2015 ford mustang gt lease

2015 Ford Mustang GT Lease

$4444 Due at Signing

(Excludes tax, title, license and registration fees.) Miles: 31,500

MSRP $32,925

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Ford Mustang GT Details
New school for the old continent: the Ford Mustang offers for the first time in Europe – with optional four-cylinder engine. He has a massive impact on the driving experience. An exclusive test drive.
Gas station cashier Conny believes he knows what she recognizes her future: He will come into the box office and make everything right. One night the prince charming of the 18-year-olds actually appears, not on a white horse, but at least as a driver of a blue painted Ford Mustang. Since it must be from the two a pair.Just as in the German feature film “Nothing is not’s” of the Mustang has become the epitome of cool sports car, as a symbol of American PS-glory he is every car affine people a term.Since 1964, he offers simple yet powerful technique in elegant or aggressive depending on the model dress. He inspired competitors like the Chevrolet Camaro and the Dodge Charger; He also served as a template for the Ford Capri, as it were a Mustang European proportions.Although the Mustang may be considered stylistic influences icon around the world and was knighted by stars like Steve McQueen as a driver, Ford has scarcely bothered in 50 years to export. The scarcity fueled the myth, but who wanted to give the American dream princes in Germany, had to order the Mustang cumbersome through intermediaries. This is changing fundamentally.
The recently introduced, sixth generation model is marketed in Europe by the Ford dealer network. For the Mustang is trimmed at EU level. From the beginning, not just American, but Ford’s international design studios this time were involved in the development of the rear-wheel drive, and a turbocharged four-cylinder as the entry model is a more environmentally friendly alternative to the large V8 at the start.Thus, the V4 driver gets no inferiority complexes, the body style for the Mini engine was retained: The Mustang has in every version of the correct dimensions to impressive showing in the streetscape presence.

Although there have been different engine in the history of the Mustang: The clich√© demands a large-displacement eight-cylinder, which gets its strength from the depth of the displacement and the classic sound repertoire of dark bubbling over greedy slurping dominated up to aggressive howl. Only one may be a sports carimagine American origin. The “world” has tested both engines exclusively in America.

The 309-hp 2.3-liter turbocharged four-cylinder fails in these requirements, despite a torque of 407 Newton meters, which lie at around 3000 rpm. The sound of this Ecoboost mentioned version is pale; even a Focus ST or Fiesta ST sound as rich.

And it can not even manage the compact unit to distinguish itself as a saving miracle – on the contrary: For quicker pace, the four-cylinder with six-speed automatic approved per 100 kilometers, just under twelve liters.
In this regard, the V8 GT is not much better, but the engine rumbles at least much darker and brings out five liter capacity 426 hp and 529 Newton meters of torque. Here the expected range of sound experiences offered, and top out the so-called Coyote engine is indeed a very lively.

Particularly harmonious is the combination with the precise Getrag MT82 six-speed manual transmission. The interplay resulting superior performance. The test was stopped 4.5 seconds for the sprint from 0 to 100 km / h, and the four-cylinder took a second longer.

To bring this power to the road, Ford has significantly improved the chassis; The independent rear suspension is almost a quantum leap. While the predecessor poor roads parried inadequate, acting the new model balanced and confident.

The brake pack a powerful punch, and the Mustang steers with a precision electrical support. The Ecoboost acts a bit more agile because of the lower weight on the front axle. On the other hand, can easily lie down power slides with the GT V8. This is even better with the optional GT Performance Package, which offers stiffer suspension tuning, more powerful brakes, stiffening the body and a Torsen limited-slip differential.

May be interpreted as playfulness apply the so-called Line-Lock feature, which allows the front brakes block to bring up to 20 seconds by the rear tire Burnout on temperature. The tire industry will be grateful for this amazing innovation.
Playful are also details how the entry lights that project a Mustang logo on the ground, or the allusions to the aircraft as the label “Ground Speed” in the speedometer. The operating system MyFord Touch, which for a crash of Ford introduced in the customer satisfaction surveys of the consulting firm JD Power a few years ago, has now arrived at an acceptable level.

Apart from that, the interior is characterized by a certain seriousness. The cool design language and much higher quality materials than before lifting the Mustang to the level of a designer piece. This also applies to the exterior, that has a significantly higher degree of refinement as previously. Precise set edges and joints, muscular expansive surfaces and surprising details like the tail lights designed as glass blocks are evidence of ingenuity and go back to the new Ford chief designer Moray Callum.