Ford Mustang v6 lease

2015 Ford Mustang V-6 Lease

$2775 Due at Signing

(Excludes tax, title, license and registration fees.) $Miles: 21,000

MSRP $23,600

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Mustang Foreign Test Report
The new Ford Mustang looks better than ever and this lease deal gets you into a V-6 model that makes over 300 horsepower while getting 28 MPG. The V-6 model sits right in the sweet spot of the Mustang Line-up, above the EcoBoost and below the GT.

The Mustang is so well known that he does not even have a brand logo. And although he was never officially offered in Germany, the Ford Mustang is on this side of the Atlantic a fixed size. Therefore, the PS Group trembles world jumpy with the gas pedal. Because in time for the 50th birthday brings a new Ford Mustang.

With American roots in the world

Available as a coupe or convertible Mustang remains true to its American roots. This applies to the unrivaled low price, which will start in Germany at around 34 000 euros, as well as for the classic, but not kitschy design with a long hood and wide ass. And this is especially true for the engine – at least if you ordered the Mustang GT for some 5 000 euros extra. Because then drives the car according to old traditions with a lavish V8 engine.

Performance at Porsche level

The Mustang is almost a bit quiet, so you sometimes wish for a flap exhaust or a few misfires. But he has a lot of fire. 308 kW / 418 hp and 524 Nm make him a trump card in the car and allow quartet impressive performance on Porsche level. From 0 to 100 km / h, the Mustang accelerates in about 4.5 seconds, and then effortlessly on to say that a appear 250 km / h rather than arbitrary limit. What the car uses, Ford has not yet been calculated. But among 12 to 14 liters will probably be to do nothing at this engine.

Wild horse instead of stallion

Although on paper close to the sports models of AMG and Co., the Mustang has a whole different ballgame in practice. And that’s a good thing: Where the competition is cool and aloof like a perfectly trained racehorse, the Mustang is still savages. Although the chassis with the change of the rigid axle is stronger than ever to independent suspension, and you have the Mustang a bit provocative. But then meet a burst of gas and the targeted reaching for the recently electric power steering, so that the car wiggles his hips and draws attention to itself.

Why else would the Americans should have a function as the “Line Lock” program, which assists the driver with perfect burnout? Press a few buttons, courageous step on the pedals, already drifting the sports car black donuts on the street or enveloped the area in acrid tire smoke: “Now come on ‘I’ is the message – and it is well advised to heed them.

A car of a new era

As much as their ideals keep the Americans in the global Mustang loyal to the sixth generation is still the car of a new era. For better you will notice this at the unexpectedly lovely interior with tight but comfortable sport seats, an almost exemplary for the Mustang material selection, large touch screen navigation and gimmicks like the bar chrome toggle switches and the Mustang logo that when getting on the asphalt is conjured.

In the poor showing at the motor selection: Because Americans wanted to be progressive and the posers probably even in the Mustang, the drive no matter, there is an alternative to the V8 and a four-cylinder. Comes with 2.3 liter engine to 231 kW / 314 hp and 434 Nm and is thus theoretically not a bad choice – especially since the consumption would be well below ten liters. But in practice, the engine being duly disappointed: the artificially amplified sound is still too sparse, the inaugural moderately and 235 km / h top do not have to get a sports car drivers also. Especially not when the V8 does not appreciably costs more because Ford will offer the cheapest eight-cylinder on the market.

Conclusion: Cult meets Class

A design icon and a cult car was the Mustang has always been. But now comes on, add a good deal of class. The new Mustang not only looks better, is lovingly decorated and has modern facilities. But above all, he drives a lot better now. As you can well serve the time to market yet. Because so much is certain: The wait is worth it.