Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid lease

2015 Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid Lease

$7900 Due at Signing

(Excludes tax, title, license and registration fees.) Miles: 36,000

MSRP $99,995

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Porsche E-Hybrid Details
The Porsche combines a powerful petrol engine with a small electric motor to silently and emission-free to glide through the city – or to give acceleration processes an extra oomph. And that the Porsche Panamera S Hybrid E is certainly no ordinary sports car, is already clear at first glance. With the bright green brake calipers and the striking green background logos on rear fender and makes this Porsche even when standing still emphatically clear: sustainable mobility and athleticism are not mutually exclusive. At least not at Porsche
As far as the rough facts and figures alone – the fun, especially pure electric, of course you can not play in the approach it. After us with subtle restraint presented the appearance of the Panamera S Hybrid E-its green genes, the difference is even more apparent when boarding. Poison Green pointer in the new instrument cluster, but no speedometer – at least no analog. But a power meter that with the ignition on the willingness of the electric motor shows.
This is quite important, because the acoustic feedback an internal combustion engine is missing, of course. Only when you step on the gas pedal you realize: The running already – and how! In the first few meters of the e-drive shows its full strength and makes the Nitro almost obsolete. Maximum torque is directly and accelerates the e-Panamera on request up to 135 highway speed all-electric? No problem with the Panamera. In any case, this is an essential feature of the hybrid Porsche, which distinguishes him from all his brothers, and that makes a bit more unique. The decision in which operating mode you want to be the go – all-electric, hybrid or with Nitro and simultaneously recharge the battery -, lies solely with the driver. Assuming the battery is full enough for an electric drive. Green principles owed, yet each trip always starts automatically in the E-power mode, ie only with electric motor. With the accelerator pedal but you can at any time to “wake up” the engine – signals a significantly noticeable pressure point at about 80 percent, from here no longer sufficient, the E-Power, and the V6 is switched on. That if necessary he does indeed gently, but with a pause for thought and his entering the service acknowledged with a venomous hiss.
If you switch the E-Power mode, the Panamera will automatically go into hybrid mode: The current state of charge of the battery is kept and the electric range of quasi conserved. In the E-batch mode, the high-voltage battery is charged efficiently again while driving – about 20 minutes drive moderate enough to recharge the battery. At the stationary charging the whole thing takes a little longer. With an electricity connection and 380 volts, the Panamera takes about two hours to completely fill its batteries. The required charging station and a charging cable on the go are included in the purchase price of 110,000 euros fortunately already.
The whole thing works pretty well for our consumption ride and gives us a total consumption by almost 96 kilometers of 7.6 liters. In the first section of almost 50 kilometers, we come to about 3.6 liters, as the Nitro but switches on briefly. For the two-ton Gran Turismo but actually a more than respectable value.
Nevertheless, we can not avoid the fabulous low CO2 value of the Panamera S E hybrid finally to question once more critical – because that is actually not only due to a tour de force of engineers at Porsche, but also a computational method that the manufacturers of sporting top class cars generally tend zuspielt. Thus, the standardized measurement cycle (NEDC) is first moved in the conventional hybrid mode. The so-experienced CO2 value is multiplied by 25 – the EU average for the way to work. Here they are: 173 g / km by 25 Then after the same standard cycle, the pure electric range is determined and multiplied by the CO2 value. The Panamera S Hybrid E-creates all-electric 36 km. Very important: This already produced the fatal imbalance in the calculation, because of the purely electrically distance traveled a CO2 value of zero is set – Keyword local emission-free. The two values are added together and then by the total distance – here 61 km – divided. Since the CO2 value for the purely electric driven distance with zero in the calculation, who scored in hybrid mode value is in fact blamed the entire route. The result is the mythical value of 71 grams of CO2 per kilometer, which in turn corresponds to 3.1 liters of gasoline per 100 kilometers. If one of the all-electric distance traveled einrechnen CO2 emissions for electricity generation and all losses, hardly would be an advantage in the overall CO2 balance.
Nevertheless, you can and should the Panamera S Hybrid E-quite a success for the cause – sustainable mobility – values, and for at least two reasons. First: As long as no fundamental rethinking uses in terms of mobility, private and status symbol car in our society, hybrid models such as the Panamera will be nearly the maximum sustainable mobility. And here Porsche will actually standards of efficiency, but also practicality – paradoxical as that may sound like the Panamera for a vehicle. Second: From time immemorial, are automotive industry innovations and technological breakthroughs, first of all always established in the in the upper class, before they find their way into the lower classes of vehicles and volume models. The buying public in the luxury segment expects one being for the sometimes huge sums buying again and again also innovation and progress is, on the other, per se less price-sensitive and thus predestined for “small” extras of high technology.
We at griin find the whole concept of the Panamera quite consistent and hope for further technological advances German carmaker. Happy even only in the luxury segment – as long as the technology is affordable as quickly as possible and then found its way into lower price regions.