MINI Cooper Roadster Lease

2015 MINI Cooper Roadster Lease

$3,134 Due at Signing

(Excludes tax, title, license and registration fees.) Miles: 30,000

MSRP $27,595

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The MINI Cooper Roadster is a different kind of convertible in that there are no rear seats and a roof that needs be operated by hand. But that keeps the lease cost down and this cheapest variant of the Cooper model is still a load of fun!

Foreign Report
Let’s take a spin. Since not only the choice of words is ancient, it no longer makes such a thing today but also. Just driving so only for the sake of driving? Not even very many Porsche pilots dare still, because it is incorrect. If we’re going to ruin the climate, the way we put back to at least have a sense.
And then suddenly, the Mini Roadsteraround the corner. Roadster Cooper S, to be exact. 3.73 meters Fun, vagrancy, worthlessness. A car? Not in the modern sense. More for a spin. This word is really the first thing that comes to mind when the matchbox-like mini-face comes along, pressed even closer because of a lowered chassis to the ground than it already has.
And then this grumpy hump. The folding top, authentic style to use by hand, implies three things: First, you should drive this car open well, because otherwise it is feared that one must constantly move the head.
Second, there is no fear that here space for rear seats has yet been scheduled. And third: This is not a car, it is a toy, a design study, something that no one can seriously think.
An eye-catcher in the garage
But like the Mini Roadster Standing there in the garage (sorry, the Mini Cooper S Roadster, the distinction is important and will have more to say about it), as he so bella figura does besides all the Allerweltsmodellen, the station wagons, sedans and compared monstrous sprawling coupes, because you can not help its appeal.
If this is not a toy, even though it looks the same, how much fun could make it, deal with it? Oh, it’s great fun, really a lot. This starts already when you press the start button. Brumm, the engine makes, like a big, yet it is only a slender 1.6-liter.
184 hp are squeezed out of 1.6 liters
But if the car is nicknamed Cooper S, then just heard a turbocharger to that he sticks to 184 horsepower from, and then the little car has a tone in the body, as if to show Porsche and Co., where the hammer hangs.
Can not he. A mini is a mini, even if Cooper S is on it. Seven seconds to 100, top 227, which is not enough to play with the big boys.Nevertheless, the Cooper S Roadster is a credible representative of the category “sports car”. Because appearance and reality go together so beautifully.
Light is quickly showing the mini
The car pulls forward like a puppy at the start of the walk. At any time can be a slight movement of the right foot force retrieve, namely tangible force. The two-seater Mini submits to the will of the driver with lust for speed, especially the acceleration out of corners is him.
But hey, you want to call sporadically, as it has but one on it. Or to put it factual to say: Here’s to the combination of low weight (1260 kg) and modern turbo technology.
It allows the small four-cylinder high torque, namely 260 Newton meters, even at low speeds, in this case a little more than 1700 tours.And the results because emphasis where it is needed: at the apex of a curve when it comes to take up pace again.
The front wheel drive does not have a negative influence
And what is still admired wagging, forced country road trip, is the near-neutral suspension tuning. A mini, also the historical, has always had front-wheel drive, which is often misunderstood. His voluntary way to traverse curves and not to acknowledge a tougher approach with straight ends rubbel front wheels can, many of nostalgia and car award the rear wheel drive.
But that was never the case and will never be so. The low center of gravity, narrow wheelbase (2.47 meters) and the comparatively small wheels (now 16 inches) assist in the successful vote.
Even more power would certainly be more beautiful
Mini Driving is fun despite front wheel drive, and when the landing gear allows so much, then the spin makes the Cooper S is more fun than in Cooper (122 hp) to be so much truth needs, political correctness or not. And the John Cooper Works (211 hp), there are also still we try then next summer.
Because that’s perhaps the only thing that you have to worry about the Mini Cooper S Roadster: The fact that he only runs a summer, because you want more and more and more. And because such a car in autumn and winter is also not the right thing. The windshield was in contrast to the Mini Cabrio and so greatly shortened the closed model that you can not see well ahead.
At the traffic lights Mini Roadster drivers turn always something strange the neck, to see when it finally is because green. And who drives quickly closed, also noted what they have saved in Mini: on a solution to make the fabric roof quieter.
Design goes well before practicality
Another than this strange helmet-like shape would possibly sound comfort have been more beneficial, but would put the design concept into question. And the point is not, because design is next to image, history and fun the crucial issue in all mini-variations.
Currently six on the market, along with the regular Mini still convertible, coupe, roadster, station wagon and the Countryman, a kind of SUVin mini-format. Which they make with the Paceman 2013, a coupe version to the side, and who knows whether it might not also on still no such thing as a roadster model, at least until now seems to be the fantasy of the decision-making between Oxford and Munich, where BMW Mini fate directs not to be lost.
But even if the Roadster would not remain the last idea: When the uncompromising version, it will go down in history model. As a car, the only one spin has its strongest moments. But it’s worth it.