Land Rover Discovery Sport Lease

2015 Land Rover Discovery Sport Lease

$4780 Due at Signing

(Excludes tax, title, license and registration fees.) Miles: 30,00

MSRP $37,070

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Land Rover Discovery Sport Foreign Test Report
The Land Rover Disovery Sport is the successor of the Freelander that offers much more than classic off-road ability. The Discovery Sport is very athletic with a sext exterior design that is more inline with the Evoque style. The Land Rover Discovery Sports sees itself as a rival to the Porsche Macan.
yone taking a seat next to Karl Richards, so does better on an empty stomach. The Englishman in his forties is none of the usual Sunday drivers who sneak in Corvara in the Dolomites over the passes.And his car is not this hopelessly overloaded family cars. Richards is a developer at Land Rover and shoos the new SUVs Discovery Sports towards the summit cross.As a prototype, it is an anticipation of the Freelander’s successor, who will come early next year for at least 34,400 euros in the trade. Yet Richards is in fine-tuning of the chassis, suspension and electronic control systems.Voted on the track
“We want to say goodbye to the Freelander is credible and that the Discovery Sports cope in the name carries,” says the engineer before it leaves him again in the next bend combination of the language. No squealing tires, no understeer, no scary moments. The pilot brakes briefly relents, gives gas deflects – and resting more on the Great Dolomites streets up with a sharpness, as if he wanted to apply at Jaguar and all of the many sports cars forging.
The Discovery wants to be more than a classic SUV, it is to succeed, the balancing act between everyday life and adventure, be equally at home on the gravel road and on the track; the way it is managed with the Porsche Macan, the fast, little brother of the Cayenne. Because that is the customer, as shown by industry surveys.The database manager moves only in exceptional off-piste, on paved roads he wants to be more athletic on the road in his rolling fortress. Therefore, a successful off-roader must be at least a passable sports car be.

And so Richards was wrong on the Discovery Pass roads, but also on high-speed lines as the Contidrom in Hanover and the North Loop of the Nürburgring. “We got our bearings in the handling of cars like the Macan,” says developer Richards.

Control systems make it possible
But because his employer does not want to look like a plagiarist, he calls quickly and Audi Q3 and Q5 and BMW X1 and X3 as competitors. “We have always looked only according to discipline and not emulate a particular vehicle. For a Land Rover has a lot to strong personality and his own qualities.”

Traditionally Concerning operative brand over a wide range of skills, ranging from the famous Land Rover Defender, the ancestor of all off-roader. According to Richards is therefore likely to deceive the terrain no other classmate something a Discovery.

That a bulky SUVs but in general can develop something like sports car qualities that automotive engineers mainly due to the electronic control systems. When Charles Richards began 17 years ago in Land Rover and accompanied the tests of the first Freelander, features were like electronic hill descent control a sensation. Today he can calibrate more than a dozen electronic assistants, which impact the handling characteristics of the car – from the variable torque distribution on the Magna-ride suspension with its variable attenuators through to stability control. From the control engine and accelerator response, or nine-speed automatic to mention.

The discovery has become a sheet that has become supercomputers. The instruments in the back seat of the Vorserienautos draw on many thousands of parameters, such as 500 different software setups can be programmed from which the individual Modellvariaten.

An unusual in this class driving experience
That the test driver’s eyes can always be on the road, he owes a in this class still rare head-up display. Although his 240-hp turbocharged petrol engine sounds sometimes a bit hard, because the car despite aluminum panels on hoods, doors and the roof over the Freelander slimmed down 20 pounds and still weighs 1.8 tons, and the control systems all have their hands full , But the verve, the Discovery doing exercise with Richards through the hairpin bends them is strikingly at any time.

Whether one now sees him as the successor of the Freelander or as little brother of Discovery – such driving experience is unusual for a Land Rover, which is also the fact that under the bodywork lies the platform of the Range Rover Evoque.

“But the Discovery Sport is more than an Evoque, which has traded his designer divide with an everyday outfit,” says Richards. “We have touched each component, and you will be out of the engines, including next to the petrol still a 2.2-liter diesel with 150 or 190 hp find hardly a common component.”

Finally, the car should be not only sporty, but also the tradition of Discovery justice. Also why the car goes over the Freelander to six inches in length, and the rear axle has been modified so that now a third row of seats fitted on request in the rear.

For this reason, the towing capacity increases up to 2.5 tonnes. And the off-road characteristics are a bit tricky – for example, by the forward-looking calf-Aid, with the depth of water crossings can be estimated.

Most economical Land Rover in the company’s history
There are also indications that the off-road capability is screwed something back. The “Active Drive Line” mantra is not so strictly, the all-wheel drive: Whenever the situation permits after the start-up and on paved roads, open a Haldex coupling, the rear axle is suspended and the Discovery sports bike fuel-efficient only even with front wheel drive.

This is one reason why the new model in the best case with a little later deliverable saving diesel with 4.5 liters is satisfied and so become the most fuel-efficient Land Rover in the company’s history.

But consumption is not an issue for curve King Richard. The fact that he sometimes looked at the gas gauge, only because this day is a public holiday in Italy and it is a bit might be difficult in the refueling is. But why to slow down or skip a few switchbacks – for Discovery’s just not done.