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2015 Kia Soul-Ev Lease

$1999 Due at Signing

(Excludes tax, title, license and registration fees.) Miles: 36,000

MSRP $33,700

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Kia SOul-Ev Details
Kia Soul brings to the compact EV its first fully electric vehicle to America. We were able to take a look at the production model before the launch in November 2014, and take a test drive first.

Our test car with the 81 kW electric motor is a charge level of 98 percent. The resulting average range is 142 km with the computer again. According to the NEDC test cycle should actually about 200 km are in this state of charge of 27 kilowatt hours-making lithium-ion polymer battery. The Soul EV is as realistic (or should we say, honest) and calculated its probable range over the consumption of the last 20 routes.

The standard eight-inch navigation system leads us from a Munich outskirts on the highway and the main road into the heart of the Bavarian capital. A large part of the range anxiety takes us the navigation system. It would have warned us if the planned route would be out of reach. Without nervous glances on fuel consumption and range indicator we complete the 52 km measured test round.

Do not say we did not warn you!
For faster stretches on the highway and the main road we choose the driving mode “D”. You then take the gas away, sail the Soul EV continued almost without braking effect. Recuperated is so only when braking. In city traffic, you have the opportunity, in this “Eco-D plus” or “B-mode” to strengthen. In the latter, the energy recovery slows the car when you release the pedal past a certain point so strong that you have to use for emergency braking of the brake pedal only.

At the end of our trip are still 69 percent of the cargo available, good for another 100 kilometers. The onboard computer gives us despite numerous traffic lights off (at 11.2 seconds to go from zero to 100 km / h) and a top speed drive (145 km / h electronically limited) eight out of eight possible points. The points are represented as leaves on a tree. Many leaves means that we are well handled with the resources available to us. 16.9 kilowatt hours per 100 kilometers are displayed as absolute consumption value next to it. That the 2.2 kilowatt hours are longer than indicated in the factory, moves at the sight of the magnificent foliage but in the background and Soul and EV drivers can knock each other’s shoulders: well done.
Heat is in the E-car no free byproduct of combustion more. It must be generated exactly as the driving energy of the entrained batteries. Instead of directly heating the whole cabin, Kia works with contact heat. To have the front seats on a standard heating and also the steering wheel can be heated electrically. There is also a room air heating. The Driver-only operation can reduce this ventilation and heating solely on the driver. Who wants to save even more, has the ability to turn off the air conditioning as standard, respectively heating throughout. So can you explain also our good fuel consumption. It is sufficient if not, set the air conditioner to the desired temperature, the heater must additionally the “Heater” key is pressed. We were happy indeed about the good eco-index, but looking back would still rather have warm feet.

Roam undetected
From the outside, the Kia Soul EV can not readily identify as an electric vehicle. He is about an inch lower than its counterpart Nitro, he has slightly modified taillights, aerodynamic custom rims and a flap for the charger, where else does the wide radiator grille. Tell only those points that it is the electric model. If the start of 2015 nor the non-metallic finishes are included in white and silver in the color palette, the compact car will probably can roam through the urban spaces completely undetected.

Kia will – as usual – offer several ways to load the Soul EV. About the 230-volt household outlet, it should take around ten to fourteen hours until the battery is full again. The, scheduled time in half to shorten the 380-volt outlet. At the planned rapid charging stations that will make around 100 kilowatts, the battery will continue to be charged in just 25 minutes at 80 percent.

The designed for city and commuter belt range has the Soul can credibly on our journey. 30,790 € have to lie in the acquisition of an almost fully equipped electric Soul (The Kia Soul with the 1.6-liter petrol engine starts at the base even at 16,990 euros). But the options list of the Stromer turns out short and simple: 990 Euro costs the only available option, the Comfort Package. It includes a partial leather trim, seat ventilation, seat heating for the rear and parking sensors.

Looking through the high purchase price of time, even the tried and tested range of 160 km for the urban and suburban areas is sufficient. His extensive standard equipment leaves nothing to be desired. Additionally it has more interior space than the current competitors of VW (e-golf) or BMW (i3). We like the seven-year warranty on the vehicle and battery. Like other electric cars, the EV is also significantly more expensive than its conventional counterpart.