MINI Cooper Countryman Lease

2015 MINI Cooper Countryman Lease

$2,854 Due at Signing

(Excludes tax, title, license and registration fees.) Miles: 30,000

MSRP $24,145

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MINI Cooper Countryman Details
MINI is continually developing its range of vehicles in order to cast a wide net in terms of customers. The MINI Cooper Countryman lease gets you into the largest crossover class vehicle they make. The Countryman is quite masculine. The flared fenders, wheel wells so adventurer, black rims, an increased ground clearance and a muzzle for less massive are some manly arguments used on the Countryman. The “Cooper SD” our steed, alter ego “Cooper S” for petrol versions finish, includes all the attributes of the aforementioned petrol version, a front bumper with large air intakes, badges “S” wings and a dual exhaust in the rear bumper. Eying 4.10 m long and 1.80 m wide, the Countryman has nothing mini in its dimensions. But we must admit: accommodate four or five passengers via four conventional doors requires a tad more space than two or two and a half doors and Mini Clubman respectively. That said, and a more personal point of view and with regard to the rest of the range, the Countryman remains in my view, like a Panamera Porsche, an anamorphic uninteresting a line known and archi-known integrated within range only salability. This provided the original Countryman, the sixties, is actually reinterpreted in the lines of the current Clubman.
Once the doors open, the Countryman reveals a cabin in outline, also common to all Mini. However, this model is the subject of a small redevelopment, especially in the rear. The dashboard with dials and vents round is still there and still in plastic molded quality below what one would expect of a “premium” car like the Mini and especially at this price. By cons, where our “Gentleman Farmer” pulls out of the game, it’s modularity. Never seen on a Mini, which by the way, can undoubtedly enjoy the status of “family.” Depending on the configuration, four or five passengers can easily take place, thanks to a generous wheelbase of 2.60 m and near a bench that can slide 16 cm. Headroom is sufficiently sized to large templates. Other usually poor Anglo-Germanic relative range: chest. With 350 to 1,170 liters it offers, its capacity corresponds to that of a compact and the possibility of splitting the bench into three parts (40/20/40) sedan does not necessarily condemn all rear seats when large objects to be loaded. A clever double bottom in the floor also allows you to store many utensils. In addition, leather upholstery copy of our test is rather flattering, both its color and its quality. However, I regret the lack of record keeping, especially in sustained behavior. Finally, the wide range of customization options Mini is also the rendezvous. Multicolor lighting atmosphere with sunroofs through the accessory rail that can accommodate glasses holder, phone holder or any other gadget-thing-door. You will be spoiled for choice, but unfortunately at the expense of your wallet as the list appears the least expensive. For the rest, the basic grant is intended minimalist – no pun intended – on a self CHF 40’900. -.
Therein lies the real novelty. At least in this block for Mini 2.0-liter four-cylinder is under the hood of the BMW 1 Series and 3 for some time now. Developing a power of 143 hp at 4,000 rev / min, it delivers 305 Nm of torque over a range of 1,750 to 2,700 r / min. Despite these figures rather attractive, I must admit that he was not particularly amazed by this mechanism. Power wants rather linear between 2,000 and 4,500 rev / min. Moreover, the block is very present in noise, no phase with the atmosphere “cozy” of the cockpit. The manual gearbox six-speed mated to the block is still as pleasant to use, precise and catchy wish. An automatic transmission is also available, but there is a safe bet that its operation will further limit the already timid character driven. Contained “summit” of the Countryman range in terms of price, our Cooper SD had the AWD “All 4″. The 1,470 kg announced our beast require many resources, which is more 4×4 (75 kg overweight announced). This engine is singularly lacking oomph and liveliness to truly obtain approval as found on the petrol version. A discharge our copy test is just oiled, maybe its propeller was not in top form. Finally, in terms of consumption, announced l./100 4.9 km in the combined cycle, it will still count on about 7.0 l./100 km in normal use, as performed during our test.
With its heavy weight, the Countryman SD displays by far not the vivacity and lightness of the other models. Admittedly, it made efforts in terms of comfort by filtering suspensions a little more than these congeners the roughness of the road without making a reference. In fact, given the more family-oriented this Mini, a kind of Norman compromise between comfort and sportiness has been found, or rather tried to be found, because the result is in my opinion not up both perspective comfort with dry reactions on certain frequencies that sports side, where self literally wallows as not tough enough … And the 4×4 then? Let me be very clear: although having four wheels and a name suggesting a predisposition for country roads, the Countryman does not mean a fighter ready to venture on all terrains. Forest trails or vicinal dirt, do not worry, he makes his case. But as soon as moisture invites the festivities station in Micmac, Jack! We had bitter experience at our photo shoot where a simple little wet and filled with mud Headland ford simply prevented our Mini to get out without the help of a real torquey 4×4 came to his rescue hook and tow rope ready to go into action! Yet it emerges Countryman still something once at the wheel. Handling the gearbox is a delight, the feeling of management, “sport” mode enabled, is direct and communicative and the front still shows crocheur. But the heavy weight and high center of gravity péjore the proverbial ease Mini on winding roads taking a consistent roll. The Countryman is a safe bet for a ride in “good father.” For sport, please focus hatchback or the Roadster version then we will offer you to try all soon.
Undoubtedly the most practical and space of the Mini range, the Countryman shows anyway perfectible and only show its legitimacy within the portfolio of the manufacturer, for economic reasons. Despite this lack of soul, temperament and passion to typical Mini, the Countryman remains an interesting alternative for those seeking a trendy vehicle, fun and convenient for her family and does not look too at the expense.