Jeep Compass lease

2015 Jeep Compass Lease

$2599 Due at Signing

(Excludes tax, title, license and registration fees.) Miles: 36,000

MSRP $24,930

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Jeep Compass Highlights
If you are looking for the cheapest SUV you can lease look no further than the Jeep Compass. The very handsome features, 4×4 capability, and the fuel efficient engine make it a superior and cheap alternative in the compact SUV segment.
The new front to the compact SUV give a richer and tougher appearance. In parallel, the interior has been refurbished. New faucets board, new controls, new steering wheel, new seats – the revision goes far beyond that of a conventional facelift also.
We Also is also completely new diesel engine for Europe. The 2.2-liter diesel comes from ex-partner Mercedes and developed depending on the version up to 163 hp, with torque of 320 Newton meters. The common-rail diesel replaces the previous, that provided by VW unit injector diesel. Also new are two entry-level versions, which are offered exclusively with front-wheel drive: the two-liter petrol World
For the relaunch of the chassis of the Compass was adapted to European needs and designed firmer. The all-wheel drive is realized via an electronically controlled multi-plate clutch in the transfer case, in the everyday life of the Compass is as front-wheel drive road. Also is a Bergan and Hill Descent Control on board for moderate off-road excursions, the wheel can be locked with a switch to achieve a 50:50 split as well.
With 4.45 meters exterior length of the built in Belvidere / Illinois remains Jeep Compass SUV in the compact class, and thus in a highly occupied by the German volume manufacturers segment. Additional arguments for the smallest Jeep will deliver (now 2.0 tons) and the frugal engine, the significant increase in towing capacity, the 163-horsepower diesel is in the EU mix with 6.6 liters satisfied. The performance increased significantly compared to its predecessor. From zero to 100 kph now 10.6 seconds, top speed is at 201 km / h (each CRD 4×4). The European versions as in Jeep common in two trim levels (here: Sport and Limited) delivered, which already in the Sport version is a comprehensive equipment of the air conditioning to DVD sound system on board. The Limited also receives under automatic air conditioning, leather upholstery, a better sound system and 18-inch alloy wheels.
Nothing has changed on the space available, the platform of the facelift version is indeed identical. This means usual class legroom even in the back seats and ordinary space above their heads. A giant room is the Compass, but he also is most comfortable among the poor.
Much effort has been used to the noise reduction, which is reflected also in the visible insulation measures, for example in the spare wheel well. However, a dominant theme in the driving noise is the four-cylinder diesel, known from several Mercedes cars. He logs into pithy word, however, is never overly loud or booming rumble.
The start of the 163-hp engine deserves the attribute “sporty” already just above idle speed, the four-cylinder sets over backward. The other allows a delay shifting and economical driving in high gears. Available exclusively the (precise switchable) six-speed manual transmission, an automatic does not come into range. The chassis and steering tuning has been achieved. The Compass can also drive attention on curvy country roads when needed, in very bad ground it will somewhat stuckerig.
The promised better processing is palpable. While there are still plenty of hard plastic in the dashboard area, but that seems not nearly as drab and affordable as its predecessor. On the interior feel of the European competition of the Compass but does not quite measure up in the new version.

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