2016 nissan maxima lease

2016 Nissan Maxima Lease

$2999 Due at Signing

(Excludes tax, title, license and registration fees.) Miles: 36,000

MSRP $60,990

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Nissan Maxima Test Report
Nissan continues to bring all of it’s model up to date with their new styling and design direction. And now for 2016 it’s the Maxima’s turn. This total redesign both inside and out marks the eighth generation of of this 4-door sporty sedan and it aims at appealing to drivers looking for comfort, performance and balanced driving experience.
A design for Nissan
Nissan has many unique styled cars the past few years that include the Cube, Leaf, and the Juke. We know that Nissan is able to put in full view when it comes time to linger design. Obviously more conservative, the Maxima has still a surprising look, but its muscular lines fluids. The elongation of the black lines, which intersect the body, and lowering the rear give unquestionably more aggressive physical. Strongly inspired the latest Murano include the Japanese signature grille with V-shaped That said, one wonders if the bold style is well seen in a decade.
Technology aside, the Japanese manufacturer has focused on simplicity: 4 versions of cars (SV, SL, SR, Platinum), but offered no option. The idea behind it is to offer full versions from the basic model. The 8 th generation gets a simplified infotainment system and a dashboard that goes from 25 to 10 commands. Finally, several security technologies are added here and there, but we appreciate the system that detects fatigue or lack of attention on the road.
A comfortable cabin
Once seated behind the wheel, the driver will be enveloped by a dashboard style ‘aircraft cockpit’. Access to controls is easier than ever, reducing distractions. In addition, the zero gravity seats offer unrivaled comfort even after hours on the road. Available in several models of Nissan-Infiniti group, it was obvious to find such quality in this seat sedan that exceeds the category of intermediaries. The quality of the materials we can ignore that offer a simple and classical environment, worthy of some luxury brands.
The downside of the Maxima is located at the rear: the lowered chassis shape decreases the clearance at the head, reducing the comfort of people larger. Cargo space side, the trunk is also amputated several liters. Fortunately, the seats are lowered, allowing the storage of golf bags if necessary.
The fun is under the hood
It is natural to ask whether a sedan of this size can actually hold the name of “sport”. On this side, Nissan spicing up the challenge of driving without sacrificing comfort on the road. 4 versions are equipped with the same engine, a 3.5L V6 with 60% new parts, sports gets 10 more horsepower, reaching the 300 hp mark. And 15% fuel economy .
Several are still complaining about Nissan CVT but succeeded well in this area in particular allowing a surprising fuel economy regardless of the size of the vehicle. When tested between Ottawa and the Esterel in the Laurentians, it was not uncommon to achieve an average consumption of 7.8 L / 100 km.
The sporty side makes sense with the SR version, using speed palettes, controls his way Xtronic. The IDM system, Intelligent Control Dynamics Module-adjusts brake pressure to keep stable Maxima on the road when cornering.
With Maxima, Nissan reached the limit of luxury he can offer in this popular brand then the battle will be hard with her big sister Infiniti or Acura TLX of this world. People who opt for the Maxima will choose not to drive a real sports car but certainly for a passenger sedan that has an added value. With a price ranging between 35 900 and $ 43 400, it may seem expensive for a Nissan, but the quality of the components and engine efficiency helps to forget this detail.