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2015 Toyota Land Cruiser Lease

$7999 Due at Signing

(Excludes tax, title, license and registration fees.) Miles: 36,000

MSRP $79,905

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Toyota Land Cruiser Test Report
The current generation Toyota Land Cruiser is better than ever. This is the most luxurious and off-road capable SUV that Toyota has ever produced. But the $80k price tag puts it well out of reach for most consumers. This lease offers gets you into a legend.
It should be like the original versions of Jeep and Land Rover: But now survives Toyota Land Cruiser even both off-road icons. And can but only one really well. History of the Toyota Land Cruiser begins spartan and with a rejected application: stationed in Japan in 1950 US forces want to increase their arsenal of light off-road vehicles, and locally. Also Toyota, was still far away from the title of the world’s largest car manufacturer involved in the corresponding tender to a competitor for the unbreakable Willys Overland Jeep. The conjured out of the ground prototype called “Toyota Jeep BJ” offers minimalist design: The steel body with a fabric roof has no doors, headlights stand freely on square fenders. The design has one expressed friendly, sat close look at the American Jeep and the British Land Rover. The contract of the US military does not get the car maker. But convinced of the off-road capability of the prototype, Toyota put in 1951 the foundation stone for a civilian mass production of cars.
And there is, in less spartan form, as Land Cruiser today, 63 years later. Hunters, foresters, sheep farmers and horse trailer owners enjoys the robust nature boy very popular, armed rebels climb it preferably as a pick-up on the bed. On the German market, the true-terrain vehicle presents despite his retirement age even in the best condition, the Japanese have its longevity just rewarded with a facelift.The tapered look, with the current generation of the Land Cruiser is the go will detect only the previous owner of its predecessor, it is limited to details at front and rear. But where it counts, in technology and equipment, Toyota has really what draufgepackt. The chassis has been optimized and introduced new assistance functions support the driver now better in difficult terrain.
Sturdy handles the whole car
For frame and motor, Toyota relies on proven: The body rests still on a lead frame, which is at the center icon since 1948 Land Rover Defender also not different. And as the drive still tinkers of known 3-liter four-cylinder turbo diesel. Its performance data indicate that the typical clientele emphasis on torque, not sprints. In half an eternity reached 175 km / h is concluded from the state to 100 to pass leave at least 10.2 seconds.
More than commode 190 horsepower is not required of this engine, which is audible is presented as grumpy self-ignition in a warm state. Between 1,600 and 3,000 crankshaft revolutions it is impressive 420 Newton meters, so you easily hauls heavy trailer loads (up to 3,500 kilos braked) and digs out of deep mud holes free.
For this core competence of the Land Cruiser is mediated in the future even more accessible and convenient, Toyota has done a lot of art that never get most drivers to face: So the double wishbone front axle has been improved and the dynamic chassis control (in the Toyota tech talk Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System or KDSS called) is optimized in terms of ride comfort.
For the driver who has up balanced with the help of generous and stable mounting bracket on the seat, the adaptive damping (Adaptive Variable Suspension, AVS) now the three modes “Normal”, “Comfort” and “Sport” is available. Although one of the latter but should make no great hopes. The plug end behind the term promise of performance and driving pleasure, such a car due to design Redeem never.
Much more important for Land Cruiser Rider: available in conjunction with AVS electronically controlled air suspension rear axle offered in our test car to equal five different modes, including an automatic level control and switchable adjustment of the body height.
We have these settings intensively tested in and around Dusseldorf around, even on a wet, steep and bumpy sheep pasture near Haan. The result is clear: In the city the car is almost a foreign body, because it hits slow or moderate speeds, and is often associated with its dimensions own way. The big off-road tires you need here just as little as the massive and side soaring tailgate.
On highway and road provides this real SUVs in contrast to some SUV even the advantage of good clarity. Curves are more slowly to enjoy because of the comfortable base gradation of the chassis, rather than rush through hastily.
The driver Unique accelerate commands are implemented by the engine always after a reflection period. Is it a question of speed, it would be in the current report card of the Toyota entry: “He has worked hard to.”
A colleague says, “to steer this car is as if you drive in Bürgerbus. Two feet above the street sit, listen diesel chugging and accelerate at a snail’s pace. I would have to climb accidentally at the bus stop almost a few people. ”
The sample driver is expressed clearly, but has made a serious mistake when he voiced a typical Prejudice: The Land Cruiser not an SUV, but a real off-roader. Even the ranger green exterior color of the test car indicates where the local area lies in this relationship has changed little since 1951: The Land Cruiser has remained true roots. Their own and those of the site away from the asphalt.
Free driving without accelerator
For example, has its permanent all-wheel drive automatic Torsen limited-slip differential (LSD) that automatically varies from 50-50, the driving force distribution between the front and rear axles up to a ratio of about 30:70.
In the extreme case, the driver nor the rear differential can be disabled manually. In addition, the active traction control A-TRC controls the driving force distribution for each wheel by controlling the brake pressure and engine torque.
It is controlled by heavy contingent of terrain technique quite easy from the center console: There offers Multi-terrain Select system MTS offers a choice of five terrain driving modes: “Mud & Sand”, “Loose Rock”, “Mogul” (moguls), “Rock” and “Dirt & Rock”. The system automatically adjusts the response of the accelerator, brakes and traction control on to the terrain.
In addition, a so-called “Crawl Control” automatically controls the engine and brakes to maintain the pre-selected in five steps forward speed constant. Thus, slow and controlled master or Retract also the stuck vehicle even inexperienced driver climbs and descents, without even using the pedals.
support heavier terrain also has a new tilt angle display, the optional addition to the functions of the traction control, the steering angle and the function of the differential locks the display of the cockpit are displayed simultaneously.
For non-road rider are the first a lot of information, but about which one can even stay completely calm as a layman: For the Land Cruiser has everything anyway automatically under control. Several times we decided to have some narrowest lanes oncoming vehicles, by simply waving the vice picked field.
Since illustrates another great feature in Toyota: Once the transmission electronics noted that MTS kicks into action automatically adjusts the Multi-terrain Monitor feature the front of the vehicle on the 7-inch display in the center console is unusual here. not only forward but also to the sides and rear cameras turned their gaze. Since the so resulting images can be displayed individually or in combination, the system provides a top view of areas in which you would have to look a helpful passenger or outsiders as a driver otherwise.
To monitor the position of the tire contact patches, the lane of the front wheels in the current steering angle, guides, for example, shows parallel to the width and length of the vehicle and the position of obstacles, which has recognized the collision avoidance sonar. All things have easily dispense with the townspeople, but represent the regular off-road explorers pleasing aids.
And who wants to try their hand at the various technical assistants who simply engages below the climate control to the new control panel for the assistance systems. A central and secure grip knurled knob with shift-function controls the Multi-terrain Select system and the Site selected speed control.
We have easy terrain so far only a vehicle moves that even with moderate axis entanglement and strong body roll offered a similar feeling good mix of security and comfort. It was compared with the Land Cruiser much more luxurious and more expensive new Range Rover.
But it is our view no direct competitor of the Land Cruiser, which can not keep up with the British icon in terms of material selection, processing, feel and design. The Japanese is closer to a well-equipped Discovery, although Toyota has recently upgraded the interior with a complete makeover. Much still affects washable, robust, some even half-heartedly in the first place.
Yes, there are Optitron instruments, a new audio panel in brushed light metal, an LCD monitor as a multi-information display and new leather interiors. But the latter act more like artificial leather, the monitor is only 4.2 inches tall, and the audio and air conditioning unit sticking out like a clumsy giant black box from the strange dissected dashboard.
Sparingly used wood-like deposits are an attempt to spice up the black and gray landscape noble act in the face of what European competitors move in, but a little bit embarrassing.
Why do we forgive those blunders the lovable Land Cruiser? Because he is a loyal caring fellow whose true strengths you can rely on. A Poser he is only in terms of appearance, and only a little bit. The technology is and however the handling characteristics on the terrain 1A.
Security is anyway very important: Pre-Crash Safety (PCS) decreases in collisions damage and injuries, safety on rough terrain offer a hill start and hill descent control, in addition to adaptive cruise control there is an obstacle sonar, a tire pressure Warner, the trailer stabilization (TSC Trailer Sway Control), the Blind Spot Warner BSM (Blind Spot Monitor).
The backcourt Assistant RCTA (Rear Cross Traffic Alert) also uses the radar of the Blind Spot Monitor to alert the driver when reversing maneuver of parking spaces in front of cross traffic that is probably not even be seen in the rearview mirror in the two exterior mirrors.
Just in front of a Toyota whole technique can neither driver nor environmental protection: Again and again try contemporaries to be happy with such cars in inner cities and on highways. These relationships are doomed to failure, because nobody likes to bend his character.
A Land Cruiser, which is one off the asphalt. In the city he looks awkward. But where many SUVs such as toys fail because of this timeless green box unfolds playful his true qualities. Even amateurs recognize their owners humanely kept copies easily: They are usually dirty, muddy. For they have ran properly.