jaguar f-type coupe lease

2015 Jaguar F-Type Coupe Lease

$4995 Due at Signing

(Excludes tax, title, license and registration fees.) V-6 Model Miles: 30,000

MSRP $65,925

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Jaguar F-Type Coupe Test Report
The road passes under my wheels for a long time and I’d like forever, it will stop. This tarmac, cold and dark tape, yet becomes a source of delight from my command post. The F-Type makes poetic turn round, exciting, technical or tasty.

We all shut up in our air and gray boxes sealed to the outside world, all caught as we are in these unbearable traffic jams this morning. The leaden sky already a sinister atmosphere and I find myself stuck between a representative whose snitch sees transformed into an archaeological dig and a teacher stressed the idea of ??arriving late. In short, it is gloomy …
Sense of taste
However, in the cramped cabin of the F-Type, I am on cloud nine, as if I was floating above the world plagued by a disease stress. The long hood lamp lights changing a threatening sky, the rocks V6 crew in his deep voice and narcissistically I confess I take this alluring mistress … A supernatural beauty that my comrades in misfortune never tire admire and envy!
Slowly it becomes available …
Finally, the traffic becomes fluid. To me, it wriggles, it’s mad and it exceeds everywhere. In the F-Type, Louis Amstrong remember his sweet tone that we are in a wonderful world … And he’s right, the guy! The F-Type moving purring with pleasure when I perceive subtle vibrations, remembering that the beast is primarily built for galloping and … he’s hungry!
I’m tired …
And flute! I leave this sad and soulless convoy from which to conquer the country laughing … Well, not so cheerful that since right out of the highway, I see myself welcomed by a tropical downpour! Good girl, the F-type, despite its 340 horsepower and its rear-wheel drive, do not impressed. The outstanding balance of the chassis allows you to play these conditions and reactions are always safe and easy. With a little talent and usually it happens even to entertain in! And even if, in the lumbar region, it shakes a little more than reason …
After the rain …
At the corner of a hill, the landscape cleared. The road is clear and dry soil embolden me: I press the Sport button, which releases the exhaust trumpets and seals the accelerator to the floor. In a hoarse roar flapping in the air, the F-type jumps and meows when the needle file to the red zone! Balanced in manual mode, the transmission enquille reports by the exhaust backfire.
Brake feline fangs out, grips the asphalt, then a gesture frank, I balance the boat to turn the rope. Stable and secure, she plunges balance then a go early for gas has no other effect than to catapult me ??forward, with a slight drift to the key! No, this basic version has no locking, which is felt mostly in a big Bastard or wet with a leaden right foot.
Faced with the S?
This model “core” is the entry ticket at € 68,800. This is still nearly € 12,000 less than the V6 S! And honestly, with the optional sport exhaust and a torque of 450 Nm identical, we do not really feel the difference in flexible pipe or a bit dynamic. That already makes good filling equipment eyeing options or to grant some deserved vacation!
A few believe my memories of the international presentation, I remember a more efficient S Sharper version meandering route out of corners and more aggressive engine in the towers. Clearly, a mount for sharper driving very playful! See for yourself, depending on driving style and … wallet!
One last detail: our consumption will be ended with a very respectable average of 10.8 l / 100 km.
But what witchcraft F-Type has she managed to enchant me, even in the most menial situations? A comfortable and easy in all the circumstances, the F-Type, even in this version of “basic” reveals high temperament color from the first press of the right pedal. Feline worthy of its prestigious ancestors, a beauty to die and crystal clear vocals to finish bewitch you. You know what? I started the lottery!