Jaguar XK Convertible lease

2015 Jaguar XK Convertible Lease

$4,995 Due at Signing

(Excludes tax, title, license and registration fees.) Miles: 30,000

MSRP $85,925

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Jaguar XK Convertible Details
The Jaguar XK Convertible lease gives you top down pure driving pleasure. The brilliant 385 horsepower V-8 provides some great thrust that evokes a great sensation. The XK stands for sporting values and the current luxury sports car XK is no exception. We had the opportunity, the 385-hp Jaguar – Convertible to drive.
Since 2006, the silhouette of the XK to 4.80 meters in length, presents elegant and stylish. The front with the oval grille and aggressive headlamps borrows the legendary E-Type. The XK looks powerful and muscular, with his tail swing downright beguiling. So must look a Jaguar.
In the deep interior to feel very welcome, the architecture is after the facelift on the current Jaguar booth. As with the limousine drives after starting the motor from the aluminum knobs for the automatic. Even the well-known scent of leather and wood can be at the origin in no doubt: Here you sit in a British cat. Behind the wheel of the XK has a classic display and dispense with the black panel from the XJ.
The classic, three-layer fabric roof opens and closes electrically in 18 seconds, a wind deflector keeps swirling away from the interior. It sits on the back seat, which is not to be used for passengers anyway. In the event of a rollover by the way quickly go from roll bar.
The naturally aspirated V8 engine with five liters of displacement works with direct injection. The impressive soundscape ranges from light bubbling over deep rumble up to the hoarse roar – the XK gives himself with the “weakest” motor goosebumps. After all, it is still the compressor versions XKR and XKR-S with up to 550 hp.
Even when starting marks a striking blast of the cat’s territory. The acceleration is to be called ruthless, especially in Sport mode. Even at a speed of 200 there is no stopping: lightning fast switches the six-speed automatic down and the XK dashes forward. Up Tempo 250
The suction version of the Jaguar XK is relatively economical. On the data sheet are 11.2 liters in section; after the test and more than 1,000 miles later, we have given the XK with 12 liters in the display. This is given the weight, power and fast driving style really okay. It is shown that a displacement strong car at high speeds no longer swallows as a small high-powered turbo engines.
The only drawback is the touch screen. It is something deeply placed and the display is too small and partially hard to read. This is accompanied by a diversion of the driver who has to look often until he can read in navigating the desired information, for example.
The XK offers driving pleasure pure and waives a largely superfluous assistance Armada: The British sports car is still a car to drive. Whether casual cruising, cornering or rapid motorway stages: The XK completed with its adaptive suspension all requirements with an ease that can be its size and weight almost forgotten. Despite the aluminum body weighs 1.7 tons XK open.

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