Nissan Murano lease

2015 Nissan Murano S Lease

$2999 Due at Signing

(Excludes tax, title, license and registration fees.) Miles: 36,000

MSRP $31,420

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Test Report
The Nissan Murano lease is a wonderfully relaxing and pleasant crossover. Everything you could wish for in terms of amenities and utility is here. The excellent noise insulation and the favorable combination of automatic and diesel make the Murano a pleasant glides for not-too-tall people. Finally, a material appearance, as I would wish it to me by some other Nissan!
For my taste, the Murano has thus lost by a massive appearance. But so be it. Seen from the front drops the “high brow” and the wide chrome grille. What I have always found very disturbing, was the deep spoiler under the front bumper. Nissan calls the front spoiler and “outward unique selling point” of the diesel version. In fact, you had to just kind of put a charge air cooler and ensure a minimum level of protection of the selfsame. Especially when viewed from the side, sees this “spoiler” very strange, because the front so few centimeters fails deeper than the side sections – the terrible acts unintentionally.
The selector lever of the automatic once pressed on reverse. And already appears in the display the image from the reversing camera. Neat and useful, even if the Nissan Murano is not really confusing. At least not to the rear. Next I have some problems, the dimensions of the crossover assess properly. A short press on the button “Camera” helps there. In the right outside mirror, a camera is installed, which shows me how much space I have to front. And yes. An additional camera in the left mirror would have been great too. From the parking space free (with a turning circle of just 12 meters – at the 20 “aluminum rims, wearing Executive -. Allows the Murano also steer very easily through the urban canyons of Bielefeld), I suppose you great ride.
Inside, the Murano for something I painfully miss for almost all Nissan: a steering wheel, which is adjustable in depth! Finally. Was it me thus possible to find a comfortable seating position? Unfortunately, no. At least not fully. Yes, the seats are comfortable, the leather is soft. But what is meant by Nissan under leg rest, I usually understand rather than bench. The little resting legs and the resulting low support of the sitting posture can be a tiring quickly over long distances. Me at least. My girlfriend with 1.58 m length was of course less problems. Otherwise, the processing in the interior is clean. Here and there a dirty ground ridge, which one but not more than noticeable if you look for them explicitly, but an expanded dashboard. On the whole, so meticulously crafted. But material appearance and quality are not able to represent the set premium standards. Not that they were bad, but they also correspond to not necessarily my expectations. For scores the infotainment system that Nissan has taken over from the precious daughter Infiniti. Easy operation, elegant design, great voice recognition and a nice graphical view of the Navis – I like all around. And additionally, you can even play DVDs in the state and with the handbrake on. To this end, convinced the clean sound reproduction of the BOSE sound system. I’m not a fan of the brand, but the Murano, the system was tuned very pleasant.