Land Rover LR4 lease

2015 Land Rover LR4 Lease

$2,995 Due at Signing

(Excludes tax, title, license and registration fees.) Miles: 30,000

MSRP $49,700

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LR4 Report
The Land Rover LR4 Lease bridges the gap between hard-core off-road vehicle and upscale luxury SUV. The LR4 may not be as well known as the Range Rover but it is certainly worth a look and a well mannered part of the Land Rover Family. With the new model introduced in autumn 2009, says Land Rover, not unjustly, by the Discovery 4, although the body up to a redesigned front and rear attachments remained intact. Extensive changes to the suspension, steering, interior and last but not least, the new three-liter V6 diesel justify it but to speak of a new model. This twin-turbo diesel is a real powerhouse, sends 245 hp and 600 Newton meters of torque proud towards six-speed automatic transmission – is the new three-liter TDV6 always on board.
Due to the strict caste form the Land Rover Discovery realized to 4.89 meters External length a princely space. Even without folding the rear seats swallows the luggage compartment 1,260 liters, 1.95 meters maximum load length to get in the rarest cases in distress. Likewise, airy it comes to all seats. Even on the fold-out additional chairs in the seven-seater (cost: 1570 €), it can be a little while endure.
The 3.0 SDV6 is only from the SE equipment (base price: 52,900 euros) to have that already to Xenon headlights, Harman- Kardon sound system and air suspension is equipped with solid luxurious Terrain Response.
The chassis and steering revision has can not make a graceful race cars from the 2.7-tonne whopper. But will keep you all to wild waver heavy construction under control and with sufficient steering response also offers potential for something more upbeat driving on the road. This is entirely appropriate, for the V6 diesel is a real powerhouse – some almost too impetuous. Especially in the prior storms of Discovery after a small pause vehemently and jerky going on, as if his only passion, the next traffic light sprint.
The six-speed gearbox is struggling at a brisk forward momentum honest to curb the surging torque tsunami, but then holds clearly noticeable jolt ready. It has not always easy to follow a neat-British style of driving, even small movements of the accelerator pedal will be answered with a mighty thrust. What seems nervous and stressful in the city and in the dense highway driving a little on the highway is a real pleasure. Even beyond 120 km / h there when needed massive boost, which the transmission at these tempos, however, sovereign met and unnecessary switching maneuver fails. Up at 190 speedometer limiter gently used, even more powerful sedans have their hands to follow the big box.
Plus the heavy construction with the rather soft suspension design is an outstanding ride comfort. The very low internal noise and an extremely absorbing joyous suspension that can not be brought by rough potholes on frostzerfurchten side streets from the clock, mate with good seats and an excellent overview. Travel makes it with the Discovery very relaxed and fatigue-free.