Mercedes CLA45 AMG lease

2014 Mercedes CLA45 AMG Lease

$4838 Due at Signing

(Excludes tax, title, license and registration fees.) Miles: 30,000

MSRP $48,375

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Downsizing is still a current trend in the automotive industry. Motors are smaller, the fuel-economy is better, and of course so are the CO ² emissions. This Mercedes CLA45 AMG lease gets you into a potent little 4-door luxury car.

Mercedes CLA45 AMG Foreign Test Report
As a test car belonged CLA 45 AMG in the still young 2014 already one of the special highlights. Usually I’m not a big fan of downsizing, but in the case of the sporty four-door subscribed I will make an exception. Do I have to make an exception. For the CLA is 45 AMG to the spectacular entry model in the compact segment of sports.
Of course, there’s the brother without trunk and with a steep tailgate, the A45 – but really sexy looks but only the CLA 45 AMG from. With a length of 4.63 meters, the CLA is not one of the “small” cars. Thanks to the flowing forms and how its metal skin were slipped gently over the classic “three-box” design – seductive. The curved roof, the flat A-and C-pillars and the “dropping line” baptized sidelines leave the CLA sporty, elegant, somehow act grown up. And despite the manageable wheelbase of only 2.69 meters.
Boarding – either in the first or second row a special treat. The CLA sits just like getting on in years confirmation suit. The hook on the long list of options set correctly, press the AMG Performance seats around the back and the driver’s love handles. Narrow likely not turn out the seats. For this, the shoulders stay later, even at license-unfriendly stance, right where you want them. The rear seat is designed for children and people with really short legs. Also taking the Hull should not be too long. Four of long distances? With friends who are grown up? Better not in this vehicle. The CLA may be as long as the old C-Class, its interior is still on A-class level. Eben also a form of downsizing. Something just always.
So it drives
Pride and steep is the Mercedes star in the radiator grille. Behind it is the beating heart of the “small” AMG. A two-liter four-cylinder turbo engine with 360 hp incredible performance. An output of 180 hp per liter of displacement.Before AMG came on the market with the very own concept of downsizing, this power per liter of displacement was reserved for the motor sport. Now press the 450 Nm of the potent four-cylinder powerful in the seven gears of the dual clutch transmission.
After dozens of launch control starts , a night-time full throttle on the highway and powerful afloat completed stages through the Spessart, wonder no more, the performance of the unit, but its practicality. Handzahm in Comfort mode, the automatic, roaring, rotzend and naughty as a young hooligan in the noise, as soon as one wants to overcome the limits of physics in manual mode.
In the deep baritone of his exhaust sound vibrates the confidence to angasen convincing at all times. Who will leave the automatic in the Comfort mode, can soothe the grumpy sound of the exhaust system – in Sport mode the dual clutch transmission, you sense the nervousness of a veritable athlete. Anyone tried the manual mode of the transmission, the experienced pupertäre side of the otherwise elegant-looking four-door sedan. Bratzelnd cheeky dismisses the exhaust system, the combusted mixture.
As a meat sausage in a leather coat is a three-spoke steering wheel in your hands. The shift paddles behind invite you to a pinball machine. a gear high, one down. The bratzeln the exhaust pupertär tickles the ear.
Performance Package
Even a tick in the option list set correctly and the CLA 45 AMG can look nervously in the rear view mirror Porsche driver on the highway. The AMG performance package is the electronic limitation of the maximum speed of 250 to 270 km / h and helps keep the daily already for a natural selection on the highway. The emphasis with which the CLA moves 45 AMG pace of 200 in direction 250 and the never-ending thrust at 250, the driver carves a grin on his face. The two technicians in the Porsche 991 with LB license plate were visible impressed and were able to see them several times on the A7 that even the smallest AMG sweeps with a lot of pressure over the web.Everyday utility
Trunk? He has. But this point is really important? No.
Consumption? Has he. If the 360 hp engine squeezes out the horses from the piston, must be prepared to be confronted at the gas station with an express surcharge. Who rides on the broad torque hump of the two-liter turbo in everyday life, can experience an acceptable consumption of less than 12 liters. With anesthetized right foot and the performance wish a diesel cab even allow consumption of less than 9 liters per 100 kilometers save into reality. Whether that is fun? Not quite as much as the full-throttle ride.
The CLA 45 AMG has no traction problems
Thanks to its 4Matic all-wheel drive, the power dissipated is not in blue rubber smoke. Although the front axle in everyday life once brings the power alone on the road and the wheel, the force sends only at slip to the rear axle, the CLA car drives 45 AMG refreshing neutral. As with all-wheel drive vehicles, however, recommends a driving style of “slowly into the curve” with leaves and “fast from the curve” describe. Who gets the full force just before the curve apex, zooms wildly hissing from bending all kinds of case, the chassis feels more at no time on calls, the steering could of course still one tick act sensitive, given the force to which it acts, forgive one slight inaccuracies.
Brachial into the iron
Red brake calipers no better than black – the additional cost of 380.80 for the red-painted biters will still be taken by many in purchasing. Mirrors but only the color red the full dynamics of the brake system again. Fading is a foreign word – al dente even with “hearty” exit and maximum load.
Positive list:
+ + + Print
With 1.8 bar boost pressure of the twin-scroll supercharger compresses the air in the combustion chambers. This two-liter engine is cast a stunner in aluminum. Whether it lasts a long time? Mercedes says that as long as any other Mercedes engine!
+ + Ride
Very handy. Its curb weight of nearly 1.6 tons you do not realize at the CLA. Only by prolonged cornering can feel a slight understeer when the tires on the front axle are too warm and so soft.
+ Emotions
Taste and design are not going to discuss. The CLA was given a form that you love, or a cold can. I think: Rare were four doors so elegantly packaged! The new Daimler design language is refreshing!Conclusion: CLA 45 AMG
The CLA 45 AMG pushes the boundaries of sporty compact car segment and raises them to a new emotional level. The design of the CLA looks sporty and classy and is the most beautiful form of wasted space.
Who does not consider the keyword downsizing at a feasible consumption of 30 liters per 100 kilometers than politically correct, will feel no pleasure in my interpretation of downsizing. All other offers AMG with the CLA 45 is a famous, sporty two-seater, in the dress of a four-seater. And I’m glad just not the whole fun is subordinated to the CO ² minimization thinking.
It is wonderful that there are cars like the CLA 45 AMG.