Mazda5 lease

2015 Mazda5 Lease

$2999 Due at Signing

(Excludes tax, title, license and registration fees.) Miles: 36,000

MSRP $21,1405

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Test Report

A compact van should not be exciting or fun. The Mazda5 lease offer gets you into a sensational minivan that breaks all the norms. The Mazda5 is full of heart and personality. So if driving is more than just a chore then this minivan is for you.

For Soccer Moms and Dads looking for a new shuttle vehicle of the Mazda5 might be the right team member. Not very many cars are better suited for short distance transport of half a junior football team between schoolyard and training ground. Apart from the sliding doors and third-row seats also unexcited style had a share. Though Mazda has certainly tried to launch in 2010 to cave in the genre typical box shape of the van a little momentum. Really can whitewash the curved fenders and the playful waves of the useable space character of the five-piece’s not. Anyone starting out, is found suitable on that in a sober hard plastic world again. Especially nice is not, but if it is the fully filthy football junior board the six riders courts, one looks almost the unassuming and washable surfaces. A real plus are the sliding doors. In body checks and scuffles during the entry, the driver must at least not to fear for the integrity of adjacent parked cars, and can let the youthful exuberance run its course. Since the portals also go back unusually far, even the boarding of the third row of seats is not a problem. Especially since the outer second-row seats also can be displaced longitudinally. For average sized adults number three is still a penalty. And also on the center seat in the second row you should rather place the bustling midfield as the head monster of the team. Both are in this class but not uncommon. Just as the limited luggage space when all seats, which can accommodate 112 liters; the seats are six and seven sunk into the ground, there are decent 426 liters. A special feature, however, is that the entire middle seat can be folded so that the outer passengers have plenty of room for extremities and sports bags on two individual seats. During the Mazda5 in the variability and the everyday utility that is enters full three points, he has in other respects rather mediocre. Thus driven by us 2.0-liter gasoline engine is indeed quiet and cultured to work, but also behave significantly. The lush on paper 110 kW/150 hp at any rate you rarely feel – also because of the very high-ratio six-speed gearbox. Swipe developed the free-breathing direct injection – a rare in times of downsizing and turbo charge engine type – only far beyond the 4,000 rpm. In city traffic, which interferes but little, there outweigh the positive acoustic properties. The consumption is around 8.5 liters in order. On the highway, however, the massive Mazda quickly approved 10 liters or more. Actually so would be a diesel is the better choice for the ride to the away game. However, the only appropriate engine on offer is an 85 kW/115 hp 1.6-liter diesel engine – also not exactly a paragon of temperament (zero to 100 km / h in 13.4 seconds) expensive and also just under 1,000 euros in of acquisition. Ultimately, the drive is the crucial weakness of the Mazda. So really be pushing any of the three engines (number three is a 1.8-liter gasoline engine with 85 kW/115 hp). Too bad, because, firstly, the suspension provides a quite good compromise between comfort and firmness. And secondly, the Japanese now much better engines have on offer – just not in fives. Overall, it is sufficient despite the pronounced everyday virtues so only to a seat in the middle of the compact van League. Since it can also not only given the proper equipment (3rd row of seats, climate control, start-stop system) relatively cheap price of the test car not save much. 24,950 euros will be due (the entry-level version with the small gasoline engine and less extras is available for 20,890 Euros). By comparison, the direct competitor the Ford Grand C-Max costs as a seven-seater with the 150-horsepower gasoline engine.