mazda college graduate program bannerIf you’re a hard-working college graduate who lacks much of a credit history, it might just be your lucky day. The Mazda Student Discount Program might be able to help you attain a new Mazda vehicle, either by lease or by purchase. You’re qualified for this incentive if your are currently enrolled and graduate in 6 months, or it you are a recent college graduate within the past 24 months. Educational institutions that apply include accredited colleges (two and four year schools), graduate schools, trade schools and nursing schools. If you’re pursuing a doctorate degree, you’re eligible as well.

Mazda Student Discount Highlights

  • Help You Buy a New Car: The Goal of this Incentive is to Help you Buy a Car with No Credit.
  • Finance or Lease: You can Lease or Finance a new car through Mazda Capital Services.
  • Current Students and Grads: Applies to Current Students Graduating soon and College Grads

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If you want to be accepted by the Mazda College Graduate Program, you must offer graduation confirmation. Current transcripts and diplomas are both acceptable forms of graduation proof. It’s also essential for you to offer income and employment verification. If you haven’t yet begun working at your position, the Mazda College Graduate program also accepts letters from future employers. These letters must clearly indicate when exactly you’re going to begin work (within a span of 90 days of vehicle purchase). They also must clearly state your starting salary. Note that payments must never be higher than 15 percent of an individual’s gross monthly earnings. The maximum amount for leases or loans cannot surpass $25,000, as well.
mazda college graduate program incentive
Applicants of the Mazda College Graduate Program also must satisfy other vehicle and credit factors. If you’re interested in this program, all you have to do is stop by your nearest Mazda dealer. Be sure to come prepared with all of the necessary paperwork and proof. Don’t forget to bring current identification.

Remember that there are some restrictions and guidelines for this program. Discounts are not valid for certain car models, for example. They’re also not valid for any vehicles that are pre-owned. This program can be used alongside other types of incentives, rebates and specials, however. If you have any questions or concerns, be sure to let your dealership know. The dealership employees will give you all of the information you need regarding restrictions and other requirements. Good luck and safe driving, as always. You’re also eligible if you’re scheduled to graduate from college in a span of 6 months.