Jeep ASSOCIATED GENERAL CONTRACTORS OF AMERICA logoAssociated General Contractors of America members and employees have the opportunity to save a lot of money when purchasing a new Jeep. This is because of the rebate program that is offered from Chrysler, Jeep’s parent company. While this is a great opportunity, there are a few things that people need to know about in order to take advantage of it promptly. It is important to understand exactly what the rebate entails and who is eligible to receive it. In addition, it is equally important to determine approximately how much money can be saved and how to get the rebate itself. Of course, nothing would ever be complete without realizing the fine print of the deal in order to ensure that there are no unpleasant surprises at the last moment.

This rebate allows people that work for the company to receive a $1000 equipment allowance to upgrade a new vehicle or two years worth of oil changes that are conducted free of charge, depending on the consumer’s desires. In addition, $500 cash is also provided. Generally speaking, anyone that works for the company or is part of it in any way is eligible for this rebate. In addition, the rebate is good on both the Jeep Grand Cherokee and the Jeep Cherokee. Approximately $1500 can be saved by taking advantage of this rebate.

Jeep ASSOCIATED GENERAL CONTRACTORS OF AMERICA 1Claiming the rebate is easy enough. All that is required is for members or employees of Associated General Contractors to walk into a Jeep dealership and pick out the Cherokee or Grand Cherokee that they are interested in. Once they have decided on a deal, all that is required is to inform the individual handling the sale that they would like the rebate and it can be applied immediately.

Fortunately, the fine print is surprisingly positive concerning this deal. While a lot of deals have tons of fine print that basically excludes most people from participating, this one does exactly the opposite. It also allows people that are immediate family members of Associated General Contractor members or employees to participate in this rebate program as well, making it possible for more individuals to get a great car at a cost that is far less than they might have expected.

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