honda ctbaThere are been luxury manufacturers to offer an automatic braking system, now Honda offers something similar on some of its models, a system of emergency braking town called CTBA (City Brake Assist System). The Japanese automaker wants to go further and announced the development of a system of emergency braking to slow or even stop the car to avoid collision with a pedestrian, even if it rolled up 30 MPH. This equipment will be built on the new Legend, expected in Japan during the year, and then gradually extended to other models in the range in the world.

Like that Volvo already offers this technology is dedicated solely to pedestrian detection and avoidance of collisions with those found on the path of the driver. Honda system, described by Nikkei , is based on the millimeter wave radar sensor incorporated in a detection and high resolution camera. It would be capable of detecting pedestrians before conventional systems and thus slow or stop a car traveling up to 60 km / h in case of danger.

This new technology is part of a series of developments that the Japanese automaker as its local and international competitors, leads to complete to the autonomous car . The anti-collision systems, even if they are only in their infancy, are now tested by Euro NCAP for its crash tests.