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2015 Lexus NX 300h Lease

$4750 Due at Signing

(Excludes tax, title, license and registration fees.) $Miles: 22,500

MSRP $39,720

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Lexus NX 300h Details
The new Lexus NX 300h starts with a spectacular design an attack in the premium segment of mid-size SUV. However, he keeps driving is not everything it promises from the outside. Without question, the designers from the home Lexus have courage. First she presented last year, the angular concept car LF-NX and shock so BMW X3 , Mercedes GLK and Audi Q5 . Without major changes of the mid-size SUV mid-October comes as a production model on the market. At first glance, the sharpened LED headlights catch the eye. Deep corrugations and a lot of corners and edges define the front elevation. Finally once again a design that dares something. The concept of sharp edges takes place at 4.63 meters long and 1.85 meters wide NX consistently to stern and his stand-out tail lights. The Lexus is a looker, one of the most enthusiastic and eyes busy.
Unfortunately, the drive of the Lexus 300h can not meet the expectations. After a few meters of the driver of the NX 300h facial expression takes over. After full of hope for a silent movement of the electric mode is enabled, brings a 2.5-liter petrol engine too soon back to reality. Even when the accelerator pedal is stroked only by the big toe, the 114 kW / 155 hp four-cylinder will be asked a few seconds to burn. After a short time the green thought is just as quickly disappeared, such as the belief that one’s own smartphone actually can be charged wirelessly in the compartment under the center armrest. Soon it becomes clear that the five-seater is not nearly as dynamic comes in spite of his system output of 145 kW / 197 hp from the spot, as it would like to suggest his appearance.
The new generation of adaptive variable suspension makes for a neat, meanwhile sprung ride. The steering of around 40,000 euros expensive Lexus 300h NX provides the driver with sufficient feedback, but could be a little more precision tolerated. For security are wizards such as the pre-crash safety system, adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning and Blind Spot Assist are available.
Like its propulsion, whose distinctive sound is due to the CVT automatic transmission, also the potential of the Lexus behaves the beast of burden within manageable limits. With more than 1.5 tons of towing capacity, he is ridiculed just tired of just under 1.8 tonnes towing diesel rivals. However, Lexus sees his NX also more affectionate gerlos cruising around in the city. Thanks to its 360 degree camera that can see beyond the complexity of the NX succeed parking maneuvers it right the first time. All in all, convinced the Lexus NX mainly through his both daring and successful exterior and interior design. The drive is expected to slow over the competition environment, however, have a hard time with powerful diesel engines and powerful petrol engine.Consciously stand out from the more or less uniform rest will be Lexus. Via the drive While our competitors in this class mostly sell diesel engines, only a hybrid drive offer to the Japanese for their crossover. And make it even more despite power ( 197 hp) to expel less CO2 ( 116 g / km) – a top value in the segment. This is ensured in the base two, even three engines surcharge. A conventional 2.5-liter petrol engine ( 155 hp) in combination with an electric engine ( 143 hp) and an optional electric motor ( 68 hp) on the rear axle. The latter always turns on when the traction or speeding it requires and makes the NX for four-wheel drive.
This approach is in progress, due to a continuously variable planetary gear, extremely supple and restrained from. The NX 300h educates for serenity, its strength lies more in the comfort and quiet gliding, what not least the governed top of 180 speaks km / h. The engine itself refuses all sporting ambitions. When accelerating, it is acoustically very present level of speed and tempo often do not match. The sovereign elasticity of a diesel it does not own.
With 4.63 meters of NX is as long as an Audi Q5. Lexus claims yet, back to offer more legroom. The seat sample confirmed that no trace of tightness. Also in the trunk you want to set records and gives a load capacity of 555 to 1600 liters of. In fact, significant is the maximum load width of just 1.4 meters. The offer few other cars. Both the dashboard as well as from the trunk while the rear seats can be transformed within ten seconds in an almost flat, slightly ascending truck bed.Formally the Lexus goes its own way. With an oversized grille, distinctive edges with many sharp angles and a more coupe-like silhouette of the four-door will move emotionally. The trunk volume hardly suffers. 555 liters fit in, who flips the rear seats, electrically what happens in the higher trim levels, the transport capacity increases to 1,600 liters. Specify the loading area is not, this is not a drawback for a car that’s more upscale lifestyle as for the functional everyday use is recommended.
The powertrain of the hybrid SUV follows the known patterns of development. A 2.5-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine with 114 kW / 155 hp is coupled via a continuously variable automatic transmission with a newly housed there electric motor, which brings it to 143 hp / 105 kW. The NX 300h stands ready in two versions. Basically, front-wheel drive is available, who selects the 4×4 variant gets an additional electric motor with 55 kW / 68 hp, which drives mounted on the rear axle, the wheels at the rear. Only this version may take a trailer on the hook, which must weigh at least 1,500 kilograms thanks to 4×4 technology. The electric four-wheel drive solution reduces the usual weight gain. Only about 60 kilograms heavier than the front-wheel drive NX weighs the 4×4 version, of 1,715 to 1,785 kg increases the curb weight.
The system performance but is limited electronically in all configurations and remains uniform at 197 hp / 145 kW and 210 Nm torque peak 4200-4400 / min. The consumption reacts to its highly sensitive to the different configurations. Even the larger wheels above the base facilities increase it by 0.2 to 5.2 liters, the 4×4 version requires standard up to 5.3 liters of gasoline per 100 kilometers. Lexus uses as in the hybrid siblings a nickel-metal hydride battery, the operating voltage is 650 volts. It allows a kilometer or two pure electric mode at low Abforderung the mileage of a button. A plug-in solution with a higher capacity lithium-ion battery does not fit the requirements, they say.
The NX drives extremely relaxed – if you can get used to the peculiarities of its continuously variable automatic transmission. Throttle and wait until the speed increases at an almost constant speed of rotation of the motor. This is similar to the acceleration behavior of a motor boat. 9.2 seconds pass the sprint from 0 to 100 km / h no feat, especially as subjectively perceived the exercise lasts longer. The top speed is 180 km / h but even at moderate style of driving to fast-limited road shows, the onboard computer to no less than seven liters of fuel consumption per 100 kilometers. The exhaust wants and the NX driver will hardly show the others. This is for that reason is not because it is hidden under the rear of the vehicle. This is also one of the efforts to give Mr. Clean.
The operation is difficult at first glance, quickly get used to the variety of switches and buttons. Cond helpful is the touch pad on which the cursor is controlled on the monitor. In rough roads of the fingers is wrong before in the wrong direction, the very tight suspension of the NX ensures also for uncertainties. Due to space limitations, however, are impeccable, front and rear, there is no reason to complain.
As usual for Lexus, is not stingy of fine ingredients for the NX, already the standard model for $43k gets the LED light, alloy wheels, air conditioning, reversing camera, radio with CD player, electric windows and a remote-controlled central locking. The business edition of NX – designed for the price of $40k specifically for commercial customers – will also receive comfort seats with heating, cruise control, park pilot, navigation and a wireless charging system for smartphones. The next stage marks the Executive Line for 46,000 euros, electric seat adjustment and leather upholstery are the essential equipment details, roof rails and 18-inch wheels are included as well.Only with all-wheel drive versions of the F-Sport and Luxury Line Here the tailgate opens electrically operated, the cruise control system is adaptive, the leather steering wheel is heated and the audio system comes from the premium producer Mark Levinson (Luxury version). Despite the lavish amenities, there is room for wishes. 1,100 euros will cost the glass sunroof, 2,200 euros due for the head-up display including beam and lane departure warning. The premium navigation system comes as standard in the Luxury Line, the 360-degree camera costs together with the blind spot and the backcourt Wizard.
A cheap pleasure is not the new Lexus. For the price of the basic model, there are other SUV that already work with plug-in technology to provide real electric mobility. After all, the NX can be formally points. And he can be tailored in fine steps to personal claims.