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2015 Subaru BRZ Lease

$2,139 Due at Signing

(Excludes tax, title, license and registration fees. May or may not include 1st month payment.)

MSRP $29,595

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Lease Details

Price Breakdown: You can lease a new 2015 Subaru BRZ Premium Model with a 6-speed manual transmission for $339 per month with $2139 due at signing. This lease spans 42 months or 3.5 years. The total payments over this time comes to $16,758 over the life of the lease and when you add the down payment the total out of pocket comes to $18,897. There is no security deposit but taxes, title, and registration fees are not included.

Mileage: Subaru says 12,000 miles per year which comes to 42,000 miles over the life of the 3.5 year lease. Anything extra will cost $0.15 per mile. Meaning is you went an extra 1000 miles it would cost you an extra $150.End of Lease: There is no information on if you can purchase the car at the end of the lease but with a total paid of $18,897 the cost needs to be about $8k to make this a good deal. You will also be charged any excess wear and tear on the vehicle.Fine Print: This lease offer cannot be combined with any other incentives or rebates. Since this is a very sought after automobile, Subaru is betting you will pay a premium for this popular model. Also to get this rate you need to have a certain credit approval rating. Maintenance is not covered by Subaru but you do have a warranty for anything that breaks or needs repair.

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Subaru BRZ Highlights & Review
Ponder this question: what has less horsepower than your mom’s minivan but is more fun than a Porsche Carrera? Well it’s the Subaru BRZ which may just be the most well balanced pure sports car since the Mazda Miata. Already and instant hit the Subaru BRZ has been flying out of dealership lots.
Porsche has reigned supreme as the ultimate sports car company with their many different performance oriented platforms like the 911, Boxster, Carrera, and even the 4-door Panamera. The BRZ is small, lightweight, and nimble; but what sets it apart from Porsche is the fact this car is very affordable. Base price on a new Subaru BRX is $25k but you can lease one for a lot less.The Subaru BRZ is a time machine. And the auto manufacturer simply ignored many achievements of automobile development in recent years. It seems like luxury, comfort, and amenities are the direction most cars are headed today. This is precisely the opposite of what makes a good sports car. Unlike in most current “sports car” the Subaru BRZ has purposely been saved from all the unnecessary junk. In fact there are hardly any creature comforts on this ride. Instead it’s all about a great driving experience. There is no: lane assist, Blind Spot Assist, or computerized AWD system. There is no rear camera and no 16-way power-adjustable seats. It seems the only really necessary additions include electric windows and air conditioning.The chassis is so authentic that one fears the ride will be rough enough to dislodge dental fillings. The car is so flat when it corners and so low to the ground that the center of gravity is lower than many exotic cars. The four-cylinder boxer engine growls clearly audible from the engine compartment, its power is sent through a six-speed manual transmission with extremely short shift to the rear axle. The Boxer engine is a 2.0 liter 4-cylinder that makes 200 horsepower and 151 lb-ft. of torque. 0-60 MPH happens in 7.6 seconds. This is nothing too exciting but with a curb weight of 2762 lbs. the car is quite fun to toss around.

There is also no adaptive suspension, where you can switch back and forth between different polls. Nor can you make the engine characteristics at the touch sharp or modulate the exhaust sound. The car is always unobstructed. On the steering wheel there is not a single button, except for the horn, it’s just there to control the car. The GT has been constructed strictly to a basic rule for sporty driving around. Namely the fact that a low center of gravity allows higher cornering speeds.

This belief was strictly followed in the GT. It starts with the Boxer engine, the pistons move in horizontal cylinders their careers. And the oil pan extra-flat design and the intake manifold was designed even shorter – to bring as much weight as possible to the bottom. But the credo of the TCC is also found in little things like the seat rails that are designed so that drivers chair and two inches could be lowered.

It is thanks to this attention to detail that the GT has an almost digital driving behavior. Due to the low center of gravity, the Subaru handles hardly in the curves. Together with the very direct steering gives a driving feel, as if you could turn the steering wheel at any speed any – also full.
At least, as long as you not fully rises to the accelerator pedal. Because just as you can measure exactly the BRZ as if on rails through the corners, he can be completely disabled in stability control – the relatively narrow tires goodness – also drift with inviting rear around the corner. In this moment is what guys have practiced on Carrera track or Matchbox cars and dreamed true.

It is then not care that the instruments with their red scales and the digital look with its red digits and the two square control knobs made of high gloss, hard plastic, as if Subaru bought a residual item eighties electronics. Also the engine somewhere 3000-4500 rpm has a power hole, you have already forgotten the next curve.

It is then not care that the back seat has more of the value in use of an extended rear shelf. And the fact that the plastics used in the interior are indeed higher quality than they were a few years common in Japanese cars, but still far from the perceived quality German manufacturer, you do not think after one second. The GT is then simply the perfect toy.

The blows that sends the suspension when driving over the curbs at the Contidrom in the spine. The vibrations of the boxer engine, which can shake the stick shift at all, the gear stick that is positioned perfectly and gives the feeling to control the car not only with the steering wheel. The flick, which is the coupling of itself if you let it come quickly, the noise that generates the whole car – all this is driving a car. A sensual experience that one no longer knows nowadays. And the one caught with full force.

Here, the car is quite suitable for everyday use – as long as you do not provide it as a first vehicle for a family of four. But two children can easily order chauffeured through the area, the weekend shopping or luggage for a short break easily fit in the trunk, and even bulky items can be transported thanks to folding rear seats.

The funny thing: all that mastered the GT even with a moderate for a sports car consumption. About nine liters for courageous, but not extreme driving in the city are an acceptable value, about seven liters worth at moderate highway driving all honor. And who docked it could get out if the driving safely even more.

In a way, the GT is the antithesis to what is now widely regarded as the modern automobile. He omitted not only for comfort, but also gives not a whit to the latest fuel-saving technology. He has no turbo motor, no start-stop, brake energy recovery or cylinder deactivation. At the same time he beats the competition in the most important of all disciplines, when it comes to regulated fuel thirst, weight – and is thus much more contemporary than many, with high-tech cluttered competing product.
Really only one question remains: How come Porsche did not build this car?