lincoln drive control selectCan a sensor inspire confidence? How about 12 of them speed reading the road and adjusting your suspension faster than you can blink an eye ensuring car and road are one. Corners are carved not ridden. Aggressive maneuvers are handled with precision. A bump in the road is almost imperceptible. And all the while an advanced steering system works behind the scenes to keep you in control. You might not even notice, and that is exactly the point of the Lincoln Drive Control System.The Lincoln Drive Control System helps to create a more refined and engaging driving experience by combining several different elements that all work seamlessly together without any additional driver input.

  • Electric Power Assisted Steering (EPAS) – Contains Pole-Drift Compensation and Active Nibble Control adjusts with CCD to give excellent steering response and feedback.
  • Continuously Controlled Damping (CCD) – Constantly monitors steering wheel movement, suspension motion, vehicle body movements, and the way you use the brakes and gas; to determine the optimum suspension damping force needed for a smooth ride and responsive handling. The suspension reads 46 inputs every 2 milliseconds and adjusts to the road up to 50 times per second.
  • Active Noise Control – Uses microphones inside the cabin to pick-up unwanted noises. This system then uses your vehicles sound system to send opposing waves to cancel out the noise.
  • Electronic Stability Control with Traction Control – Helps keep your car more stable in a wide range of weather conditions. Lincoln Drive Control also lets you select a preset driving mode that is even more customized to your driving style.

Select Lincoln vehicles are equipped with the Drive Control System which is a sophisticated set of features that continually monitor your driving style, the road conditions, and engine response and sound; in order to give you a more refined and engaging driving experience. With several modes to choose from including:
Comfort – gives you more relaxed body motions and response (ideal for long road trips)
Normal – gives you a mix of confident steering and handling with a smooth controlled ride (ideal for daily driving)
Sport – provides increased emphasis on handling and control (ideal for spirited driving)
Lincoln Drive Control lets you customize your ride and set-up is simple.
1) Select Setting on your Main Menu of the Information Display, then Vehicle, Drive Control
2) Handling in D allows for Sport, Normal, or Comfort Settings
3) Handling in S allows for Sport (which stiffens the suspension for a tighter ride) or Normal
4) Performance in S gives you a faster engine response and a more powerful engine sound
Once set-up is complete, you can select any of your preconfigured driving modes by selecting either “D” or “S” on the push-button shift.
Welcome to world class Lincoln Drive Control found in the MKZ. 3 advanced technologies take your experience of luxury driving to another level. As quickly and quietly as thoughts in your mind, 12 sensors continually monitor suspension and vehicle body movement responding in milliseconds to help keep your vehicle smoothly on track. The steering system also adapts while on the move providing a fluid and effortless feel of the wheel while turning a corner or parking and less steering assist for a firmer feel while at higher speeds. The Lincoln Drive Control System is so smart is can sense a crowned road surface or crosswinds and compensate accordingly. Lincoln engineers have gone to great lengths to reduce undesirable road noise while optimizing sounds that enhance the driving experience. The result: time spent in the Lincoln MKZ is exceptionally comfortable while every turn you take is experienced with confidence. And the Lincoln Drive Control System is designed to adapt to your needs with adaptive cruise control which can detect slowing traffic ahead and reduce your vehicle speed to maintain the distance you set. The Lane Keeping System which can warn you if it detects you are drifting out of your lane. The Blind-Spot Information system with Cross-traffic alert can signal when a vehicle is detected in your blind sport or approaching from either side while backing up. A luxury sedan should measure up to your expectations and now you can drive one engineered to exceed them