Mitsubishi Lancer Sportback Lease

2015 Mitsubishi Lancer Sportback Lease

$2878 Due at Signing

(Excludes tax, title, license and registration fees.) Miles: 24,000

MSRP $18,595

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Lancer Sportback Station Wagon Report
The Lancer Sportback is one of the few remaining true affordable wagons out there. This lease offers puts you into a great all around station wagon featuring a fuel efficient engine, good looks, and a sporty chassis. Plus: Unusual design, favorable price, good workmanship, variable luggage compartment, low sill, good safety features, very good seats
The front of the Lancer Sportback Mitsubishi adorns the typical radiator grille “Jetfighter” look with wide open shark’s mouth. The decidedly sporty aggressive design continues on the ridged side line to the short tail on, which is topped by a large roof spoiler. Understatement is not the cause of the Sportback, this car is to be noticed! The decidedly sporty continues in the interior continues seamlessly. The sports seats are very comfortable, generously sized and provided with adequate lateral support. Even tall people find sufficient space in the Lancer, head-and legroom are top. Even the cockpit of Mitsubishi Lancer is another decidedly sporty touch, the curved dashboard brings a touch of elegance. In addition, the driver’s workplace is wonderfully clear, the operation is no riddle. The processing makes a consistently good, but not high-quality impression. But for the price, the interior is more than okay. Overcharging and awkward to use, however, is the combined radio-navigation device. To insert a CD, the front of the device must first be unfolded – also many buttons and settings cause confusion. Sometimes it would be less is more!
Very good, however, is the safety equipment in the Lancer, Mitsubishi makes no compromises here. Driver and passenger airbag deactivated at that deployed in two stages depending on the severity of the impact, knee airbags for the driver, front and rear head curtain airbags and side airbags are standard equipment on all three trim levels. Also, ESP is standard in all models.
In addition, the Lancer comes as a first Mitsubishi emergency brake signal system is used, which warns following drivers in the event of emergency braking by automatically activated hazard warning lights.
The optics of the Lancer promises pure sportiness, the large rear spoiler even for a little krawalligen appearance of the Mitsubishi Lancer. But this promise is not entirely redeemed. Although the grumpy 150 hp diesel comes well up to speed, but the switching paths are a bit too long and the steering could be a bit more direct. Especially on winding roads to make the disappointment in the steering felt, also reduces the slightly spongy suspension of driving pleasure but considerably. Overall, the chassis is designed for comfort rather than sportiness. But this just only because so much falls on, because the appearance of the Lancer suggesting something quite different.
Thanks to the low price, the Lancer can be a real alternative for all, where the compact class too small and the middle class is too large, and still like to go to a fancy-the flashy car.