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2017 Maserati Levante Priced at $47,945

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3 Year/36 Month Lease – 30,000 Total Miles. Example based on national average selling vehicle price. Each dealer sets own price. Your payments may vary.

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$5000 down payment. Payments will also vary based on length of loan, loan to value, and options selected. Title, taxes, license, registration and dealer fees are extra.

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Maserati Levante Test Report
An SUV from Maserati? For many fans this is sacrilege. But as we saw with the popularity of the Porsche Cayenne, a Luxury SUV can go a long way in saving a brand.
At First impression, the Levante looks like two cars in one. Up front is an aggressive nose and mean looking grille; while out back the luxury SUV is graceful and elegant. The Maserati Lavente makes competing models like the Porsche Cayenne or the BMW X6 look crude in comparison.
The SUV Premium class is on the rise. That was ultimately the reason why even Maserati jumped into this segment: the first SUV in the brand will soon be the best selling model of the brand. Is the Levante a luxury sports car or a family car? Neither, it is a Maserati! An SUV with a sexy design, powerful engine, and a passionate tone.
The Levante feels like a sports car on stilts from the driver or passenger point of view. No sooner has one climbed into the unusually low cut leather seats, has the thick steering wheel in his hands and the heavily contoured hood in mind, you think you are in a sports car – only one floor up. In the rear, it is different. Despite not exactly lush headroom the SUV is more spacious than the sedans of Maserati.
Despite the use of a lot of aluminum and a little titanium; the Levant is of course not a lightweight as it weighs in at two tons on the scale. But the Levante is surprisingly agile. Responsible for this is the V6 turbo engine with 345 horsepower. And then the sound: The neighbors will curse a while, but whatever – with this orchestra under the right foot can not resist gimmicks early on the throttle.
The standard air suspension, for example, has five different levels with a height difference of twelve centimeters, the four-wheel drive forwards as much power as possible to the rear axle, the eight-speed automatic switches rapidly and the Skyhook suspension calculates the optimal damping force new every few milliseconds. Only the steering could be a little more direct, then come the balanced weight distribution and the lowest center of gravity in this class even better advantage.
In comparison, the interior is downright restrained. It may be that the leather colors are somewhat gaudy than the competition and silks made by Zegna there were also previously never in a production car. But the dashboard is rather simple and the material quality is not quite as elegant as you would with such a sonorous name – for years the way in vain – expected.
At least with the test car from the previous series of difference to premium competitors north of the Alps is still seen and felt. A modern infotainment system and a 360 degree camera offers auto, Apple carplay, LED headlights or an autopilot with steering intervention as there is not, however. Even when confirming the prejudices of Levante is so thoroughly a Maserati.
From the current glut of SUV the Levant stands out pleasantly despite the deductions ambience and amenities. He is a real asset for those who prefer not to take the fifth Audi Q7, Porsche Cayenne or BMW X5 in their neighborhood. But the car is also an enrichment for Maserati?
Certainly not for purists who see the car from Modena’s elegant and sophisticated response to the Ferraris from the neighboring town of Maranello and still dreaming of legends like the luxurious A6 or the 3500 GT from the fifties or even older race car.
But for the Italians have always left the path of virtue long and shot himself at the latest with the unusually ordinary Ghibli comeback or diesel for the limousine to marginalization. All others will be with the Levante just their peace making as Porsche drivers with the Cayenne. This somewhat more pragmatic customers see in the large ship life insurance for a legendary brand.Louder than a Mercedes AMG GLE, more provocative than a BMW X6 and better looking than a Porsche Cayenne Turbo: The Levante is the ideal self-promoter SUV. Maserati has done a damn good job.
That the Italians seem to have even noticed and just made the jump. From the idea of ​​an SUV they did not want to move away though because the prospects are just too bright. Instead of a Grand Cherokee in fine yarn is the first SUV in 102 years Maserati Ghibli more of a strongman, developed in Italy, driven by Italian Motors and built in Turin. Thus, from a SUV still not automatically a stroke of genius. But you have to at least not to make even an Italian brand caring by Lancia and Alfa.
What is still left to me of skepticism before the first test drive, was quickly dispelled. The segment may now be ordinary, but the Levant is not. It shows the latest when one looks the Maserati face. From behind yet elegant but unimaginative, and from the side, just sleek, the five-meter cruiser acts from the front as aggressive, as if he were the competitors prefer to swallow whole.
And then the sound: Even when starting your V6 Turbo, the walls shake, while revving the passersby pointed ears, and when open in Sport mode, the sound flap, dies with the first kickdown even the last call. The Levante barks and roars like a race car, and when he drives through the narrow streets of an Italian town, it is, as a break just the whole field of Mille Miglia car.Whether sports car, Sedan or SUV – the Maserati has everything on it! The 3.0 liter twin turbo V-6 engine on the base model boast and impressive 345 HP.
But it is not the engine and its sound alone that make the Levante to such a passionate SUV. This is also the lowest center of gravity in the segment, at the balanced weight distribution, a flurry of eight-speed automatic.No wonder: Lustvoll drawn, motorized power and incredibly noisy – for the Italians the Levant in the first line must be a Maserati and then a SUV. This is evident not least in how unimportant they deal with the off-road ability.
Although the air suspension also knows two Kraxelstellungen and can even jack up a button to compose 65 millimeters. And with a special driving program stability program and four wheel drive are trimmed in one adventure. But normally 90 percent of the power to be routed to the rear wheels, and at higher speeds, the front axle coupled identical completely.
In terrain of Levante can therefore not much more than a trade, but on the street just almost as much as a Porsche. And that finally with two comfortable seats in the rear and almost 600 liters of boot.
In the cockpit there are plastic, silk and leather
Of course, a PS Patriots a adulation falls like me as an Italian car a bit heavy. But as for appearance and acres, the men in Modena have as easily made a damn good job.
And with that the North-South divide not quite falling apart, I can not give me the little valent cockpit and the large gaps in the equipment list rub. Even silk of Zenga and velvety leather make a plastic desert no luxury landscape, and a new touch screen, four cameras and a distance radar are not sufficient for a high-tech car.
But unfortunately, this seems to bother most customers hardly.Not for nothing says CEO Westerwelle on the four-digit number of orders Blind and the hype at the dealer premieres almost as enthusiastically as Tesla CEO Elon Musk about the response to the model. 3
And also from me there’s therefore kudos: Louder than a Mercedes GLE AMG, provocative than a BMW X6 and prolliger than a Cayenne Turbo Porsche – so the Levant is for me the ideal SUV for self-promoter.
Only one thing I can not understand for the life: Why are yet again buy from us later, 80 percent diesel. The engine with its 275 hp not bad, and the 18,000 Euro price advantage count more than 3.7 liters less in fuel consumption. But who ordered a Maserati with diesel, drinking his coffee or decaffeinated – or may remain constant at Mercedes & Co..