Jaguar xj lease

2015 Jaguar XJ Lease

$4995 Due at Signing

(Excludes tax, title, license and registration fees.) Miles: 30,000

MSRP $75,125

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Jaguar XJ Report
The new Jaguar XJ has broken with 50 years of tradition style. It is now available with a supercharged V6 and AWD. This executive luxury sedan is at the top of the range when it comes to class and sophistication.
Automotive design profession is not always easy. Some operate in a straitjacket, required to pass a nearly impossible compromise between a fifty heritage and the need to innovate. Others are catapulted into the intergalactic void of the white sheet, empowered to create a new foundation, articulate a new thesis. Exercise, perilous is the lot of Ian Callum when undertaking to draw the new Jaguar XJ, Type X351, which we are here.
The design language of the luxury sedan has been defined since 1961 by the round optical quadruple appeared on the Mark X and immortalized on the XJ since 1968. The first attempt to overcome this bondage came with XJ40 (1986-1994 ) but the brand returned to the neo-retro inspirations fifteen more years. These two pairs of circular headlamps, extended by sensual undulations on the hood, will haunt the Jaguar style, grown to the absurd, giving an air hog almost ephemeral X-Type, produced from 2001 to 2009.
A living with and in this great and austere black limousine, I ended up finding it a certain elegance. The visual presence is undeniable, attracting the eye of chap where a Mercedes S class or BMW 7 Series would be based with discretion in the automotive landscape. The Jaguar XJ is also impressive, measuring 5.12m in its wheelbase version short by the trial and almost 13cm longer in his version of LWB (Long Wheel Base). The packaging of the XJ is a difficult equation, the space reserved for the rear passengers being sufficient, without more, for the category. Two adults can be seated comfortably, but the knee space does not offer the expected experience of a sedan category, let alone a limousine. Having to offload 6,000 CHF (€ 4,100) of the LWB option to offer passengers the comfort expected in this segment is not very pleasing, especially at 5.25m, handling can become problematic.
The interior styling is pleasing, with a dashboard dominated by four large circular air vents and a generous use of fine leathers, massive metal and chrome accents. I am less convinced by drawing huge against inserts in the doors, they give me the impression that the main concern was to emphasize the surface of woodwork rather than the elegance of the design. The species in question may well be called Rich Oak (dark oak), the aesthetic result is heavy. Maybe the choice of more complex and less uniform species such as ebony, elm and walnut shaded in the catalog would better on such parts. The continuation of the rainbow banner at the base of the windshield also seems a little agreed.
The high center console provides a feeling of confinement of the front seats, but the huge chrome surface is blinding sun and plastics clash with the use of metal parts for the air vents or stalks. The XJ is catching up with high-quality upholstery, an Alcantara headliner and trim the board edge chic and tasteful. The instrument is made with a single LCD screen that displays classic synthetic analogue instruments. The display turns purple when Dynamic mode is selected, and Jaguar could probably push the process much further, for example by providing opportunities for customization or different styles of graduation. Despite some caveats, the interior of the XJ is a beautiful place, and choice between exterior colors, the different upholsteries allow very elegant combinations. The choice of Ultimate Jet Black leather our test car is rather conservative in that sense.
The long hood home with ease the new 3.0-liter V6 petrol engine (type AJ126). The block is a close derivative V8 (AJ133) after removal of two cylinders. If the bore and stroke have been reduced to switch the unit capacity of 625-499 cm3, it retains the 90-degree angle, atypical for a V6 whose cycle leads to a natural 60-degree angle. He wears a supercharger twin vortex Roots, incorporates direct injection, a stop start system and a careful balancing system. The maximum torque of 450 Nm (from 3500 to 5000 rev / min) is respectable, as the maximum power of 340 hp at 6500 rev / min. The performance promised on paper make it a credible proposal, with a 0-100 km / h in 5.9 seconds claimed a top speed of 250 km / h and a normalized combined consumption contained 9.6 L / 100km.
The V6 is mated to an automatic transmission torque converter with 8-speed ZF. In Switzerland, the engine 3.0 V6 S / C is given authority with AWD four-wheel, while it is an option to € 4,820 in France (€ 4,900 in Belgium). This system appends transmission output transfer case for the return of a portion of the torque to a front differential. The distribution is effected by a multi-disc clutch and reach 50:50, the rear receiving the full torque in normal grip conditions in order to lower the consumption.
The 3.0 V6 S / C Jaguar is almost modeled on the 3.0 TFSI Audi, well known Asphalt , and he demonstrates the same qualities. It is torquey while offering mounted more progressive regimes and less linear and artificial as turbocharged engines. The acceleration is done in a real increase in the torque up to midrange, the peak being reached at 3500 rpm. It is not hollow at low revs, however, and seems perfectly fit to lead this large sedan almost two tonnes (1975kg checked, despite an aluminum case). From the inside, the sound is muffled by the excellent sound insulation of all, to the point where Jaguar should look into acoustic duct systems such as those adopted by Porsche or Ferrari , or alternatively a synthetic support such as BMW adopted. From the outside, the V6 compressor reveals a pretty little voice that it is not possible to appreciate the interior. Its services are good, combining smoothness, respectable availability and performance, but it is not as refined as its German counterpart, particularly in response to the gas pedal. A brutal foot lift raises slight jerks who betray overeating. It is also simple, with an average measured 10.77 L / 100km (9.6 L / 100km displayed on-board computer) for an average time of 63 km / h.
The English trade press never misses an opportunity to highlight the immense talent of the British chassis engineers endowed with immense talent and a road network rented for the poor quality of its coatings. Chauvinism or Pavlovian conditioning, testing of the new large Jaguar were not short on superlatives. My expectations were at the bar placed by our colleagues, high. Highway, flexibility dominates, making the imperial comfort, but the tribute of a very light floating. More surprisingly, the passage of expansion joints may cause a slight waddle rear axle. There is nothing inherently disturbing, but in this segment, excellence is a requirement. Dynamic fashion firms depreciation of all, but almost too to offer a compromise that I consider perfect cohesion between comfort and body movements. Depreciation, without being bad, is not perfect, despite the adoption of an adaptive system. By increasing the rate, is a dominant understeer behavior with a roll remains pronounced even in Dynamic mode. The assembly is competent to drive fast, but not for sporty driving that fast appears against nature.
Like the XF Sportbrake , the 8-speed provides benefits casting honorable conduct, even if the locking torque converter may lack sharpness to my taste, urban developments, for example. The reports are long, the eighth to cruise at 150 km / h in a monastic silence, while the engine, inaudible, purring under 2000 r / min. The strategy is naturally beneficial for consumption, but requires downshifts to any recovery, flat or uphill slope, a year in which the mechanism ZF does not shine by its speed. Kickdown foot to the floor from 100 to 150 km / h runs in just over 7 seconds, the first of which is passed to manage the downshift. Time itself is fairly good compared with the weight of the XJ, our S5 Sportback asking 6.2s and a Panamera Turbo S 5.5S. Pallets of course possible to anticipate the maneuver or to take full control of gear changes in S mode, but driving a luxury sedan in the manual mode is in deep contradiction with the serenity and comfort that this sedan is sensible bring.
Speaking of comfort, multi-adjustable seats “20/20″ are divine, both by the plurality of settings that allow (20 as the name suggests) by their drawing. Electric headrest, lumbar support 4-way, seat depth adjustment and side bolsters, massage function and heating / cooling system make it a highly desirable option. I was less convinced by the digital television system and DAB + radio tuner, reception is often affected in town or in the many tunnels that dot our roads.
Ian Callum has he succeeded in his company to establish a new Jaguar style and thus to break with tradition fiftieth anniversary? To each of judging aesthetically, but the resulting platform is unfortunately in line with the Jaguar XJ or cars in imposing size and chick livability. The engine 3.0 S / C coupled with AWD is the most attractive of the range. She did not hardiness V6 Turbodiesel 3.0, offers a substantial sobriety and considerable savings (over 50’000 CHF) compared to the V8 S / C 510 horses. Fondamentable remains a question: why prefer the XJ to a Audi A8, BMW 750 or a Maserati Quattroporte S Q4? The interior finish should make a difference in the case of the latter, but the face of German references, the Jaguar has the appeal of not being German, offering the badge still angry feline elegance of Victorian London ‘s demarcating the German commoners. A question of style.