ford fusion energi plug in hybrid lease

2015 Ford Fusion Energi Lease

$3749 Due at Signing

(Excludes tax, title, license and registration fees.) Miles: 31,500

MSRP $34,800

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Fusion Energi PLugin Hybrid Report
The Ford Fusion Energi is the Plug-in hybrid version of the popular sedan offering 88 MPGe rating on the road. If you want to lease a great hybird that looks like a normal sedan, then the Fusion Energi is the best car on the market. The first impression: Chic and sporty, it looks like the new Ford Fusion Energi, the grille is reminiscent of Aston Martin, the strongly contoured flanks and the high rear guarantee a high recognition value. He also has plenty of room.

On the boot lid, however, is the word “fusion”. For the sedan, which we are driven for the first time in Europe at the edge of the IAA, is the American twin of the Ford’s European flagship. The car is equipped with a hybrid drive and therefore the most economical version of the new Ford generation, which was supposed to already be in our trade.
The manufacturer says: Actually, the new Fusion Energi and with it also the hybrid version should already be in the trade. Already a half years ago the car was first unveiled at a trade show. But because Ford wants to close the previous Fusion Energi factory in Genk and only once has set up a new manufacturing facility, according to current plans, in Valencia, Spain, the launch of the car in Europe delayed for more than a year. Presumably it will last until the end of 2014, before the European Fusion Energi rolls off the line, it says in Cologne.

The hybrid version that is sold in the US for several months for the equivalent of 20,400 euros, this country should be over 5000 euros more expensive – if they finally comes in over a year on the market. After all, Ford has been the purely electric Focus and a plug-in version of the C-Max on sale. The Fusion Energi hybrid would be the third battery car Cologne. “We call it the ‘Power of Choice’,” says Barb Samardzich product planner. Intent on thrift drivers are so you can choose the best for them each drive most appropriate alternative.

It’s come to our attention: That the new Fusion Energi, quite independently of the drive, an impressive car. He not only looks better and provides more space than before, but Ford has finally cleared up and the cockpit, scrapping some switches and other so cleverly buried in the consoles that they act as sensor fields. If the material quality is improved for the European versions, then the wait would have found it satisfactory.

The hybrid drive makes a good figure. As long as you gently accelerated and is predominantly on the town, you drive long distances using electricity, and achieves – for example on the ring road – even more than 100 things without the combustion engine starts. And when the gasoline engine switches on once that happens soft and silky. Economical the car remains even then, 4.5 liters per 100 kilometers are in any case the target, with the Ford wants to allow the car in Europe.

Once the road is clear and the pace is tightened, the drive concept, however, reveals weaknesses. The particularly lean-four-cylinder under load sounds unpleasant bony, even if an electrical system attempts to equalize spurious noise by counter sound through the audio system. And the continuously variable automatic reacts similarly spontaneous as a labbriges rubber band. Therefore, the four-cylinder howls once before the load after finally gaining momentum.

You have to know: Because it is still good to last until the launch of the new Fusion Energi in Europe a year Ford is trying to keep the car in the headlines. At IAA, for example, with the new version Vignale , or just with the first official test of the presented hybrid model.

Its drive with a system output of 188 hp and a not yet well-defined top speed of over 200 km / h on all world markets the same: It combines a two-liter four-cylinder petrol engine with 145 hp with a 118-hp electric motor and a Lithium-ion battery.
Although the current memory has a capacity of only 1.4 kWh and the energy at most a few hundred meters enables electric driving, he is so unfavorable in the trunk that an ugly stage arises in the cargo floor. After all, the rear seat backrest can be lifted to store some large pieces of luggage.

We will not forget: How awkward is the scheduling of Ford. Not only that, the new Fusion Energi is elsewhere already acted as a used car before he finally available in Germany at the dealership. But especially for the smart thing, hybrid version shrink the opportunities each month: There are still in this class – from more expensive models such as the Lexus IS, Infiniti Q50 and BMW 3 Series Hybrid apart – no other hybrid car. But will supply to Ford finally, the competition is likely to be so far.