Honda Civic Sedan  lease

2015 Honda Civic Sedan Lease

$1999 Due at Signing

(Excludes tax, title, license and registration fees.) Miles: 36,000

MSRP $19,980

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Civic Sedan Details
The compact car segment is a tough category to live in. But year after year the Civic manages to outsell the rest. The Japanese Staple looks new and updated thanks to the expressive front end even with tough competition from the Mazda 3 and Ford Focus. Particularly striking is the split rear window with the exiting taillights. Saying that his appearance polarized. However, the design forces the Civic compromise on functionality. At the latest when parking it falls on each matter how talented driver: The rear spoiler and the wide C-pillars restrict visibility to the rear. The design is definitely at the expense of overview to the front and rear. But luckily helps the reversing camera when parking. If you can argue about taste is well known, the Civic definitely scores points with its spaciousness and variability. Especially presentable is the big trunk. With 477 liters, it is in the field of direct competitors far above. Taking the rear-seat backrest with a simple handle forward, the cargo capacity grows to an impressive 1,378 liters. Thus, even a visit to the furniture store is possible. It also provides the option to flip only the back seat without a back, to make room for bulky, high cargo such as houseplants. But those who seek error, also finds that: A small drawback is the high sill, must be balanced in from the furniture store in the just acquired, heavy boxes. Let’s look at the interior of times more detail: In the center console there is a touch-screen navigation system, which with a large hard driveis fitted, USB port and a Bluetooth hands-free. The infotainment screen is not always intuitive and requires some acclimatization period. Positive noticed us is the relatively high and easy-grip shifter. The seats are comfortably upholstered and little susceptible to dirt. The digital (and only) speedometer could be a problem for small people. The steering wheel directly Who sits low, which hangs in front of it and thus obstructs the view of the driven speed. Overall, the solution of Honda is getting used to: The Japanese share the dashboard in a sporty lower level with round dials and a central tachometer and a modern-informative upper with a digital speedometer. Especially since it pleased the designers, the speedometer shall also added an extra screen that no longer is particularly easy to read in sunlight. Why you click three times to change the displayed information there such as range or average consumption and has to change one menu level, the secret of the programmer remains. Looking at the key features of the Japanese who speak for the vehicle. This includes, among other things, the frugal use of fuel. Honda has developed a fuel-efficient compact car whose consumption is stated as 3.7 liters. In everyday life test, the test car needed an average of 4.8 liters though, which is a very good value. Only at full throttle passages on the highway about 7 liters of consumption increases. With the 1.6-liter diesel engine i-DTEC and 88 kW/120 hp accelerates the Civic in around 10 seconds to 100, the compression-ignition engine is combined with a manual 6-speed manual transmission. The indigenous Japanese is in the crowded city as good a companion as on the highway. With precise steering and a quiet motor, it runs quietly and comfortably with the road.