just a little different.

The driving dynamics claims meet friends of the ecological movement, everyone else is bothered by the noise probably the gasoline engine operates at maximum speed, as soon as one gets the full power. A sprint to highway speed seems absurd – the Prius slides prefer the tempo scale up.