The Jeep Memorial Day Sales Event is all about HUGE savings on SUVs that are perfect for the great outdoors. Want an excuse to climb mountain trails, drive to the ocean bluffs, or forge raging streams? The Jeep Memorial Day Sale is just the excuse you need. Summer is the perfect time of year to go and take a hike. Find the path that gives you the closer view of the world. You can use the 4×4 systems that Jeeps are known for in order to go where few can. Jeep’s line of Trail Rated Vehicles are unmatched in the world of off-road systems.

Jeep Memorial Day Highlights

  • APR Financing: Get 0.0% APR for up to 36 months on multiple vehicles
  • $2000 Bonus Cash: Get $1k Memorial Day Bonus Cash and another $1000 Cash Allowance on most vehicles
  • Low Lease Rates: Enjoy great lease offers on all vehicles with a few starting under $200
  • Fastest Growing Automaker: Jeep is the fastest growing in California 3 years in a row

Related Vehicles

Jeep is built on the Wrangler model. This is the go-to for the off-road and 4×4 enthusiast. And there are great discounts at the memorial Day Sale including a sweet lease deal for $339 per month and $2499 due at signing.

The Cherokee is Hot right now and at the Memorial Day Sales Event things are goign crazy! Get a $2000 Cash allowance when purchasing. If you are looking to finance you can get 0% for 36 months and a $1500 cash back allowance. Finally you can lease a Cherokee for $199 per month with $3700 due at signing.

The Compass is an Interesting vehicle that you should test. Get up to $2500 bonus cash when purchasing or 0% APR financing plus $1500 cash allowance. The lease rate is $159 per month with $2599 due at signing.

The Jeep Patriot is the low man on the totem pole but you still get a great little SUV for a song. The lease offer is $159 for 36 months with $2599 due. The base price model is $16k and you can get $2k cash allowance off that price. If finacing the rate is 0.9% and $1000 cash back.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is one of the most popular SUVs year after year. It combines good looks, luxury amenities, and a great ride. The base model starts at $30k but with the Memorial Day Event you get 0% financing if you purchase. If you want to lease the rate is $339 per month with $2499 due.