mitsubishi lancer evolution lease

2015 Mitsubishi Lancer EVO Lease

$3578 Due at Signing

(Excludes tax, title, license and registration fees. 415 Horsepower V-8 Engine.) Miles: 24,000

MSRP $34,995

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Lease Details
Lease Breakdown: With a $35k MSRP the lease payments are actually pretty low. With this Lancer EVO lease you get a 2 year contract at $279 per month. That amounts to $6696 total paid out. Add the downpayment of $3578 and you only pay $10,274 to drive the EVo for 2 years.
Mileage: Mileage details need to be negotiated but you can bet on no more than 12k miles per year or 24k miles over the 2 year lease span. Anything over will most likely cost $0.20.End of Lease: There are no end of lease details, so that will need to be negotiated prior tp lease signing. Our calculations suggest a residual value of about $23,000 so that is a rough estimate on how much it will cost to purchase the EVO at lease end. So before you modify this car make sure you want to make the investment of a purchase.

Fine Print: Lease example for 2014 Lancer Evolution GSR 5MT, MSRP $34,995 plus $ 795 ($920 Alaska / Hawaii) destination handling. Available through Mitsubishi Motors Credit of America (MMCA) or Ally Financial, subject to approved credit and insurance. Actual net capitalized cost $31,814. Net capitalized cost includes $495 (for MMCA) or $595 (Ally Financial) acquisition fee. Not all customers will qualify. Retailer price, terms and vehicle availability may vary. Other lease terms/details apply. May not combine with factory cash rebates. See your Mitsubishi retailer for details

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The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Lease is one of the best kept secrets. The EVO has the handling and acceleration numbers to rival many exotics but at an everyday price. The car exhibits perfect balance and behavior, its very comfortable on the real world roads, and the acceleration from the turbocharged engine is potent. The only problem is the high $30k base price still puts it out of reach. Thankfully you can lease this AWD monster for a song.

EVO Road Test Review
The 10th generation Mitsubishi Lancer EVO does not lack spice. So fasten your harness!Andalusia at the foot of the Sierra Nevada. Here there is no steward and even fewer spectators claiming your name, and yet it feels like the start of a very special. Ensconced in excellent Recaro bucket seats, three-spoke steering wheel small hands, is about to challenge this monument in Spain, kind of Mont Ventoux but more impressive. This ascent is regularly used by manufacturers to test uphill road holding their prototypes and endurance braking downhill. But it is indeed driving a standard car that we will climb this mountain of legend. Menu, 4 wheel drive permanent, a 2.0 turbo 295 hp and above all a new 6-speed dual clutch TC-SST.INCREDIBLY FAST Compact CAr
Lever position D, it switches to the left to switch to manual. It is now placed via paddles behind the wheel speeds that we pass. The number 1 is displayed on the dashboard, marks the beginning of hostilities. Go! Despite his big turbo, the effect? ​​On / off? feels very little. Power arrives continuously and very linear. We climb up to 7,500 rev / min and a flick of the hand is sufficient to trigger the second. Barely time to breathe already needle tachometer sees red. Speeds are linked, and it has not happened already the fourth speedometer indicates a speed largely prohibited. The landscape scrolls faster and turns you jump squarely in the face. Time arrives first braking. No imbalance. We could have spent much more quickly …Sucks down the gas
After a few kilometers, we feel reassured by this supercar everyday. Suddenly, the rate increases, the cornering speeds become bewildering and even snowy peaks looming at the speed V. With 50 hp more, the Lancer would simply ideal? provided they have a sacred portfolio: a look at the gauge returns to reason. 120 km after we left, we burned ¾ tank 59 l, and the computer reads 30 l/100 km! Time to refuel, drinking coffee and descends. The pace is necessarily less impressive. Driving, it is also the physical and should be able to stop the 1,560 kg of the vehicle at any time. Powerful braking but lacks endurance, although models that follow can be counted on the fingers of one hand.pick your driving level
Sports in the soul, the Lancer EVO do not forget security. The standard ABS demonstrated remarkable efficiency and ESP even let a few liberties? Amateur driver. The more experienced will disconnect. That’s what we did? on circuit. This former champion rally is then more mobile and wind curves with incredible agility. A feat due to its roughly efficient transmission. With an active center differential, it distributes torque 50/50 in normal use, with the possibility to vary from 30 to 70% between the front and rear. A system known as Mitsubishi reinforced with torque control AYC between the two rear wheels of the train. Suddenly curve, the Lancer is able to send the correct power to the wheel with the most in demand. Stunning!

a blast to drive
Like the old EVO, the new face of Mitsubishi entitled to three transmission settings depending on the terrain: tarmac (asphalt), gravel (earth / gravel) and snow (snow). If these electronic devices allow especially to increase efficiency, they also help to strengthen security by providing a holding imperial road. But the most surprising is that despite Start remains just as easy to conduct and comfortable: the suspension does not mistreat the lumbar and even has merit, on bumpy roads, do not alter the handling, always very healthy. So, of course, this Lancer devil is not the ideal family: if it offers five seats, his chest is found amputated by the presence of washer and battery.

Sold from June to around 53,000?, The tenth generation of Mitsubishi Lancer EVO pay dearly incredible benefits, even if the equipment remains ultra-complete (Xenon, GPS, leather?). For a few thousand euros less (about 45,000?), A GSR Version least equipped to seduce your five-speed manual. Finally, before school, Mitsubishi Rally Art will present a version with the same engine deflated to 240 hp. Three versions but one conclusion: if you want to indulge yourself at the wheel, the EVO is just the ultimate.