Honda connect systemThink of Honda Connect as an in-dash version of your Android Powered smart phone.This infotainment system combines all the great features you need like entertainment, navigation, music, applications, and more. The new Honda Connect the entertainment and navigation system aboard Honda, and makes using a good processor, the NVIDIA Tegra 3 , with its two cores ensures fast and effective processing images. Connect Honda also surprised by the fact that he resorted to the most popular operating system in the market of smartphones and tablets, Android in version 4.0.4 . Honda wanted his entertainment system rejoiced relatively advanced gestural touch capabilities, to respond to commands like zoom fingers and separate them to reduce or enlarge the zoom mapping browser. And I will say that the idea was good, and the step they have taken, but I believe Honda still needs a lot to improve .

And needs improvement because they had a fancy occasion to offer its clients a team of really advanced entertainment, with a nice, polished and rich graphical interface in nuances, with which processing system could cope without problems. And instead we have a team that does have many desirable features in a modern system, such as synchronization with internet, applications, access point Wi-Fi, and so on. But maintains a rather poor interface and does little to what we have seen in many other competing systems.

Beyond the use of a powerful processor and NVIDIA Tegra 3 and a reliable and versatile operating system like Android 4.0.4, Honda has managed to give life to your touch screen system – in this case 7 “- with the addition of gestural touch functions. Honda Connect screen looks, now more than ever, a next-generation tablet. On its surface we can apply commands hitherto virtually unknown in these devices, gestures that go beyond the click on the screen, such as dragging, bring your fingers to zoom in or separate to decrease . Gestures and really intuitive, especially in the use of the navigation system commands.

These gestures are very comfortable and easy to apply, although the accuracy of capacitive screen is not comparable to that of any modern tablet midrange. The new Honda Connect system has also allowed a small loophole for interface customization . Still far from the personalization offering our everyday mobile devices, but at least we have two design styles that allow us to choose the ones you like best. Honda has also advocated a simple interface and icons generously sized, easy to select and intuitive. The image you see above corresponds to an integrated on a display demo unit out of a car.

And beyond these technologies, Honda Connect incorporates, obviously, integrated Bluetooth for our smartphone. This connectivity allows us, among other things, the use of the function Mirror Link , which allows us to replicate the image displayed on the screen smartphone in our car. Following on that LIENA, Honda Connect also provides establish a connection via tethering with our mobile and an access point Wi-Fi built into the car. So that all passengers can connect from your mobile device to the access point and connect to internet by connecting mobile phone data that has been configured for this purpose.

Internet browsing is also possible from their own computer screen entertainment, but only operate when the vehicle is parked. Honda Connect will also feature a range of compatible applications . The system already comes preinstalled with some of them, such as music streaming service and radio stations Aha. Aha also works as Twitter client and allows access to various services such as weather forecasts and local search, eg hotels and restaurants. To download new applications there is a store called Honda App Centre , where we’ll get updates and apps that add new functionality to our car.

For navigation, Honda also have resorted to Garmin Mobile service . In any case, this system would have preloaded maps, so you can be fully functional even in areas or countries where not rejoice mobile data connection. Among the possibilities of navigation Garmin offers , and what we enjoy in all its glory leveraging the mobile connection, is the map update, alerts and recommendations for real-time traffic, speed limits, three-dimensional representation of buildings, tips economical route, and even real images of certain intersections to give us further monitor the correct route. All these features are included, free of charge, for six years.

But the truth is that the indications of this navigation system can be improved and the interface and the quality of the somewhat poor mapping, but try to recreate in 3D some landmark buildings. Honda Connect is standard from the second line finishing Honda CR-V , line Elegance . But Garmin navigator function is only standard on the top model, Executive, and optional for a few bucks more Elegance and Lifestyle, which seems to us like a high price for an improved system.