Kia Soul lease

2015 Kia Soul Lease

$1,999 Due at Signing

(Excludes tax, title, license and registration fees.) Miles: 36,000

MSRP $14,900

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The Kia Soul Lease has transformed the compact car segment into a free for all. This unique and eye catching lifestyle car has been a huge success. Kia has now given us a redesigned model packed with al kinds of technology and other goodies.

Kia Soul Info
With the Soul Kia awoke in 2009 from the automotive hibernation. Previously, the Korean Hyundai-daughter had a reputation, but not to build affordable and sound particularly thrilling cars. No sooner had the funny rolling Rubik’s Cube on the market, this perception changed. Lifestyle protagonists, who previously turned up their noses at the word “Kia” and asked if that was the name of a new furniture brand, found the compact crossover at once “süüüß” and “really smart.”However, not everyone could get used to the box design itself. In Germany, crossover and smaller SUV won the race, the soul remained an outsider. Since Kia wants to continue walking on the lifestyle path, the successor must not be too different from the original externally. This successful concept practiced Mini now in its third generation.

Kia Soul 1.6 CRDiKia Soul 1.6 CRDiKia Soul 1.6 CRDiKia Soul 1.6 CRDi
Square, practical, better
Image remains
The first look at the 4.14-meter-long Soul reveals: The troupe top designer Peter Schreyer has done a great job: The Soul does not lose its soul. The forms have remained unmistakable. Only that the Korea-cube has become a little rounder and a little richer stands. The proportions are right: This is confirmed by the tape measure. The wheelbase has grown by two centimeters to 2.57 meters, also the new Soul is one and a half inches wider, while an inch lower than its predecessor.

Externally there are other changes. The Soul has a two-tone finish, a striking trapezoidal grille and the Kia Family Tiger nose. In detail, there are other changes, such as LED tail lights and the somewhat altered shape of the rear lights or the LED daytime running lights front. In describing the exterior Kia Germany boss Martin van Vugt gets formally in ecstasy and praises the Hyundai Group’s head of design to the skies “. Schreyer That is the effect” Even if one does not necessarily follow the incipient cult of personality, the soul can be quite impressive.

Not for ambitious riders
Schick is no longer enough already. The Kia Soul is supposed to be moved. And also there is an improvement over its predecessor, noticeably. The 1.6-liter diesel engine has 128 hp and comes with the 1.5 tonne compact crossover cope halfway reasonable. At least if you can determine the torque-horsepower skill even with the manual six-speed gearbox. After 11.2 seconds the 100km/h-Marke and the speed falls fun ends at 180 km / h Not necessarily race track ready, but for road and highway, it is sufficient.

Accordingly, the suspension is tuned. That makes in normal operation, a good figure and swallows bumps with confidence. Is it ambitious to the point or around the corner, springs and dampers come slowly to their limits. Then the Soul pushes at times also over the front wheels. The consumption of five liters per 100 kilometers in order, but the thirst of Korean at the first tests was approximately two and a half liter higher. That is why it is a mystery why the Kia product planners have decided to offer the start-stop system only with 16-inch wheels.

No cheap offer
As with the Ceed-sister models, the driver can customize the control by Gusto in three different modes. Since the developers have created hand. Even if the steering feels somewhat synthetically as before, they are now but noticeably more feedback than in its Ceed. The Sport mode is for handlebar with strong wrists, Eco is suitable for maneuvering in the city. The best everyone’s got “normal”.

Inside, the changes are clearly visible and above all felt. The first generation was announced something for hard plastic fetishists, are now hand and Augenschmeichelei. Surrounds a metallic shine and control knobs with chrome bezels snap with a kind Audi-click a. The interior, with the under-expanded surfaces and the digital instruments remembers very to the Kia c’eed. No wonder, the platform is the same. Finally, the Koreans put on modularity. From concept art relationship benefits the soul. The optional LCD display between the speedometer and tachometer what makes her, as well as the optional eight-inch display for the navigation system. For the comfort and assistance systems, the Soul offers Contemporary, although it is not standard on the entry-level model for the 16,990 Most: heated steering wheel, Fog lights, even a lane departure. Standard features include manual air conditioning, a stereo system, alloy wheels and rear parking beepers. The price policy is not easy to understand: the diesel tested it is only in the higher-trim level that offers many of the extras