Mercedes GLK250 BlueTEC

2014 Mercedes GLK250 BlueTEC Lease

$3991 Due at Signing

(Excludes tax, title, license and registration fees.) Miles: 30,000

MSRP $39,905

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In the mid-sized Luxury SUV segment, the Mercedes GLK is probably one of the most traditional vehicles. This lease gets you into a recently refreshed luxury ride complete with a facelift, sexy lines, and a meaty stance. The front end with its wide radiator grille and the large star looks even more massive, but without being intrusive. The momentum and the tapered headlights give the face of the GLK somewhat perky. Another new feature is the LED daytime running lights in the bumpers, which is framed by a chrome bar. The side skirts and the rear bumper take the form language of Mercedes passenger cars. The tailpipe gives the Mercedes an extremely sporty character and still shows him as SUV.

Foreign Test Report
And indeed promises to form something that the smoothed fellow competitors often can not hold: The GLK is good also for the rough. This is especially true for the driven 250 Bluetec 4Matic in the test. The permanent all-wheel drive drives the mountain on inclement terrain ahead confidently. A decisive contribution here is the enormous torque of 500 Nm and the electrically switchable differential lock.
Basically, the moment distributed at the 4Matic to 45 percent on the front axle and 55 percent to the rear axle. In addition, the multi-disc lock works in the center differential with a locking torque of 50 Newton meters. This means that the multi-disc lock moves the drive torque to 70 percent when required to the front or rear axle. This is the prerequisite for the additional control systems such as ESP (electronic stability program), 4ETS (Electronic Differential Lock) and ASR (acceleration skid control) to intervene as late as possible in critical situations and so a maximum drive torque can be converted into propulsion. One advantage that also ensures that the GLK never loses track of continuous rain and speedy ride in the Alps.
According to this off-road advantages of stainless Kraxler is tuned very tightly. This makes the car extremely stable in tracking, fits his dedicated propulsion, but can irritate the one or the other, who expects the soft rolling of a luxury liner here. This also fits the fixed pews which acts unusually hard in the first possession, but on long drives, not a second is uncomfortable. There is neither fast cornering even on the ground jerking and slides.
In the interior, the designers have taken inspiration from the exterior and largely unnecessary rounding. Only the new round nozzles fall here enjoyable from the frame. Overall, the design language is continued. When driving at night the first offered as an option on the GLK ambient lighting with LED technology bathes the interior in velvet light. On request there is a large color display as an info screen for the instrument cluster in front of the driver.
What works here noble and beautiful, has its pitfalls looking for storage space. The rectilinear handles for Zuziehend the doors are mounted so close to the narrow storage compartment in door panel that even a sunken glasses case there is produced only with difficulty again. Who wants to park large water bottles for long rides close at hand, is also disappointed. While there are two coffee cup holders in the center console, but are not suited for bottles. Also the compartment under the center armrest is used to. It opens in two parts from the middle so that the seeker must always grab a part of the open doors.
Otherwise, feel-good atmosphere is announced in the first-class manufactured vehicle. Those who have realized that the selector lever for the buttery soft switching 7G-Tronic Plus automatic is where other vehicles have the operation for the wiper and the integrated lever for keeping the discs in the flasher unit, everything is otherwise clear and easy to reach in its usual place.
Really fun preparing the two-liter diesel engine, with its 204 hp. At a kick-down in the selected sport mode the engine without delay addresses and accelerates the two-ton truck in just 8.0 seconds to 100 km / h Quickly rushes the climbers where it is allowed, up to the mark of 210 km / h Fast Overtaking is also feasible as leisurely glide. All this with a consumption of 7.5 liters diesel on average 100 kilometers. Thus, the result deviates in the practice test from only 1.4 liters of the factory specifications. So if not permanently holds the gas pedal at the end, put back good 1000 km with the 59 liter fuel tank capacity even with four people on board and a fully loaded trunk.However, it should be noted that the GLK does not prove, with its 450-liter luggage compartment in comparison with the direct competition like the BMW X3 and Volvo XC60 as a loadmaster. Who will travel with complete crew runs the risk of having to stack. As leidig also proves the fact that the rear seats can be folded only in the ratio 2/3. A pass-through for skis or other long loads is not in stock in our test car and a winter trip with the right equipment could at this point can be tricky.
Exemplary, the GLK is in the safety equipment. All that is known from the passenger car range was wasted in the off-roader: an electronic steering system warns by a noticeable boost when leaving the track, Brake Assist grips unerringly into sticky situations, and Hill Start Assist prevents inadvertently rolling back on inclines. Optionally, fatigue detection and Blind Spot Assist is a worthwhile investment. By the way: If you invest, you should splash out also at Park package. This includes a 360-degree camera and an active parking assist.
This recommendation is not pronounced, because the car is too large and could also be pushed in a conventional manner in a gap. No – cause of this remark is that a help for the reverse parking is offered by the house. The problem: The sound comes without increasing about 20 inches in front of the obstacle. Whoever therefore assumes that there is still air is suddenly informed by the impact on the bumper of the background’s better.
Conclusion: It is said that only ten percent of the buyers of an SUV also move their piece of jewelry in the area. The majority of customers does not succeed beyond the temporarily fastened path to Waldgaststätte. It would be no problem with a GLK 250 4Matic Bluetec. However, the Stuttgart has its price. Without additions Mercedes requires 46 142 euros. A price which is hardly realistic, because even with small additions, the 60,000 euro mark is cracked. And deadline is not here for a long time. Who has the money and a companion for those seeking ways which can carry off a boat or horse trailer sometimes, the GLK is the warmly recommended.