MINI Cooper Convertible Lease

2015 MINI Cooper Convertible Lease

$2744 Due at Signing

(Excludes tax, title, license and registration fees.) Miles: 30,000

MSRP $27,195

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MINI Cooper Convertible Details
The MINI Convertible lease is the perfect top-down fun vehicle. The potent Angry and melodious engine, crisp suspension, and tons of options are what make this one of the most affordable and fun convertible cars on the market.

Essential accessory for any shopping trip along the beautiful avenues, the Mini Convertible is back more mature, better finished and more efficient. If it has been slow to base its facelift on that of its sister hatchback, the manufacturer tends to us (re) prove that a Mini, even in convertible version, it is not just a fashion item for fashion victim. And the slogan “Always Open” (Always open, reference to the position of the hood …), to prove that she also knows distill indescribable pleasure of driving with the wind …
Seeing, we say it is not so mini that! If the measurements have subtly changed the face of the first phase, the newcomer gives the impression of having been overweight need some form of maturity. To examine in detail, we see that the finish has progressed, as evidenced by the hidden trunk hinges, cared adjustments, and an overall better finished cabin. However, this does not excuse some errors of taste in the choice of some plastics, a little too “cheap” … Another minor complaint raised quite stern, leaving unveil the metal suspension rods … As high dress dressing a mannequin sewing sublime but ill-fitting cut reveals some of your … engines range renewed Old and compressed air 1.6 the previous Mini have been quietly forgotten and are replaced by new blocks, 1.6 l always cubing and developed partnership with PSA. If Cooper advantage of the naturally aspirated version with 120 horsepower (or 115 in Belgium) and 160 Nm at the key, the Cooper S goes into high gear with a turbo to blow in the bronchi of the 4-cylinder and make him develop 175 horsepower (or 163 in Belgium) and 240 Nm or 260 in “overboost” mode. For more sensations even at the risk of possibly disrupt the balance, the John Cooper Works version displays some 211 nags! An impressive figure when you consider that the car is a Mini animate! Essentials accessories A Mini would be really a Mini without the incredible list of accessories to customize the best rider. Between the various chrome accents, decorative strips, inserts and other interior rims, we do not know where to turn in the option list! As a bonus, the timer measuring the time to roll décapoté! Rest assured, this equipment is optional … Always Open … For the first grip, only Cooper S versions were available for testing. Contact by inserting the “key” (spatula) in the dashboard and press the starter had-hoc button. Immediately, the 4-cylinder purrs in the bass. Despite a room temperature frankly little summer (the test is conducted in Austrian region), the slogan “Always Open” drives us to décapoter! A small inflection of the pretty cursor for this purpose and fifteen seconds later, we are fully exposed, but seriously protected the great outdoors! Ride in the open in the winter just requires an ad hoc combination (cap-based, scarves and wholesale fleece coat) and an efficient heating. What the Mini can boast! However, the position sunroof is rather discouraged the then putting your eardrums caused turmoil in serious trouble … On the way first engaged, clutch released and off we went! First impression, the Mini is surprisingly smooth and mania fingertips. The exhaust bubbles gently but leaves an unpleasant resonance in deaf ears in the 1,700 rev / min. The mountainous roads of southern Austria are now more sinuous and invite a more dynamic driving. The engine, available on a very wide rpm range, then began his recital in severe and loose some deaf backfiring at sunrise foot. A festival! Always so lively, the Mini makes it ideally situated braking, gently wraps the curve and is fairly efficiently! Certainly the couple can give symptoms of Parkinson to the front axle and stiffness can sometimes be at fault, but what we have fun! A real kart! Icing on the cake: a finely developed ESP, which brings a lot to the efficiency without being too intrusive amazing comfort suspensions were naturally redefined for this convertible version, the heavier a few hundred pounds and a less rigid. The flexible calibration seemed compose an excellent compromise between comfort and road holding. Absorbing journey irregularities brilliantly, the suspension is effective when it comes to keep the wheels in contact with the ground! The ride comfort is proven and sees enhanced by the excellent seats in the perfect support and sufficiently detailed settings to allow proper driving position. Of course, in the case of a small car, the rear passenger rather swaging, although in progress (4 cm) against the previous generation. The trunk is also more generous (5 liters), but remains small. Finally, flipped, rear visibility and above all, ¾ rear suffers a wraparound hood … The prices at the level of benefits Rates start at € 23,550 for Cooper Cabrio and € 28,700 for a Cooper S. The latter still enjoys a more complete equipment! A basic Mini not really being a Mini, the list of options allows you to cook the small car of his dreams. Count so close to € 500 for metallic paint, € 255 for the necessary windshield 125 € for sport button (which hardens the direction and makes the answer to the most frank accelerator, a rather nice option … ), 180 € for DTP (ESP BMW in the text), € 215 for the limited slip differential (Cooper S only), 120 € for rain and light sensors, … Finally, do not forget to add to that a few hundred dollars for the indispensable decoration of the machine .