mercedes benz fleet discountMercedes-Benz’s Fleet Employee Program: Taking Care of Executive Employees One Company at a Time. Large corporations will often offer fleet vehicles for its executives. Get up to a $4000 Discount on a new Mercedes Vehicle. Luxury German automaker Mercedes-Benz offers its Fleet Employee Program to employees of such corporations that can benefit greatly from big discounts.

Mercedes-Benz Fleet Program Steps

  • 1) Complete the FEP (Fleet Employee Program) Form which can be then mailed or faxed to Mercedes Fleet Operations.
  • 2) Go to the dealer and select your vehicle
  • 3) Present your FEP form to dealer and receive the discount
  • 4) Can be combined with other offers currently happening

Incentives for the 2015 Model Year

  • C-Class (all trims) — $2,500 FEP incentive amount
  • E-Class (all trims) — $2,500 FEP incentive amount
  • S-Class (all trims) — $1,000 FEP incentive amount
  • CLA-Class (all trims) — $500 FEP incentive amount
  • CL-Class (all trims) — $4,000 FEP incentive amount
  • CLS-Class (all trims) — $3,000 FEP incentive amount
  • SL-Class (all trims) — $3,000 FEP incentive amount
  • SLK-Class (all trims) — $2,000 FEP incentive amount
  • G-Class (all trims) — $3,000 FEP incentive amount
  • GL-Class (all trims) — $2,000 FEP incentive amount
  • GLK-Class (all trims) — $2,500 FEP incentive amount
  • M-Class (all trims) — $2,000 FEP incentive amount

I Want this Mercedes Discount

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As an employee of a company that has chosen fleet vehicles from the coveted Mercedes-Benz lineup, you’ll enjoy an exclusive incentive package given your company has a Mercedes Corporate Account Number (CAN) and if you receive a vehicle allowance from your company. Allow us to introduce you to the program so that you can stop dreaming and start planning to drive that Mercedes of your fantasies.

The exclusive Fleet Employee Program gives you the benefit of saving money on the purchase or lease of a new Mercedes-Benz vehicle – what’s more, FEP is available to all active employees, including those of home office and branch offices to franchises and even wholly-owned subsidiaries.

View the Fleet Discount Program Rules

mercedes fleet program rules

Download the FEP Program Form

fep program form

As an employee of a participating company, you’ll need a copy of your current pay stub or direct deposit slip (personal information such as Social Security number and salary should be blanked out). Mercedes-Benz Corporate Fleet Specialists will take care of the rest, including notifying you once your approval from Mercedes-Benz USA comes through (which generally takes 48 hours). Mercedes Corporate Fleet Specialists will be happy to assist you as you select a vehicle and redeem your fleet incentive.

Perhaps best of all, though, the majority of award-winning, luxury-exuding Mercedes-Benz models qualify for the FEP incentive.

Mercedes-Benz offers several distinct Fleet programs designed to address the varying needs of its corporate clientele. The programs are designed to actively promote the sale of new Mercedes passenger vehicles/light trucks by authorized dealers by broadening the scope and number of Mercedes-Benz, LLC drivers. Further, the programs are designed to penetrate the commercial segment and offer Mercedes vehicles as a preferred option for Corporate Executive and Fleet Management programs. Intended for the purchase or lease of new vehicles, the programs exclude previously-registered vehicles while remaining designed for companies or individuals purchasing/leasing vehicles for use in the U.S. and its territories.

Business eligible for the Fleet Program (but which do not qualify for and are not issued Corporate Account Numbers) include: