mclaren mp4-12c lease

2015 McLaren MP4-12C Lease

$10,000 Due at Signing

(Dealer Pays all Fees including 1st and Last month payment.)

MSRP $312,080

More Lease Details
Lease Breakdown: There are 2 different lease options on the McLaren MP4-12C. One is a 60-month lease which puts you in this car for 5 years. With payments of $2999 per month you will have paid $179k. With the $10,000 down that comes to almost $190k to drive this car for 5 years. But there is another good lease is the 24-month lease which carries a payment of $3369 per month. At the end of the 2 years you will have paid $80,856 but the dealer I found will pay the first and last month payment so bringing your total to more like $75k. There is a large $40,838 down payment but overall you are only paying $135k to drive this car for 2 years. The original MP4-12C MSRP is $312k

Mileage: The mileage allotment is 5000 miles per year. Anything after is $1.50 per mile which still is not that much. 2 years you can drive 10k miles and the 5 year lease you can go 25k miles.End of Lease: If you opt for the 60 month lease the cost to purchase at the end is $140k. The 24 month lease goes for $200k cost to own at lease end.Fine Print: So if you were to lease then own over 60-months the total cost would be $330k. If you opt for the 24-month lease then buy the cost would be $335k. This is based on a car with the MSRP of $312,000.

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McLaren Details
McLaren again gives us a British supercar that can challenge the best Ferrari, Porsche, and Lamborghini have to offer. The McLaren MP4-12C has the sexy curves, power, and status to rival any car in the world. It has the name of a Nuclear Weapon from the Cold War and the power plant to match.
The McLaren MP4-12C (yes it’s a terrible name) signals a return to the passenger car market for McLaren Automotive. The last great car out of this factory was the mighty F1. But McLaren has still maintained a prescence in the world of Formula Racing. This new model blends racing knowledge into a street car to create one bad mother. McLaren is going to entice many Whales around the world and you can be a part of that with a lease.This year’s model is much more refined than the last model as McLaren made a bunch of improvements thanks to the feedback of owners and test drivers. The McLaren MP4-12C is a very livable and comfortable exotic.

Sexy Curves

The McLaren MP4-12C is about the same size as a Lamborghini Gallardo or Audi R8. You can tell every single square inch has been reflected and the lines are incredible. Everything is clinically and technically thought coldly, with the sole objective performance in rationality and meticulousness bordering on obsession. As with the McLaren F1 this model is stylish. Add on a bight slap your momma paint job and the McLaren MP4-12C will turn every head. The front bumper houses aggressive light housings that look like an eagle eyeing its prey. See how the LED headlamps have the McLaren logo integrated in them. Profiles are stretched open to the side scoops that allow the V8 to breathe deeply. Under the bumper, an extractor for less suggestive is responsible for discharging the air flow under the car. Overcoming this gear, the adjustable spoiler also acts airbrake during heavy deceleration.


The McLaren MP4-12C is very user friendly. There is not a bunch of technology that overwhelms the driver. This is by far within the most “simple” category. But despite a very minimalist appearance, it abounds in terms of equipment, everything that makes a modern sports car and then some. Thus, the pilot faced with him a huge tachometer which also hosts the digital tachometer. On each side, two small screens display odometer data and information for the onboard computer and the other information on fluids, chassis settings and engine / transmission. It is simple, readable, and practical. Climate controls, dual-zone, are returned to their respective doors.

It’s still a small sports car so hopping in and out is not so easy. It takes some practice to span the imposing carbon structure without bumping the door, the roof or the windshield. But once on board and the door closed, the atmosphere is sporty. Stalled in the carbon bucket perfect fit, the field of vision opens very low forward, limited on both sides laterally bumps wings that provide easy assess the placement of the car on the road. The ergonomics is just perfect, simple commands while the many possibilities of choice of leathers, stitching and other veneers allow you to focus the atmosphere of your home or to the extreme sportiness or smart casual.

The Power Plant

The engine is mounted mid-ship behind the back window. Power comes via a twin-turbo 3.8 liter V-8 that makes 616 Horsepower and 443 lb-ft. of torque. A true sports car the McLaren MP4-12C rockets from 0-60 MPH in 3.1 seconds with a top speed of 207 MPH. Fuel Economy is quite livable with 15 MPG in the city and 22 MPG on the highway. Of course that is not when you are driving the car hard. A special effort was made by the designers on fuel consumption and CO 2. The firepower of the engine is transmitted to the rear wheels via a gearbox dual-clutch 7-speed, equipped with “Pre-Cog” system. What is it? Simple: in manual mode, when you change gear, it is possible to inform the box exerting a half-press of the palette, whether rising or downshift. Electronics and prepares the shift and when you command the passage with a full and frank pressure, it will run at supersonic speed. While it takes time to adapt, a little anticipation and good timing, but the result is impressive. Of course, it is possible to change gears without the “announce” before, but the transition will be less dazzling.

Another unique refinement of 12C, controlled suspension system. The aim was to 12C as a formidable weapon on a track cut perfectly cut to the road with Lady during a weekend getaway or for everyday use. Around the carbon monocoque chassis, the four dampers are coupled together and managed by an electronic control unit acting on the rebound and compression depending on the selected frame (Normal, Sport and Track) fashion hydraulics. The result is absolutely impressive versatility, from the ultra-precise and straight razor wish to track the comfort of a sport sedan on the road, filtering with phlegm every English the slightest imperfection in the road. I’ll spare you the technical details of what? ? how, but the result is there and convincing. And enthusiasts of the track, know thus equipped, the 12C goes simply stabilizer bars! Yes, yes!

Driving Impressions

After such an endless inventory, it’s time to get serious. As already mentioned above, it is possible, by means of two rollers present in the center console, of the frame set (“H” for Handling) and torque motor / gearbox (“P” for Powertrain) in three modes : Normal, Sport and Track. The first knob depends on the hardness of the suspension and the action limit of ESP. The second, the throttle response, power available and the sound of the engine, especially! Note also that all combinations are possible, namely the chassis Track mode and the engine / gearbox in Normal mode, for example. But it is clear that for more consistency, matching the settings on the two variables are essential.
Excited like a chip, and I start the V8 snorts in a hoarse before stalling on his melodious and intimate idle. All controls in Normal mode, I introduce in city traffic on a light throttle. From the outset the lightness of the car (1’336 kg announced) strikes in the first round of the wheel. Box in automatic mode undergoes its relations with gentleness, docility of self and reasonable dimensions can confront the city without fear. The slots of the floor plates and other sewage does nothing to undermine the case and none of these imperfections can be felt in my lower back. Impressive. The fellows are even surprised evolve with such a quiet ground-ground missile orange farting … Oh! A policeman lying on the horizon? Little pressure on the left stalk and trim self rises a few seconds to avoid leaving a few grams of carbon on the ramps.

The engine continues to push and push and push again. And it is endless! Holding cap on the front axle is masterful, no flutter is noticeable. Phew! Amazing. And what a sound! While the first attempts at 12C reported a relative timidity of the exhaust, Ron has since hired good acoustics. The V8 share of theatrics that have nothing to envy to atmospheric harmonies adding their melody. Awesome!

As the miles pass, self lets easily tamed. Almost too much for my taste as it appears ultra-easy to tame. I finally get on my favorite roads, mixing curves and hairpins, long presses and fast sequences. It is time to put in Track mode.

The steering is surgically precise, understeer almost missing (actually compensated by the “Brake Steer” which brakes the inside rear wheel when understeer is detected by the electronics). Is this perhaps due to the winter tire rises, but the back seems to be light in the fast corners and management is a tad too light in feel. For cons, the information accurately in the back direction. In Track mode, the ESP leaves little latitude to drift back before everyone in the right way, tactfully and without any cut abruptly as can be seen on some cars. But most impressive is the total absence of body roll, to the point that I feel aboard a race car. I find myself braking very late, fin stands in a fraction of a second to assist the braking, equipped with carbon-ceramic brakes, however, enjoys a bite and endurance foolproof. I’m speechless and banana on my face … Dreams! Raises are energetic, no turbo lag is noticeable in this mode, and propels you to 12C hairpin turn at breakneck speeds, making you a driver.

After a few days and a few hundred kilometers, a strange feeling came over me on the road escorting me to the concession McLaren Geneva. As phenomenal as this 12C is not heavy heart that I am about to return. Eh! Oh! Jerome! You’re bored? You’re sick? Do not worry, everything is fine and it is at bedtime my record on paper that clearly appeared to me that McLaren MP4-12C is too easy, too perfect and pushes far beyond the limits, or compensates shortcomings of its driver. Is this reasonable? Although at no time did electronics shows castrating entering into action, there is no doubt that the circuit operating at full capacity to give you the best of what the 12C can do. Therefore, inevitably, the rendering is a bit artificial.

On paper and in practice the 12C is a formidable and effective machine that brings ultra innovative technical solutions in the segment. But it lacks that little extra something that would make it special, like a Ferrari knows how to be flamboyant, bestial Lamborghini, a Porsche or Aston Martin endearing timeless, while imposing its pilot for each of come with humility and respect the tickle in his corner.