Ford Fusion Hybrid lease

2015 Ford Fusion Hybrid Lease

$3748 Due at Signing

(Excludes tax, title, license and registration fees.) Miles: 36,000

MSRP $29,015

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The first impression of the Ford Fusion Hybrid lease is that it is Chic and sporty, with wonderful fuel economy at over 44 MPG. The new Ford Fusion hybrid with its grille reminiscent of Aston Martin, the strongly contoured flanks and the high tail guarantee a high recognition value. He also has plenty of room. The Ford Fusin Hybrid is a great alternative to much more expensive hybrid models such as the Lexus ES, Infiniti Q50 and BMW 3 Series Hybrid apart – no other hybrid car. But will deliver to Ford finally, the competition is likely to be so far.

Foreign Report

This struck us: That the new Fusion, quite independently of the drive, an impressive car is. He not only looks better and offers more space than previously, but Ford has finally cleared up and the cockpit, retired a few switches and other so cleverly sunk in the consoles that they act as sensor fields. If the material quality is improved for the European variants, then the wait would have found it satisfactory.
Also, the hybrid drive makes a good figure. As long as you gently accelerated and is predominantly on the town, you drive long distances purely electrically, and achieves over 44 MPG combined.
Once the road is clear and the pace is tightened, the drive concept, however, reveals weaknesses. The extra lean burn four-cylinder under load sounds unpleasant boney, even if an electrical system tries to equalize unwanted ambient noise by anti-noise over the audio system. And the continuously variable automatic transmission reacts similarly spontaneous as a rubber band. Therefore, the four-cylinder howling at once, before the load then finally picks up speed.
Although the current battery only has a capacity of 1.4 kWh and the energy at most a few hundred meters enables electric driving, he is so unfavorable in the trunk, that an ugly stage arises in the cargo floor. After all, the rear seat backrest can be folded to stow slightly larger pieces of luggage.