2016 tesla model x lease deal

2016 Tesla Model X 75D Priced at $83,000

Tesla Model X Lease Deal

$4,205* Due at Signing

3 Year/36 Month Lease – 30,000 Total Miles. Downpayment based on $2500 State Incentive. Example based on national average selling vehicle price. Each dealer sets own price. Your payments may vary.

Financing Special
1.74% APR

for 78 Months 

$5000 down payment. $10k in Rebates – $7,500 Federal income tax credit and $2500 State Incentive.

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Tesla Model X Test Report
Jump into the Tesla Model X and you feel as if you have gotten into a vehicle that rivals the DeLorean from “Back to the Future” This electric Gullwing SUV is amazing all around and can not only seat 7 passengers but it can also blow the doors off almost every sports car on the road. With the performance of a Lamborghini, the Tesla Model X is a car of polar extremes!

Most polarizing are the wing doors: Tesla calls them “Falcon Doors” – and these are of course the ultimate show off feature again drawing a comparison to the DeLorean DMC Back to the Future”. The Falcon Doors work thanks to a 2 part pivot which allows the doors to move easily upwards, but to save space first outward and then upward. This works either by pressing the remote control key (which unfortunately does not have the shape of the car, which was a nice gimmick the Model S) or by touch-pad operation in the cockpit. Third option is a switch in the door frame, which you have to hold for security throughout the closing process.

If someone passes under the door, the door mechanism is stopped – the system thereby does not always respond quickly enough. A pinch but there are still, as when a leg in the way. But so fascinating giant folding wing doors are also: Opening and closing takes annoying long.

Once seated in the rear, surprised the Tesla with princely space. With a button on the backrest can drive the rear seats forward to halfway convenient to reach the rearmost two seats. The seats six and seven, however, cost extra charge, as standard is a five-seat configuration.
By its very visual balancing the electric seven-seat SUV feels safe like a fortress, as do the dimensions of the car as it can rival the size of an Audi Q7 and BMW X6. But between the wheels of the Model X could so easily a smart park. The Tesla is a rolling fortress. Driver of a Audi Q7 or BMW X5 / X6 could respond so well.

And another aspect is to make the new Tesla as safe as any other car: The “Bioweapon Defense Mode” – a special interior Filtration system. A pithy phrase as Tesla CEO Elon Musk loves him so much. As in an aircraft cabin to slight overpressure and a very powerful HEPA filter system to filter out all the pollen, bacteria and pollutants, so that the passengers can ride in a pure environment as possible. Anyway, as long as they do not open the door. How well this works, we could in testing around Munich not really try. In many large cities from Los Angeles to Beijing, the function with the “biohazard” symbol in the on-board monitor is expected but well catch.

Parallel to the facelift of the Model S , the center console of the electric car has been changed, it now seems something of high quality and has removable cup holders. Controls such as the driving-position selector lever or the knobs of the power windows are Mercedes recognize -Fahrer immediately, here there were obviously the same suppliers. Like the Tesla Model S has the model X two luggage compartments, a small (187 liter front) and large in the rear. The maximum load capacity is 2180 liters, the trailer load 2270 kg.

In the cockpit, you feel like in a jet’s cockpit – or more like in a spaceship. A huge panoramic windscreen is formed ahead of the front seats. In the lower part you can fold a tiny sun visor of the A-pillar to the inside, at the top the panoramic roof filters sunlight out – must plow properly the air conditioning in hot weather anyway.

The operating principle is known from the Model S: Almost no more buttons, but a huge, vertically arranged touchscreen in the middle. By this you have to get used to, especially while driving you often for the right menu search – the next update at Tesla should best be a kind of ultimate voice control. What is definitely missing in Tesla : A head-up display.

Tesla’s much discussed autopilot could the Model X to test yet, but he will be just like the Model S available. A detailed report on the autonomous driving functions in Tesla you see in the video test of CHIP. Like many other functions in Tesla continuously improving the autopilot and the car “over the air” updated. “The system is every week better. A Tesla is therefore on the used car market over time more and more valuable.

The Model X is only available with all-wheel drive – certainly the best decision that you can inflict upon a nearly 2.5-ton SUV. The AWD (all wheel drive) works purely electric Tesla so through demand control of the two drive motors instead of a mechanical connection between the axles. Advantage: Less mechanical, less weight, less wear.

The car does not have a distinct advantage over a normal SUV. The heavy lithium-ion batteries, depending on the version they have between 75 and 90 kilowatt hours of capacity are installed in the underbody. So the electric Cruiser has a low center of gravity. The two electric motors, front and rear also ensure better weight distribution than a normal SUV, which – just with heavy diesel engines on board – mostly quite top-heavy drives
The car takes fast corners loosely under the wheels. The body roll is low. The lack of traction interruption of the electric-drive ensures a quiet and smooth driving. The air suspension swallows almost all unevenness. Unfortunately, there is this suspension only surcharge, in a car in this price range it should be standard. What in conjunction with the air spring also missing is an adaptive damping system. The servo-assisted rack and pinion steering is a bit American, so not terribly directly, can be but provide slightly sharper touch of a button.

Who turns on the optional “Ludicrous Mode”, enjoys an insane acceleration as in the Model S. In 3.4 seconds, the large electric SUV from 0-60 MPH when overtaking on the highway to shoot other cars passing as Tom Cruise in “Top Gun” in a Russian jet. The passengers are pressed into their seats when nearly 1,000 Nm of torque is transmitted by the chain. With 539 horsepower Tesla indicates the battery limited power. Before the acceleration values ​​of the Model X has even a Porsche Cayenne Turbo S (4.1 seconds from 0-60 MPH lay down their arms. Americans can therefore wait with relish until Lamborghini launches its first SUV on the market.

Future against the past, Airbus against Cessna – so the Tesla looks at first glance. Audi , BMW and Daimler contrast, act almost discouraged in their style. At second glance, one must be sure that in perspective: Tesla functions for autonomous driving show pent-up demand, some assistance systems available at Daimler and Co. are missing.

Weaknesses in detail covered the car with its gullwing doors grandeur, as once the DeLorean. Where the comparison is a little unfair, because unlike the Irish cobbled together and Lotus engineers rather lean constructed DeLorean the Tesla is so solid that the established automakers laughter is long gone. That always moving Manager to Tesla – last of the interior designer of the Porsche Mission E – shows how great the attractiveness of the brand is not only to their fans.

How much Does it cost to lease a Tesla Model X

The Tesla Model X lease offers is up there at $1010. With a price tag north of $83,000 this Luxury SUV that is also an electric car has the future technology to back up that price tag.