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2015 Jeep Renegade Lease

$2999 Due at Signing

(Excludes tax, title, license and registration fees.) Miles: 30,000

MSRP $22,290

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Jeep Renegade Test Report
Looking for a small and reasonably priced SUV that can go off-road? The Jeep Renegade lease deal is perfect for you. This rugged compact SUV certainly fits that bill with tons of ground clearance and the capable Jeep 4×4 system. The first impression: Jeep now also builds toys. The new model Renegade certainly looks as if it would have the US carmaker designed for Playmobil. But somehow fits the yes also. Because with 4.24 meters in length, the smallest car to date the model that built the brand – and should at least do occur the regular customers in the United States as a toy.The manufacturer says: “Up to now go in this class but only jacked small car, crossover and fashionable appearance SUVs around,” says Jeep -Markenchef Chris Ellis. Presumably he means competing models such as the Ford Eco Sport or the Opel Mokka. “Our car is, however, a real off-road vehicle , “boasts Ellis,” we do for more than 70 years, after all, nothing else. ”
It’s come to our attention: A closer look quickly realized that the Renegade not only wants to play. Especially if you are in the variant “Trailhawk” sitting and rummages through a fairly demanding off-road course, you realize that the car takes its role seriously as off-roader. The all-wheel drive with variable power distribution and the half-dozen off-road driving programs – selectable from mud to rock underground – the developers have finally installed not in vain.On one hand, this gives the Renegade the necessary credibility and support the brand values. On the other hand, knows Jeep CEO Ellis that the little climbers, most probably adventure must consist in large cities or the vastness of the suburbs. And there are other criteria as watt-depth or angle of repose. If he does not roll through rocky, but urban canyons, the little Jeep therefore shines with a good overview. He has plenty of room, similar to swallows a lot of luggage like a VW Golf and even flirts with the modern lifestyle car world. For its builders have the car – given extremely high-quality looking plastics, as great as brilliant digital display between the speedometer and tachometer and an online navigation device – not just for Jeep ratios. In addition, there are also plenty of color in the interior: Colorful inserts in the seat cushions and colorful decorative brackets create a similar atmosphere as Mini and Co.

You have to know: The Renegade comes from mid-October in the trade and provides the drive like much choice as on the accessories. Which begins with the basic model for 19,900 euros with a 1.6-liter gasoline engine and scant 110 hp and front-wheel drive, and it ends the model “Trailhawk” with a 170 hp diesel engine and the more complex of the two-wheel drive versions priced at 31,900 euros , In between, there are two other gasoline engine with 140 hp and 170 as well as two diesel engines with 120 and 140 hp. Because the Renegade with a curb weight of around 1.4 tons is not only small but also relatively easy, the Renegade behaves somewhat mannered also at the gas station: Depending on the engine the fuel consumption from 4.6 to 6.9 liter per 100 kilometers – thanks in start-stop system in almost all models and an optional nine-speed automatic transmission.

The new model will also serve as an example of the new transatlantic family policy of the Fiat Group. Although brand boss Chris Ellis is never tired of praising the car as authentic Jeep, its design and technical benchmarks from the United States have been predefined. But can not be denied that the Renegade on the same platform based like the Fiat 500L. And he was not being built in the US, but runs the first Jeep for the world market in Europe from the band – in the Fiat Melfi plant near Naples , From there, the Renegade is the future shipped in more than one hundred countries.

We will not forget: The attention to detail with which the Jeep designers have shown. Everywhere you look, you will find, for example, the cross-shaped signature of the official reserve canister of the US Army, who had yet to find the very first Jeep from 1941. And only half a dozen times, the designers have hidden the stylized Jeep grille in the interior. There are sayings around the ignition switch or stylized maps in the rubber bottoms of some shelves. In Renegade there are so many gimmicks that make you feel like a real explorer.

Another compact SUV that has the auto world just what we need. While some might want to know that sentence meant ironically, has taken him literally Jeep – and now presented with the Renegade first time a compact crossover. The Renegade however, is – as the name suggests – go his own way and let the herd on the left. We accompanied the apostates in his paths to get an idea of the qualities of the new Jeep. A review.

The Jeep Renegade shared with the Fiat 500 L technology. Nevertheless, the mini-climbers is more fun than the puffed-up version of the small Italian city. Who wants into the area, needs the optional all-wheel drive. But the costs a lot of money. Is this still a Jeep?
The new Jeep Renegade jeeps most important car in recent years . Coupled with daily comfort, ample storage and off-road ability, he should make metropolitan and gravel heater happy. Based on the Fiat 500 L, he was by jeep further refined by the typical “Wrangler” feeling to convey in a crossover SUV. The small Jeep – the not so small in the flesh, how he looks in pictures – will perk up any slope away from the asphalt in purchasing. This, however, only with the relatively low-performance “Trailhawk” version, the Geländegängisten all Renegades. What can the baby Jeep really – and what not? FOCUS Online has tested it.

The first look at the Jeep raises doubts as to which category we should classify it. Crossover hits it probably best. It takes time until you have made ??friends with the design. The love at second sight comes through detailed elements as the tail lights are, for example, in the style of an American fuel tanks. Or items that you want, especially when the model show “Trailhawk” that he wants to take on all that lies before him. Immediately recognize the differences to the regular Renegade: The Trailhawk is again a bit later, is equipped with all-terrain all-season tires and offers comprehensive protection strips.

Inside is the gimmick with design elements on. With many colors, various seams and the “Dirt” look stylish speed Bregenz the Jeep to say its occupants, that he belongs in site. The Renegade additionally offers plenty of storage space and plenty of space for passengers on the front and rear seats. Only in the trunk then you have to make a little compromises in favor of the interior.
Jeep, Opel, Fiat, Renegade, mud, Fiat 500, Four wheel drive, Is, Italian-Americans, mocha, avenging angel, director, lead role, canisters, center console, Melfi

In terms of processing, you watch it, the Jeep has served from the Fiat kit. If you, however, for a white-orange leather combination drives with brown dashboard, this brings back pleasant ambience to the fore – and you forget one or the other is not optimal processing. Bad: navigation responds in part to sluggish.
All models, except the Trailhawk are equipped with a relatively stiff chassis. The Renegade takes one or another sharp turn gladly accept. However, if it be rude, you realize that the front-wheel drive four-wheel-Hang-On system significantly lower than controls. Should it be challenging times with the traction, the rear-wheel drive quickly switched to and adjusts torque to the wheels on. This saves fuel compared to permanent all-wheel systems.
Jeep, Opel, Fiat, Renegade, mud, Fiat 500, Four wheel drive, Is, Italian-Americans, mocha, avenging angel, director, lead role, canisters, center console, Melfi
Manufacturer The wheel-drive system in detail
Trailhawk for challenging terrain
The Renegade Trailhawk comes with 210mm ground clearance and a greater suspension travel. What ensures optimum progress in the field, makes itself in everyday use falter when cornering and restless highway driving noticeable. The assembled all season tires dampen the ride comfort. Once you have found a suitable off-road, the Trailhawk mutated off-roaders. Hardly a stone is too large to climb it. Thus, the Renegade is not a second Wrangler, but compared to the SUV off-road competition significantly.

In the posh SUV, carrying the holding something up, currently an extremely tight-fitting body design. The new style called SUV Coupe and how windscreen washer antifreeze sold in January. Jeep, however, goes with the 4.23 meters long and 1.8 meters wide Renegade another way, the Fiat-Chrysler subsidiary remembers a sense the crossover origins. The origins of the Renegade lie in the picturesque Melfi, which is not least famous for its edgy majestic Castello di Melfi. Where this will lead historical excursus, you ask? Well, in this Melfi the Renegade is screwed together and the edgy fort is – admittedly rather awkward – reconciled to the shape of the compact Jeep. The Renegade namely, he also relies on an angular appearance, with the sharp edges have been rounded gently in many places. Nevertheless, the compact SUV from Jeep stands with his monstrous 7-slot grille as a kind of stronghold along with drawbridge. We enter the Renegade’s castle but on the side portals – with the expectation and inside rediscover the down-jeep-typical design , Far from it, turned inside and managed not cool functionality, but a love of detail, albeit moderate playfulness. The door handles, air vents and center console are trimmed in color surcharge for example, between the two round dials flaunts an additional color screen that informs about doing the countless security helper. and instead of a simple hard plastic Jeep has many places built foamed plastics. With all the attention to detail but has not been forgotten on the functionality.

jeep renegade car bootThe core competence of Jeep has always lies in the construction of high-powered off-road vehicles; and the aspect we want to also look at us now. First, for the first part, the engines. We have tested the SUV with the 140 bhp 2.0 Multijet diesel four-cylinder. Indeed, with the 1.6 Multijet still a good 3,000 euros cheaper and only 20 hp diesel engine weaker, but lacks the all-wheel drive and thus one of the cardinal virtues, which should have a Jeep in each talon. And what will be a real Renegade, will not get far without a 4×4. The jeep with four-wheel drive means here now “Active Drive” and latches onto when it is not needed, in order to save diesel (5.1 liter NEDC consumption). If required, the rear wheels turn in the drive work, with 350 Nm of torque targeted distributions, in exceptional cases entirely on one of the two axes. Supported the four-wheel drive in the search for better grip of the traction control and – when we tested 140 hp Multijet against 1,900 euros extra charge – even from the 9-speed automatic transmission. In their new programs can afford them loose, the first three gears much shorter definition. There is now provided in almost all road and off positions for sufficient traction, we can devote ourselves carefree driving performance of the 2.0 Multijet. The turbo diesel is doing quite audible his work after, but provides for very decent performance 9.5 seconds from 0 to 100 km / h and 182 km / h should be sufficient in any case,

And how does the Renegade track? In the area he is quite Jeep, so completely in his element, and thus one of the few SUVs that actually lightly scramble over crisp embankments and folded hills, especially with the Trailhawk-terrain package. On paths covered with concrete, the Jeep moved, however, not quite as nimble as he is sprung very tightly to minimize its tendency to side tilt. A comfort price of course does not win the wild jeep with it. Conclusion: Jeep presents the Renegade a refreshingly different SUV especially off the paved paths plays his qualities. However, it has not forgotten the usual SUV comfort, especially not apparent in the fine interior; only when the off-road suspension comfort genes of the Renegade beat by.