mazda employee discountThe S-Plan is an Employee discount where those who work for Mazda get incredible prices. The Mazda S-Plan is designed specifically for it’s employees. It’s entire purpose is to provide a streamlined sale for the employee. While Mazda dealerships are not required to participate, they are strongly encouraged to do so.

Mazda S-Plan Highlights

  • Current Mazda Employees: Get employee discount pricing on up to 4 cars per year.
  • Who Qualifies?: This offer extends to your immediate family including in-laws.
  • Save up to $2k: Save up to $2,000 off the price of a new Mazda car or SUV.
  • Other Rebates Apply: Save more with the College Grad and Military Bonus Cash.

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Current Mazda Specials

mazda s-plan discount employees pricing

Those that do wish to offer the S-Plan are guaranteeing those customers eligible the best deal that Mazda can provide. This amount is normally found on the bottom left corner of the factory issued invoice labelled “SPLAN”.

This number is the dealer price plus freight, taxes, and any other fees assigned to the dealership that would be considered a ‘cost to the dealership’. This pricing is not negotiable on either side. The dealership can’t increase the price of listed “SPLAN” value and the customer can not negotiate below it. At the time of the purchase, the dealership required to show the invoice to the eligible SPLAN customers.

Mazda Lease Deals

In essence, the dealership is simply charging what it cost for them to bring the vehicle to their lot and sell it.

Like all plans, this one does have rules associated with it. There can be only 4 purchases under this incentive per year, it can not be for business use, and it is limited to the employee and his/her immediate family.

mazda s-planImmediate family of the employee is defined as: Parents, spouse (including same-sex domestic partner), siblings (including step), children (including both step and domestic).

Like most other plans offering incentives to employees, this one is kept fairly cut and to the point. Mazda wants to show its employees that it does not want to profit from its employees in this way, but rather foster a relationship that encourages employees to drive the vehicles made by the company that they work for.