scion college rebateMany college students anticipate graduating and starting their life anew. Perhaps their dream of a fresh start includes a new car. Celebrate graduation with a Toyota Scion. Scion is offering a rebate discount on a new vehicle to qualifying college graduates or those enrolled in a certificate program. The graduates, or soon-to-be graduates, will save $750 to be used towards the purchase or lease of a new Scion when financed through a participating Scion dealer or Toyota Financial Services. The finance program can be applied towards a Scion certified pre-owned vehicle. Qualified participants will automatically receive Annual Percentage Rates (APRs) offered to customers with good credit standing. Participants in the College Graduate Rebate Program will have no monthly payments for the first 90 days. The dealership will waive the security deposit on lease agreements.

Scion College Grad Highlights

  • $750 Rebate: Get a $750 cash back rebate when you buy or lease a new Scion.
  • Low APR Rates: Its hard to get a low APR with no credi so Scion is offering great rates for Graduates
  • No Downpayment Needed: Scion understands that people fresh out of college are broke. So take advantage of the no downpayment clause.

Current Scion Specials

The Scion College Rebate can also be used with the Scion Pure Lease Program, which means an easier leasing process. Customers do not want to spend hours of their time with sales representatives. There is no need to worry about negotiation skills or stress over price because the price of the Scion chosen is the price to be paid. Scion refers to this as Pure Price. The customer builds the Scion they want and purchases it at the said price. They can choose from 130 accessory options.

To qualify for the College Graduate Rebate Program, the customer must provide proof of recent graduation or proof they will be graduating within the next 6 months from one of the following:

  • A Two-Year or Four-Year College/University
  • A Registered Nursing Program
  • An Accredited Graduate Program (or Currently Enrolled)
  • An Electrician Apprenticeship/Certification Program
  • A Two-Year Post-Secondary Automotive Program by National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF)
  • A Two-Year Toyota Technical Education Network

Should the participant not be employed at the time of the Scion purchase, they must provide proof that their employment-start date is within 120 days of the purchase date. Customers also must have approved credit by Toyota Financial Services. To get the college graduate rebate, walk into the nearest participating Scion dealership or Toyota Financial Services and ask for details.