Mercedes CL550 lease

2014 Mercedes CL550 Lease

$11753 Due at Signing

(Excludes tax, title, license and registration fees.) Miles: 30,000

MSRP $117,252

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Mercedes CL Class Details
The Mercedes CL-Class lease the luxury of any two-door car from the brand. The coupe styling gives the car a very sexy and lavish appearance. There is little that could be criticized about the new CL 500. Hardly any other car combines comfort and high tech of a luxury sedan with the dynamic presence of a large coupe. Viewed objectively, the CL offers the technology of the S-class – but in the non-elegant but somewhat great form and for much higher price. The CL 500 so a superfluous car? This conclusion coolly calculating head men must come inevitably. But even those set in the CL quickly realized that life in abundance may be a great pleasure.
Viewed objectively, the largest of which is Mercedes coupe mere formality. The technique comes from the axle suspension up to the drive from the S-Class, but the CL provides the luxury of two doors omit what does not last a stylish appearance benefits. As a bodybuilder in black tailored suit pulls over five meters long and 1.87 meters wide, the coupe looks. Nevertheless, the bulky four-seater is a gentleman and carries in his clothes covered – not less than three black and four shades of gray are available as exterior color options – never get fat on. Polite dressed presents also the interior, with the dash board keeps strictly to the specifications of the S-Class. Among the large coupés there is hardly one that shows so much heart for his rear passengers. Two ergonomically shaped and generously sized club chair with an acceptable leg and headroom expect their fellow travelers in the rear. The road is somewhat cumbersome and time consuming. Until the front seats electrically driven forward and slipped back by awkward hand position back into their Ausgangspostion, it takes a while. However, a CL is now time no S-class, but rather a driver’s car. It can be a little S-class education not hurt, because in its operability of the CL follows exactly the big luxury sedan. Up to the peculiarities of the Comand system has understood (operation of audio, navigation system, on-board computer and a variety of vehicle settings such as light and alarm), it requires a certain adaptation and sometimes studying the 520-page manual. Some options are also selected via menus separately retrievable in the speedometer display quite complicated. Assistance rather than incapacitation. Charge to cover costs of the CL offers a high-tech arsenal of first quality. This ranges from infrared night vision assistant (shows in the dark things in the cockpit display, which you can not really see) about the radar-based Distronic Plus (automatically maintains the distance to the vehicle ahead, brakes automatically even to a standstill and warns optically and acoustically at risk of collision) to the parking assistance, on request also with reversing camera. However, a heavily armed CL not incapacitated his driver. In practice, the assistance systems are as reliable as useful as they assist the driver only. Steering, braking and acceleration, the pilot must still itself, and this prepares him for the CL 500 very much. Of course, who is looking for a nimble sports car for scratching curve is the CL at the wrong address. But rarely can be about two tons of automobile handle so playful. If you really want to know it can arrows with the big coupe nimble around the corners, which, among other things, the relatively direct steering, the extra duty 19-inch wheels (standard: 17 inches) and the standard dynamic roll and pitch compensation of the ABC suspension (Active Body Control) is attributable. Pace surplus in corner entry understeer builds the CL off and the driver takes it from the gas, minimal load change reactions are to feel that the gentle regulating ESP also ensure under control. However, the domain of the CL 500 is the comfortable, unmolested by the drive, wind and road noise gliding always with the certainty of being able to rely on the sovereign power delivery of 388 hp, which the cultured 5.5-liter V8 by seven-stage Automatic sends to the rear wheels. This perfect balance between power and comfort dominates the CL in a big way an S-Class.