Kia K900 lease

2015 Kia K900 Lease

$3,999 Due at Signing

(Excludes tax, title, license and registration fees. Includes $1k Bonus Cash.) Miles: 36,000

MSRP $60,400

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Payment Breakdown: Get a 2014 Kia K900 lease available to customers who qualify. You will pay $649 a month for 36 months for total lease payments of $23,364 plus a down payment of $2,755, a $595 Acquisition fee, a $400 termination fee, due at lease end for a total of $27,114 (plus fees, taxes, dealer charges, etc.) for the lease term.

Mileage: With this 2014 Kia K900 lease you are granted a total of 36,000 miles over the life of the lease. After that the charge varies for $0.20 per mile. So even if you drove 1000 miles over that would still only cost you an extra $200.

End of Lease: Once your lease is up you will have the option to purchase the car for $35,636 or you can simply return the car to the dealer and lease your next vehicle. There is a $400 termination fee that will also be due when you return your car. Keep in mind that you will be responsible for unusual wear and tear and for any additional mileage driven over the allotted amount.

Fine Print: *This lease may be available to customers who qualify through your participating dealer. Not all lessees will qualify. Higher lease rates apply for lessees with lower credit ratings.

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Kia K900 Test Report
The Kia K900 does everything the $100k German Luxury Cars can do but at half the cost. The K900 Lease gets you into the newest long-wheel base luxury car. This car is packed with tons of luxury amenities, technology, and a powerful engine.

Kia has decided to take on the big dogs in the large luxury sedan world with its K900 model (a.k.a. Quoris). This auto manufacturer has been making waves in the compact car class but now looks to take on the best from Germany. Its rivals; the BMW 7 Series and Mercedes S-class, are already very well established. Does the new Kia K900 have what it takes?The name Quoris is derived from the English terms “core” (core, core) and “quality” (quality). Under the hood, a six-cylinder engines are 3.8 liters and 290 hp or a 4.6-liter V8. The power transmission takes over an eight-speed automatic transmission, which is similar to the selector lever enormously the latest BMW models. The K900 comes up with various assistance systems, including a cruise control that keeps the vehicle in front and in an emergency performs a full brake application. The radar system is housed in the right side of the front bumper and watching the road up.
The elegant Koreans has rear wheel drive and that puts him on par with BMW and Mercedes. The K9 must not hide Even with the engine performance. At present, the models offered in Korea on V6 engines, which cover a power range from 290 up to 334 hp. Later, more V-8 units are conceivable as they are already deployed in the Group brother Hyundai.
Similarities to BMW
The Kia Quoris stretches to a length of 5.09 meters. At the front is the typical “Dragon’s Mouth” to see the similarities but also the 5 Series and 7 Series BMW reveals in conjunction with the LED headlights. Even otherwise reminds the exterior of the Quoris with the long hood to BMW. A counterfeit of the models of the Munich is the Koreans but not.
Many security featuresAs for the typical upper class, the Koreans want to score points with the customer with the equipment and safety features. This includes cruise control with distance radar (Advanced Smart Cruise Control, ASCC). The radar system that is installed in the right side of the front bumper, the road can “observe” in front of the vehicle, according to Kia up to a distance of 174 meters.
Parking system with 360-degree view
There are also a lane assistant and a parking system with 360-degree view. The system continuously combines the images from four cameras and provides the driver with a virtual “bird’s eye” so that he has a complete view of his surroundings. When should prove useful for the driver and the head-up display.Korea-price starts at $59,500
At what prices the car is sold internationally and what engines are used is not yet known. In Korea, there’s the K9 in its basic configuration already for around 35,000 euros. In the U.S., its sister model Hyundai Equus currently costs around 48,000 euros. For comparison: in Germany 74,900 Euro will be charged for the best 7 Series.
German customers will be able to admire the car once only abroad and need to import from there. An introduction to Germany is not planned according to Kia. If, then BMW will probably have to wrap up warm.