kia incentive coca-cola2The KIA Coca-Cola Specialty Incentive Program provides current Coca-Cola employees with a $500 small specialty incentive towards the purchase of a new 2014 model year Kia vehicle. This includes the line-up of cars, crossovers, and hybrids. Available only to U.S. citizens who are employed by Coca-Cola and its subsidiaries, this program offers a special rebate of $500 towards the cost of any new eligible 2014model year or 2013 model year Kia vehicle. This rebate is not a cash rebate, but is instead directly applied to the purchase price of the vehicle through the dealership.

Those who are eligible for the specialty incentive can save $500 off the cost of any new eligible 2014 model year Kia vehicle. This specialty incentive is valid at all Kia dealerships currently in good standing as per their Kia Dealer Sales and Service Agreement.

Kiacars coke incentive

Eligible customers must complete and submit a claim form along with a copy of the sale documentation. To verify employment with Coca-Cola and/or its subsidiaries, eligible customers must also provide proof in the form of a current pay statement with personal information and income omitted.

Eligible customers can apply this rebate towards a total of two separate Kia vehicle purchases during a calendar year, as long as the qualifying vehicle is not the same vehicle in both instances. Eligible customers can also combine this program with Owner Loyalty, Competitive Bonus and Military Incentive programs, but cannot do so with any other marketing related program.

All eligible customers must be 18 years of age or older.