scion fr-s hot lava orangeThe time is perfect for the return of the small, affordable sports car. For years the only thing we had was the Mazda Miata and the Honda S2000. Now Toyota and Subaru have collaborated to bring us one of the only true sports cars that is actually affordable: the Scion FR-S.

2014 Scion FR-S Lease

$1,999 Due at Signing

(Excludes tax, title, license and registration fees. $500 Bonus Cash)

MSRP $26,355

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Lease Details
Lease Payment Breakdown: You can lease a new 2014 Scion FR-S for only $296 per month for 36 months. This amounts to $9684 over the life of the 3 year lease. There is $1999 due at signing after you use the $500 Bonus Cash. So total paid over the life of the lease is $11,683. This equates to $3894 per year which is a great deal on a cool little sports car that has an MSRP of $26k.

Mileage: You are allotted 12k miles per year or 36k miles over the life of the lease which for an annual mileage rate is excellent compared to the competition. There is a charger per mile for anything that exceeds the amount. That fee is not displayed on the Scion website but should be around $0.15 per mile.

End of Lease: The security deposit is refunded at lease end provided there is no damage or excess mileage. There certainly is an option to purchase but that must be negotiated prior to the lease signing.

Fine Print: On approved credit. Not all customers will qualify. Lease must be through your participating dealer and Toyota Financial Services (\”TFS\”). $500 or $1000 lease cash must be applied to amount due at lease signing or capitalized cost reduction. No security deposit. Amount due at lease signing excludes official fees, taxes, and dealer charges. This offer is based on MSRP for Scion 2013 vehicles ($26,355 for FR-S, $20,480 for tC, $16,250 for iQ, $17,300 for xD and $18,675 for xB) including delivery, processing, and handling fee. Your monthly payment may vary depending on final price of vehicle and your qualifications. See your dealer for lease program details.

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Scion FR-S Report
Specifically developed for dynamic driving, to the 200-hp Scion FR-S handles twisty country roads and curvy mountain passes with ease, but also on the race track this car represents passion in its purest form. Horsepower is not required for this, as it were, for example, the Lotus Elise or Honda S2000 with little weight and sheer agility. This requires a very tempting price: For only $24k you can have this perfectly balanced athlete in your garage or the above lease offer is even more enticing.
The flat and extremely aerodynamic Scion FR-S is based on an entirely new platform. By forgoing a heavy, oversized drive the FR-S returns to the sporting roots of Scion back – with the combination of a free-revving boxer front engine with rear wheel drive. In addition, the compact size, light weight, a crisp suspension and low center of gravity. The 102.2” wheelbase is likely the Scion FR-S may be the smallest four-seater sports car in the world, with the rear seats or more as a storage space can be used with short legs for children.In the design of the makers of a legend were inspired: the Scion 2000 GT as the first supercar of Japan, which was created from 1967 to 1970. Allusions to the 2000 GT, the FR-S can detect, for example, in the shape of the side window and the lines of the rear wheel arches. Sleek and aggreassive can be used to describe the design elements, crouching like cat ready to pounce. The curves of the Scion FR-S on the road and already shows optically his self-confident, aggressive character. Contributing to the large, deep-placed grille and the penetrating gaze of the xenon headlights and LED daytime running lights. The Scion FR-S makes it clear that is not to be trifled with him. The Athletics also emphasize the flared wheel arches, in which 17-inch alloy wheels rotate with milled double spokes and it dark contrasting narrower accent spoke. Additional accents the far drawn back cabin and the broad-shouldered rear a large diffuser with integrated twin chrome pipe exhaust. Sophistication in every detail also shows the rear spoiler with so-called canard fins. The “Sakana” (Japanese: “fish”) spoiler mentioned gives the FR-S a decisive advantage in stability.The engine is a 4-cylinder Boxer motor with direct injection with inspiring power delivery instead of forced ventilation, put the Japanese on a 2.0-liter, free-breathing naturally aspirated engine. Developed by Subaru, low-profile four-cylinder boxer engine, in conjunction with the high compression ratio of 12.5:1 an increase in power and torque over a wide speed range. The engine delivers 200 hp at 7,000 RPM’s and 151 ft-lb. of torque. For the power transmission to the rear wheels makes in our test car a manual six-speed gearbox. Thus equipped, the Scion FR-S sprints in 6.8 seconds from 0-60 MPH and achieved a top speed of 140 MPH. Yes you may say 200 hp is not enough and a turbo should be added; you should not judge too quickly though. To Scion it was important to bring an affordable sports cars on the market. A turbo would increase the very attractive price significantly. It is true that the boxer engine goes out from the bottom a little gentle to the point. But the curve is also held orgies without Turbo: The driver does not need to hold the motor up to speed to enjoy a great propulsion. Is not it enough the speed, simply shift down a gear. This boxer would almost be pulled up, which is possible without problems up to 7,450 rev / min. Overtightening can not be the engine, because it provides for the maximum speed a limiter.Hit the starter button and be prepared to be impressed. This sports car has been tailored to the driver. The sport seats offer even in fast bends a firm grip, the steering wheel is grippy, located perfectly in the hand and shines with a direct and precise steering feel. With a diameter of 365 millimeters, the steering wheel is the smallest that ever came in a Scion used and thereby converts steering commands with slight movements immediately. The manual transmission can be meanwhile loose turn and offers short, crisp routes. Thus, the fun really begin! rubber on the asphalt: The exploration of the dynamics on the never-ending curve shows the combinations of the Eifel Scion FR-S, what is in it and it shines with outstanding driving stability and easy handling.

In conjunction with the classic rear-wheel drive comes to a thrilling driving dynamics, including a neutral, accurate driving behavior that every driver should put a big grin on his face when the Scion FR-S is pushed out of the corners and the rubber of the tire pure emotions in the Asphalt erased. Both the lightweight powertrain and the driving position, the designers arranged as deep and as far back as possible to achieve an almost perfectly balanced equilibrium with an axle load distribution of 53:47 percent. In addition, standard reaches a Torsen differential lock on the rear axle in the rear, the ubiquitous optimizes traction and grip.

The suspension proves to be firm, yet offers still enough comfort for everyday life and long distances. Antilock brake system (ABS) and the switchable vehicle stability control VSC (Vehicle Stability Control) voted the makers for maximum dynamics with minimal electronic intervention from. If necessary, pack too quickly easy to dispense brakes. The brake discs measuring 294 millimeters front and rear 290 millimeters and are ventilated naturally. A larger format would be desirable, however, to increase the braking performance even further.

The new VSC includes an additional “VSC Sport” mode, which can be activated via a switch on the transmission tunnel. “VSC Sport” intervenes only at higher lateral accelerations and drifts, allow the driver to explore the limits of driving dynamics even better, without sacrificing excessively on stability. Both the traction control and electronic stability control can be switched off by pressing and holding more than three seconds the VSC switch.